Shark Air Purifier 6 [HE600UK] Large Rooms, Clean Sense iQ, Auto Mode, Multi-Staged Filtration, White

Technologies that make a difference

Shark Air Purifier 6

Fast performance. Quiet power. Real-time results. 6 powerful fans remove allergens, mould, bacteria and other particles from your air.

All-day clean air confidence

Clean Sense IQ

Clean Sense IQ intelligently tracks your home’s air quality and automatically adjusts cleaning power until air quality is 100%. Real-time results are reported on the display screen. The air purifier switches to energy efficient standby mode when your air is fully cleaned.


6-Fan Technology

6 powerful fans efficiently clean and quickly circulate air, even in large rooms. Auto mode adjusts the fan speed for you, or you can manually switch between speed settings with the touchscreen or remote control.

  1. HE600UK

    Multi-Staged Filtration

    Removes odours, captures pollutants and allergens, and traps dirt, dander and particles.

  2. HE600UK

    Multi-Staged Filtration

    Removes odours, captures pollutants and allergens, and traps dirt, dander and particles.

  3. HE600UK

    Auto mode

    Adjusts the fan speed automatically to keep your air quality level optimum.

  4. HE400UK

    Display screen

    Shows real-time information including percentage of clean air and time left to clean.

  5. HE600UK

    Energy efficient

    Automatically switches to standby mode when your air is fully cleaned.

1 HE600UK 2 HE600UK 3 4 5

Weight: 12.4 kg
Dimensions: 22.6 x 43.2 x 81.3 cm; 12.36 Kilograms
Brand: Shark
Model: HE600UK
Colour: White
Colour: White

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40 Responses

  1. PhilomeTyrrell says:

     United Kingdom

    We’ve had a few air purifiers and to be honest, the Shark HE600UK is easily one of the best I’ve used so far – the Shark air purifier has quickly become my favourite!

    The box it arrives in is pretty hefty and upon first impressions, I was expecting a huge clunky air purifier – to my surprise; the air purifier is sleek, stylish looking and does not look out of place in the corner of our kitchen.

    Height: 81.3 cm
    Width: 43.2 cm
    Depth: 22.6 cm

    After running the air purifier for around 30 minutes, I could totally feel the difference in the air quality – the room felt slightly cooler, and the room felt fresh. I suffer from hay fever and dust allergies, I’ve noticed that my allergies have lessened whilst inside the home – I no longer feel like my nose is blocked or stuffy, my eyes no longer feel dry or sore. We have pets in our household and I do feel that there’s a noticeable improvement in overall air quality. I am really satisfied with the HE600UKs performance.

    This air purifier really does work – the filters capture 99.97% of air pollutants and allergens at 0.3 microns.

    – Smart functionality, CleanSense IQ tracks and monitors air quality, adjusting its run speed and cleaning power. The purifier isn’t very loud neither when running, even on the highest setting.

    – Remote control makes the unit easy to use and control.

    – The Shark air purifier HE600UK has a total of six fans built into it, my old unit was a singular fan, so I like having the additional power/suction.

    – Built in screen/display, easy to read, clear and bright. Displays air quality in real-time and estimated time the machine will need to run to fully clean the rooms air. Suitable for bedroom use, as the light on the display can be adjusted – there are a total of three adjustable light modes.

    Negatives: Filter cannot be washed, replacement filters are available through Amazon and Shark. I highly recommend using only OEM/manufacturer filters to prolong the life of your machine. I personally find washable filters more environmentally friendly.

    Easy to use, excellent functionality and top performance – highly recommended, robust and high quality, exactly what you’d expect from Shark. Another excellent product!

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersUntil this Shark arrived I was using a purifier that cost me around the 70 nquid mark and I thought it was doing OK, how wrong I was about that.

    Removing this product from ther box it is almost ready to go. However, before use one has to open the back and remove the filter from it’s polythene wrapping. SWo, setting this machine up is very quaick and very simple, just take the wrapping off the filter, replace the filter back inside the machine, clip the cover back into place and that is it it’s ready to be used.

    As I didn’t have that much faith in my other air purifier I let the Shark run at it’s maximum, to remove everything airborn within the room. I was initially shocked at how poor the air quality was as it actually proved my doubts about the other purifier. As my images show, the air quality was low and in less than one hour this beast had made a massive difference.

    One thing this Shark did and it really shocked me is show how dirty and poluted London’s air really is. I could soon breathe clean air inside the home but stepping outside and I could actually smell how stale and dirty the poluted air of London really is. It then dawned on me that much of the bad air in the home is not caused by the way a home is run but much of it has to do with open windows and doors, especially at the height of saummer, letting the poluted air inside.

    Tyhe good news is that with this air purifier pone can do something about the air quality in the home, the bad news is that there is nothing we can do about the air outside as much of the polatants are caused by the heavily, slow moving, congested vehicles which has become much worse due to the city’s politicians doing everything they can to slow traffic when idle and low geared engines pump out far more polution than steadily moving traffic does so those creating the jams to so called save the environment are actually increasing the polution and that seeps into the homes.

    This Shark is good for giving the clean air we need to breathe to stay healthy. From what I have so far seen of this product I am sure that even those with medical conditions such as asthma and bronchitis will see an improvement to their condition. It won’t cure the medical conditions but it can improve them. One only needs to run this for one hour in every room to see the great difference in air quality and to also discover how dirty the air is outside.

    The Shark has the controls on the top of the unit and comes with a small remote control so it can be controlled without having to touch the machine. On the front there is a secondary display that clearly shows how clean the air is so one doesn’t have to constantly go to the machine to see the display on the top.

    This air purifier is well made, it’s strong, it’s large yet still portable. For the size of it it isn’t as heavy as one would expect, it’s actually sitting on a coffee table at the moment, it’s easy to control and the timers are accurate so a time setting of 30 minutes actually takes 30 minutes, unlike many other products that are usually hit and miss.

    I am certainly recommending this Shark Air Purifier as it is very good quality and the job it does will improve the overall health of all in a household. It can help improve certain medical conditions and it’s a powerful beast that can clean 50 cubic metre room in less than one hour. This is avery good value product and it’s well worth investing in as the cleaner the air the better the lungs will work so it’s not simply about air quality, it’s about health too.

    Big, powerful and does an excellent job...

  3. GretchenAspinal says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis is a very slim unit that is whisper quiet on the lower settings and thus very unlikely to disturb anyone’s sleep, no matter how noise sensitive they are.

    There are very few instructions inside the box, just a sheet containing fairly routine safety warnings and a quick start guide – essentially how to remove and unwrap the filter and that placement of the purifier needs to be at least 8cm away from a wall.

    The display is highly touch sensitive and air flow is easy to adjust, but automatic is probably the best setting to choose initially as it will increase and decrease the fan speed to the optimum for conditions. A visual display will inform you whether your air quality is good, poor or somewhere in the middle and ‘fair’, although on auto you will also hear the fan changing pitch as it is increased or reduced according to need.

    The purifier makes a big difference to air quality in a home or office, reducing, if not eliminating, the effects of pollution and particularly pollen, making it much easier to breath. In hay fever season, my symptoms go from intolerable, sleep depriving to manageable, if not totally subdued when I am in a room where an air purifier is working its magic.

    This purifier is heavy, but there are two handy grips near the top which allow for easier movement around the house, so you could have this in a lounge or kitchen during the day and a bedroom or on a landing at night. The box it comes in doesn’t have any hand holds, so it is a deadweight until taken out, so I would unbox close to the delivery point and then move it to where it is to be used.

    Aesthetically, this doesn’t have great looks and is more industrial in terms of scale as well, despite being slimline. You can tuck it away in a corner if you adhere to the 8cm distance from a wall and that’s what I have done, with a chair handily hiding it from main view.

    Overall, this is a good air purifier that makes a difference to the quality of the air that you breathe. Check out you can get a replacement filter and think about ordering one at the same time as there have been recent supply issues and, once you have purified the air in your house, you won’t want to go back to unfiltered times. Hay fever symptoms and those of asthmatics are much improved.

    It doesn’t look like the most stylish piece of equipment to have in your home, but you won’t want to be without it when you feel and smell the difference in air quality.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m incredibly satisfied with this unit’s performance, it’s stationed on and of in a reception and waiting room area, where there is a lot of foot traffic.

    The areas where the shark air purifier operates, are tightly congested with no windows. Even, with a thorough clean, there still remained a thin bead of dust on most of the windowsills and other furniture and overall the environment wasn’t pleasant.

    If you’re interested in this, this is definitely a great long-term investment, the panels are easily removable and is a serviceable product, no hassle, involved.

    The Clean Sense IQ, has been wonderful to use, I was able to figure out all of its settings without the manual so I’m quite happy with that.

    Overall, for a product this price and from a reputable company such as Shark, quality is guaranteed, this product for me has been lightweight, serviceable and most importantly it worked and did the job, the build quality is great overall and after a months usage I have had no problems with this.

    The fans are definitely powerful but don’t sound like jet engines, which is great news.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived in a box, inside a box, inside a box! so well protected.
    The unit itself looks very very good. Looks like a quality item.
    Glossy, thick solid plastic.
    Touch sensitive controls and a remote too.
    Variable fan speed or set to auto which detects to air quality and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.
    Lights up red, amber, blue depending on air quality. Timer function too.
    HOWEVER it lack a controls lock function and the control are so sensitive the cat can change the settings which is really annoying.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to use
    A little on big size but works great
    We suffer bad allergies so hoping this will work for us
    Quiet when it use

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI knew I was ordering a big air purifier but still surprised by the size of this. It is measuring 810 tall x 440 wide x 150mm thick. The power cable is 1.8m long, comes with 3-pin plug. Cable comes out of the left hand side of the machine if you are looking at the front.


    + This purifier adopts a 6-fan design, it even out the suction such that the area of the filter is fully utilised, oppose to one big fan only using the middle part of the filter.

    + Simple touch screen control and remote layout, no gimmicks, no app only simple operation and concise information.

    + Air is sucked in from the back and blown out from the sides, it circulates air in a large room much quicker than a single direction blow out.

    + Information is given on the top and the front face panel. Lights on the panels can be dimmed or turned off for bedroom use.

    + The air purifier detects PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 in the air. Information is display via a touch of a button so you know exactly what kind of air quality you are dealing with in different circumstances. I found this information very useful in helping me to decide which plant to put in the room as I am prone to allergy.


    + This is by far the highest performance in terms of air suction and wind speed of the three air purifiers I owned. My husband do vape in the living room and this clears it up in no time. I could smell the difference of air quality coming out of the machine.

    + Four manual speed modes, from quiet to maximum cleaning, or just leave it on ‘Auto’, the machine adjust the wind speed based on air quality, it reacts fast to dirty air.

    + No ‘sleep mode’ as such, but the slowest mode is quiet enough not to disturb your sleep.

    Filter Replacement

    + A quick press of a button on the machine gives you the hours-left of the filter life. It is showing 4400 hours from new, this will last 2-3years for the way I use it, I don’t have to think about it for a few years which is nice.

    + This filter is much larger than other filters I have come across, however, the replacement filters for this are not any more expensive than the others. In fact, the official filter is selling at 69.99 on Shark’s website which I consider quite cheap and not money-making, also makes this very sustainable for the long term.

    Overall, I like it out simple this machine is and how effective it is. The price of the 6-fan model is only 20 more than the 4-fan model, I would definitely pick the 6-fan model if I had the room for it. I have no hesitation to recommend this if you are looking for a good air purifier for a large room. I have owned other Shark products like vacuum cleaner sand it has never let me down.

    What a high performance air purifier!

  8. WilheminaPruett says:

     United Kingdom

    First impressions are a good looking well made Air Purifier has a quality feel to it.

    What do you need an Air Purifier, it is designed to help with Asthma, it Eliminates Harmful Chemicals from Indoor Environments, Neutralises Unpleasant Odours, etc.

    The Shark Air Purifier, is a Passive purifiers, which is the most efficient purifier removing dust and particulate matter permanently from the air and collected in the filters.

    The Shark is very quiet, a slight whisper of a hum when its on, nothing that would disturb sleep etc.

    Has a remote control for controlling everything.

    These are ideal in an office space, you’ll be amazed at how effective these are, especially if you’re in a high solution area, windows and doors let in bad air, these really do make a difference.

    A very well made machine, love its look and style, easy to use, ideal for home, office, shop etc.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Shark Air Purifier 4 [HE400UK] Clean Sense iQ, Auto Mode, Multi-Staged Filtration, White

    This air purifier is slimmer than my air purifier from another well-known brand, which makes it ideal in smaller spaces. Tho I can’t say that it is lighter but decent enough to be transported in every room in the house.

    Using it is straightforward. Initially, you simply need to remove the tape slid in the filter. Then plug it in and turn it on using either the remote control or touch surface on the top of the unit.

    You’ll hear a smart and futuristic beep signaling that it is working. You can adjust the fan setting and timer. The screen will display the air quality in the room, tho running it for 24hrs, our living room never reached 100% or even 99%. We have no pets, no one smokes in the house, and each room gets regular cleaning and dusting. The LED light will tell you if the air quality is getting better without reading the percentage.

    It is not easy to say if this product is effective in cleaning the air. Tho I can say that it is effective in neutralizing the odor, especially in the kitchen.

    But, what’s best is it comes with a 2-yr warranty. I can’t gauge if it cleans the air after using it for a couple of days. I have no reasons to knock off a star anyway.

    Slim and can easily be transported in the house

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    In the past we’ve had a dehumidifier but never an air purifier. Bearing in mind we are still in a pandemic this seemed like a good thing to have bearing in mind it purifies the air. The box is mahoosive and did feel a little bit like pass the parcel when unboxing, however the device itself is fairly slimline and wouldn’t take up too much space in the house or room. We decided to place it to begin with in the living room. There isn’t a lot of instructions, there was one double sided A4 sheet of paper but it’s fairly easy to workout. The one thing you must do before switching on is removing the packaging around the filter. I do feel it should have come with a spare filter however the recommended life expectancy is 6-12 months. You do also get a remote control.

    This is expensive and it only purifies the air however if you have an allergy sufferer in the house this is perfect for them. I have really bad dust allergies and I do feel this has helped me.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    1. This item is HUGE
    2. Works almost silent, so can be used when you work or sleep
    3. Noticed the improvements in a cough due allergy, so I hope it actually works!

    Got this air-purifier for my dad, he suffers from allergies and constant cough. This air purifier helped him a bit and he coughs less.

    Health is priceless but… At the time I am reviewing this item, it is 280. Which is pricey. Would I pay that much for this item? Can’t tell after week of use, so will return to this review in 3 months and describe my findings.
    On paper everything works, but I am a bit sceptical, so if i see long time improvements then definitely will update my comment here!

    Before this device we tried a smaller and cheaper air purifier (around 50) and it had zero effect. Hence I am sceptical with this one.

    Huge, works well

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersThanks to Amazon Vine I have had the chance to try a few air purifiers and with all them I had one problem…I didn’t believe them. As with everything in life you get what you pay for and admittably those were cheaper sub 200 air purifyers that always told me the air quality was excellent, even when I was suffering from hayvefer during summer. This one on the other hand..can pick up the tinyest changes in air quality and starts cleaning immediately.

    The product is quite a looker. It’s very slim so we actually ended up putting it the hallway thanks to it’s large coverage. There are two screens one on the top and one on the side which is handy if you want to check the air quality but you don’t want to get up from the bed/sofa. The screen on the side is smaller and will mirror the information displayed on the top screen which is fantastic. So the remote really becomes helpful as you can keep pressing the info button to cycle through what information you want displayed. As I mentioned the top screen is the same basicly but with added touch controls. The top is covered in black shiny plastic which is naturally a fingerprint magnet. Maybe glass would have been a better choice for cleaning but it’s probably reserved for the more premium models. Anyway this machine is so good in auto mode and it also comes with a remote that you really don’t have a reason to toch this surface too much so keeping it clean might be easier than you’d think. One thing I want to mention that I don’t like is the beeping sound on every toch of a button – remote included. This is so annoying and manufacturers need to give customers the option to disable these annoying sounds.

    So the controls are the same on the base unit as on the remote. There is an on/off button and an auto button. I recommend leaving it on auto to be honest, the air purifier detects changes in air quality and will set the fan speed accordingly. If 100% is achieved it will turn the fan off and will monitor the air continuously. By the way there are ring shaped LED-s on the top and sides for different air quality results. Blue is good, anything above 86%, yellow is for 85% to 75% and anything below is red. Back to the buttons…you can adjust the fan speed manually if you want to and set a timer as well. There is the light button with 3 settings, bright, dim and off. If you turn off the light there will be just one very dim light staying on to let you know that the unit is on and it’s working but without lights, perfect for the night. Lastly there is the info button that can cycle through pages of information: current air quality, pm 2.5 particles/m3, pm10 particles/m3 and time left to achieve 100% air quality.

    So doest it work? Yes it does. We were shocked to see how the air quality plummeted when the mrs started drying her hair. And fair enough the oil she has on her wet hair and the dust kicked up by the hair dryer must amount to something. The air was visbly misty especially when I turned on the light we could see particles floating around the lightbulb. No air purifier before noticed this before (the ones I tested at least) so it gave us confidence that this shark purifier actually knows what’s going on. Better yet, a week late when we had the purifier in the hallway it picked up the same thing even though my mrs was drying her hair in another room. It took it longer the notice it of course but that’s expected as the air took longer to degrade where the machine was. The coverage is great, it can comfortably cover spaces up to 110 sq metres which is enough for our flat and the aformentioned example showed us we don’t need to take this purifier from room to room if we can find a place for it in the hallway to monitor from there. Like I said the slim design really helps in finding place. The operations is quiet even on the loudest setting as the 4 fans are quite large.

    I checked with the manufacturer and it looks like a replacement filter will set you back 60 (at the time of writing) which is more than reasonable considering you only need to change it every once in a while. The machine will let you know with an led.

    All in all great machine, very happy with it and as silly as it sounds I can’t wait for next summer and the hayfever season to see how it can help me.

    If you found my review helpful please hit the button below to let me know. Thanks!

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersQuite a large air purifier, but slim, with a large changeable filter. It’s so quite, you have to put your hand over the outlet to check it’s on, simply an outstanding piece of tech.
    The unit came well packaged, with a uk plug. It has two grab handles either side, to help you lift and move it about.
    The instruction manual is quite basic, just a quick start section and how to place the device and fit the filter. But if you just set it to auto, it will do everything for you.
    Not a lot to it, user wise, see video. There is an option to scan a Qr code on the box for an instruction manual online.
    I suffer from sniffles and running noses at times, although the doctor says it’s not hay fever, and I’m not allergic to anything, so I’m hoping this will be of some help, if it’s an airborne problem.
    Although the unit says my air in the house is very good, it doesn’t state if it’s found anything. So I will try it in the bedroom next, and see what the air quality is like up there.
    I’ve been using it for a week now, and although the air quality in my house hasn’t changed, which is a good thing, it will be interesting to see, say after a months usage, what the filter looks like, so I will report back on future observations. But at the moment, no sniffles or runny noses. I would imagine it would be great for people with actual hay fever.
    At the moment replacement filters are 60. Obviously different conditions, will depend on how often they need to be changed.
    It even comes with a remote control, if you need it.
    I’m happy to recommend this unit.

    Whisper quie

  14. KatrinaUSH says:

     United Kingdom

    Honestly this exceeds my expectations on at least two fronts.
    First of all the filter itself and the fan mechanism. The filter is really well made, and heavy, it’s not just a paper filter, it’s a multi stage filter with a lot going on inside it. By the way, filter life seems to be about 6 months and the cost of replacement would appear to be around 40gbp.
    Second, the auto sensing. There’s a screw panel in the back, remove it and you find one plantower PM2.5 sensor. These are high spec actual pollution sensors which fire a laser diode into a chamber and look for diffusion, they’re really high performance as they have their own fans in them too. And this means this fan can turn off completely while still being able to detect the air quality.
    You can display the PM levels, 2.5 -> 10 on the panel.
    If I have one gripe it’s that you cant, or they haven’t, made it sensitive enough for me. We also have a phillips unit which kicks to a higher speed if you so much as walk past, but this fan seems to need frying or smoke to really kick in – and I know the sensor is more sensitive than that, so it’s down to the programming.

    Pros: high spec, high filtration, huge capacity, fancy control panel, remote control, timer, clever sensor, actually shuts off instead of “low” if it thinks the air is clean.
    Cons: not as much granular control as I’d like given how much it *could* do, probably won’t use auto mode much as a result. Your mileage may vary.

    Is it worth the money? Absolutely. Five years or so ago I paid about this much for a unit with this size that just has three speeds, no remote, and uses paper filters, and for that matter my old unit uses 148 watts on the lowest speed which is outrageous, I think this one uses about 48 as I recall…

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Shark Air Purifier 4 [HE400UK] Clean Sense iQ, Auto Mode, Multi-Staged Filtration, White

    The product received comprised of the main purifier unit (4 fans), filter, instructions and remote control.

    The air purifier arrived in a very large box, in another box and then in the product box — so well packaged — and hopefully less risk of damage to the unit during transit.

    This is an attractive unit, sleek and slimline. The instructions supplied are basic — one sheet with a quick start guide – how to fit the filter, where to place the air purifier (needs to be least 8cm away from a wall when in use), air quality percentages (low to high) and basic guidance of the controls/remote.

    You have the option of manually setting the air flow (high to low) or set it on automatic, so the unit responds to the air quality in the room. The low fan setting is fairly quiet, the higher the fan settings the louder the unit, however the noise from the air flow is not overpowering/obtrusive. The display is touch sensitive and you can manually touch the display to change settings or use the remote. The display will let you know the quality of your air — 0-69% poor air quality (red), 70-84% fair air quality (yellow), 85-100% good air quality (blue) — so basically the lower the percentage the poorer the air quality, the higher the percentage the better the air quality. When the unit is switched on you can choose the display to go off, ideal in a bedroom if you do not want the bright display unit to disturb sleep. You get one filter with the product, which the makers claim will last 6-12 months (depending on use).

    Does the air purifier have an effect? We have used the unit for over a week since receiving it, to see if there was any noticeable difference. I suffer from dust allergies and use medication regularly, so we set up the unit in one room to assess the results. During the week we had some painting/decorating done, sanding walls was required so a lot of dust – which for me can be an issue. In the evening, after the work was completed, the unit was switched on. It initially was showing poor air quality (-49%), however after running for a while the percentage increased till it was at 100%, the air in the room did feel clear/fresher, less stuffy. No need for medication that evening, and two days on my sinuses do feel clearer.

    This is a good air purifier, in a nice slimline design, that appears to be effective on the quality of the air that you breathe. It will be interesting to see, long term, if it helps with my allergies — time will tell.

    Sleek & slimline air purifie

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Impressive for the price. First – what I like the most, is the size and shape of this purifier, it’s not too bulky and you can leave it by the wall (about 8cm from the wall) which I couldn’t do with my AEG – it had to have 30cm space all around. Another thing which I like is that it has an automatic function, whenever it catches something in the air, it turns on automatically and turns off when cleaning is done. It’s not very loud which is another +. It cleans the air and eliminates bad smells. It’s very easy to set up and use, I haven’t even used the remote yet, as I’m just using an automatic function.
    I personally have only one problem with this purifier – if the air would come out from the top of it, the device would be perfect, but the air comes out from 2 sides of it and creating a windy and kind of cold atmosphere and I want to feel cosy in my home so this is a bit annoying.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Something that irritated me about my previous air purifiers is that I can either run them all the time, on a timer, or turn them on manually when I _think_ I need them. Many threats to air quality aren’t really noticeable by most humans.

    This filter aims to eliminate that annoyance by automatically spinning up when it detects particles beyond its threshold for acceptable air quality. This should theoretically reduce unnecessary energy usage, noise, and extend the life of the filter. I’ve been using it for a few weeks in the kitchen and I think the programme is effective.

    Most of the time the fan runs almost silently, but when cooking (particularly frying things on the stove) it recognises that the air quality is deteriorating and spins up almost immediately. The clear, bright display shows the air quality percentage and allows you to cycle between the different levels of particles captured. It also shows an estimate for how long it’ll take for the air quality to reach a good level again. The controls are easy to understand and use. I’ve attached a video of this interface.

    Having the display and controls on top of the unit makes them easily accessible when standing, though the smooth dark surface does tend to accumulate lint, fingerprints etc. Fortunately, it’s easy to wipe clean. There’s an additional screen on the side, which is handy if you want to put the unit under a countertop etc.

    I haven’t had this in hay fever season yet, but judging by its performance in the kitchen, I think it’ll be extremely useful in the bedroom in spring/summer, particularly since it’s so quiet when in ‘standby’. In general, the unit has acceptable acoustics – the whoosh at higher levels is noticeable, though it doesn’t have any irritating whine or rattle, so I can live with it.

    Overall, I highly recommend this if you want an effective filter that you don’t need to micromanage. Just turn it on and let it deal with the air.

  18. WaldoKrimper says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a really effective and surprisingly simple to use air purifier, with a clear digital display that offers peace of mind as to what it is actually doing. On turning on the unit takes a few seconds to calibrate and determine the air quality in the room, and providing it is below 100% sets about doing its job. There’s a time-remaining read-out, along with individual readings of particulates in the room.

    I’ve used this in every room in my house, and the readings corresponded with what I suspected – the couple of rooms that get ‘stuffy’ came back with readings below 100% and required thirty minutes or so of work from the purifier, while the airier rooms delivered 100% statuses from the start and didn’t need it. Knowing that those rooms that required it have been cleaned of various particulates is a relief, and it’s now a regular routine to use the Shark in them.

    Looks-wise it won’t win any style awards, it closely resembles an electric radiator, but it isn’t overtly ugly either. However, compared to my LightAir purifier (which looks absolutely beautiful) I feel far more confident that it’s working as intended. If I had to choose between the two I’d go for the Shark as it just delivers a clearer and more detailed performance.

    All in all this is a brilliant piece of kit for any household that requires an air purifier, and the performance over the weeks I’ve had it has been excellent.

  19. OliveAllison says:

     United Kingdom

    Shark Air Purifier 4 Clean Sense iQ

    This air purifier by Shark comes in a branded box which has basic instructions on it, along with a barcode to scan so that you can download an instruction booklet. It also comes with an instruction leaflet with the same information on it. It is really easy to set up and use though, no assembly is required, you will just need to remove the packaging from the fan that was put there to protect it during transit. Once you’ve done that, plug it in and you’re good to go

    Although the air purifier is quite big it doesn’t really take up too much room (it measures 22.6 x 43.2 x 61.7cm) it’s not that heavy and has carry handles at the side to make moving it from room to room easier

    The air purifier has multi staged filtration and traps dirt and dander, neutralises odours and captures 99.97% of pollutants and allergens so is good to have in homes where you have pets and people with allergies

    There is a touchscreen on the too, plus a display at the front to let you know the percentage of air filtration. You can change the settings either by pressing the buttons on the top of the air purifier or by using the remote control

    You can set the air purifier to auto mode which in my opinion is the best and easiest mode, as it detects changes in the air quality and changes mode accordingly. 86% to 100% is coloured blue and is the best you can get. 85% to 75% is coloured yellow and 74% and below is coloured red. You can adjust the fan speed manually and set a timer if required and turn the light off for nighttime use

    I’ve attached photos of the air purifier when I first switched it on and again after a few hours had passed. Was quite surprised at the difference. The machine is quite noisy at times on the higher settings but barely noticeable on the lower setting

    The filter should last around 6-12 months depending on usage but the air purifier will let you know when it needs to be replaced

    This is a great machine to have, especially when you have two dogs and hay-fever sufferers in the house, I’m sure this will come into its own the

    Fairly quie

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Although the box this arrived in was quite heavy and bulky, the machine itself is slim and fairly compact, it comes with a remote control and has a display on the top to let you know how pure the air around it is. I’m looking forward to trying it when it is high pollen season to see what difference it makes, but received it a bit late for this year. However, we did try it in the kitchen while cooking and it did make a difference as much less aromas drifted through the house. I prefer using it on auto mode and you can keep an eye on the changes in purity of the air, it is not too noisy unless you have it on the highest setting, and you don’t get a cold waft of air when you pass it.
    It would be a benefit if you are only using this occasionally for it to have a cord storage compartment or place where it can be wrapped around, but if you have it out for daily use then it is less of a problem. I do feel that the remote control isn’t necessary as it can be easily operated by the buttons on top, but if you have it hidden away behind furniture then it may be a benefit.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This air purifier is made by a well known and reliable brand. It is large enough so that it can purify my whole living room which is rather large as it is connected to my kitchen too. It works effectively in filtering out the dusk which helps me so much as I have allergies and asthma which are affected by dust. I have found that my allergies have been better controlled since using the air purifier. The fan is really quiet.

    Do make sure that you measure this beforehand to be sure that it fits as it is rather large and will take up some space in your living room. That being said, the machine is quite thin so it should be able to fit into a corner of your living room.

    Also be sure that you can afford to purchase the replacement filters every 6 months or so. Upon looking on their website it is 69.99 for a replacement which I do find a little bit steep.

    Keeping that in mind I would say that it is an investment worth making to help keep the allergies and asthma under control. Also if you live in the city or a really polluted area this air purifier would be ideal.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I am increasingly becoming a very loyal Shark customer – their product range is excellent and their attention to detail and quality is better than other leading and popular brands.
    This Air purifier is so easy to use and a very welcome addition to our household of multiple allergies and issues.
    I think it offers real value for money too – there is always a huge investment in these type of products but I suspect you’ll only ever need to buy this once.
    Some playing around is necessary to find a programme that suits your family, but we have this running from early morning till bedtime, especially during times of pollen, visiting people and pets, and also when burning candles or lighting the fire.
    It looks smart, sleek and unobtrusive – a very heavy unit you wouldn’t want to move anyway.
    Highly recommended as it has made an immeasurable difference to our lives this year.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This unit is tall, comes to higher than my hip. It is pretty quiet, only at it’s highest speed setting does the sound come to somewhat a disruptive level. It seems powerful because of the size and because of the amount of fans (6) it has inside, but it’s hard to say definitively how powerful it is and nowhere on the literature or videos provided by shark do I see a concrete size of room that this in intended for leaving the customer to just guess.
    The remote control works really well and the filter is very easy to deal with . The literature says to clean the internal behind the filter every two months with a vacuum and maybe a cloth but no cleaning products. My filter, according to the digital display, comes with 4,400 hours of use and the unit keeps track of these apparently. I haven’t seen the filters available for these, maybe they aren’t released yet because they didn’t come up on a search.
    I think rather than telling you all about how to operate this unit (which is really straight forward and easy for you to watch the video provided by shark) I am going to tell you what this unit lacks that makes it less than maybe it could be at this price point and by this awesome brand name SHARK. I personally tend to love their innovative products.
    1. This Air Purifier is not Smart. You can’t connect it to any apps or wifi. You can’t see any graphs or stats while you are away from home. This seems like an absolute no brainer. Many very good filters at less than half this price have very good app functionality.
    2. There is no kid safe mode, that’s right, you can’t lock the screen so your toddler or your cousin’s toddler can go nuts with the settings as long as he or she wants. Turning it on and off again and again. Yeah, it’s annoying, I don’t know why they don’t have a child lock mode.
    The particle filter stats are pretty cool, you toggle through the display to see the amount of PM1 (tiny viruses or alergens) , PM2.5 smoke and bacteria, and PM 10 (like dust and mold and bacteria) –but again it would be better to see these stats on an app, not just in real time but on a graph of some sort.
    Overall I think this is a very good air filter but it is also expensive and lacking some really common features that other much less expensive units have.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This purifier is quite a tall unit, coming up to around waist height. However it is also very slim and can be placed quite close to a wall so it can be sort of tucked away and isn’t too obtrusive. There is a touch panel and display on the top and a repeater display on the front to show air quality. You also get a remote which works well but there is no WiFi or bluetooth connection for remote operation.

    The simplest way to use the device is just to turn it on and touch the auto mode. In this mode it runs on the lowest setting until it detects anything in the air at which time it will ramp up the fans until the air is clean again.

    When it is running at low fan settings it is virtually silent but the noise at max is quite loud although it does clean the room quickly so usually isn’t running on high for more than a couple of minutes.

    It does an excellent job of detecting pollutants and cleaning them. I have been running this in our open plan kitchen/dining/sunroom with a floor area of around 8 metres by 6 metres. If I am sat with my vape inside it will detect it from the other side of the room after a minute or so and power up the fans until the air is clean again. It will also remove cooking smells, dust and pretty much anything else including the smell from wax melters or incense sticks. Whilst not scientific proof this proves to me that it is doing its job and purifying the air in the room.

    So overall I give this five stars. I was initially a bit concerned by the size of the unit but it actually sits quite discretely in the room and when on low fan settings is virtually silent. Most importantly though it does an excellent job of cleaning the air. Recommended.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve been using tiny tabletop air purifiers and quite honestly they’re a joke compared to this one. Apart from anything else the quality is very high as you’d expect from shark.
    The box is much bigger than you’d expect but it doesn’t make it too big for a home as its perfect.
    I leave it on automatic all the time because I think I’ll leave it up to the machine what to decide.
    The display is large and I love the colours.
    You get a remote control too which is great for me in a wheelchair. It’s good that you can do the same things on the remote as you can on the unit.
    I have two doggies and really bad hay-fever in the spring/summer. I haven’t tried this for hay-fever yet but I’m really hopeful that it’s going to be great.
    The price is higher than anything I’ve tried before but the others were as basic as anything. This one has many features and you can tell a lot of time, effort and technology has gone into it.
    The only thing I’m scared of is when the filter needs changing as things like that are usually premium priced. I’m hoping its affordable though so I can keep using it.
    Overall this is highly recommended to give you super clean air around the home.

  26. 35959. Bitches. says:

     United Kingdom

    I have used a number of different air purifiers over time from the cheap ones that have little intelligence, up to a much more premium app & smart assistant connected model which to this day still has trouble with recognising its filters correctly. The Shark Air Purifier 4 sits somewhere in the middle of this with its filter intelligence and remote but no app or smart assistant control.

    The unit itself is fairly large and is a shiny white plastic with a gloss black control panel flat on the top (there is also a side display). Both of these surfaces are dust magnets which seems an odd thing with a device that by design will be pulling air through it. The filter fits in the back and is kept in place with a perforated grill. It covers virtually all of the rear surface and sits in front of 4 fans that pull the air through and out of the sides.

    After switching on the unit is in manual mode where you choose the fan speed and can set a timer if required. Turning it to auto mode (use the remote or the touch panel on the top) leaves the unit ‘on’ all the time with variable fan speeds depending on how dusty the room is. To do this the unit measures the 2.5 and 10 micron dust size levels, but fan speed is changed based on the smaller 2.5micron dust level.
    The 2 on unit panels show the dust levels with both a % level and a colour band – 100% is clean. Anything above 86% gives a good blue band, 75-85% gives an amber band and below that is red. In auto mode the fan will speed up and slow down as the air gets cleaner, with the noise level being very low when clean to reasonable when on higher speeds. It detects very slight changes in dust levels and despite being in the bedroom, it wil detect a change from opening the oven door in the kitchen 3 rooms away. It was also able to bring the particulate level down very quickly.

    There is an information button which goes through the estimated life of the filter (around 5000 hours from new), the particulate level for 2.5micron and for 10 micron along with the current cleanliness level. Given this, I believe the filter will last 6-9 months+, with replacements costing around 60 currently.

    Other than the choice of high gloss plastic, the only other complaint I have is the remote. It does not feel as premium as the rest of the product. It is however a proper button remote and not a membrane button type, so should last quite a while.

    Overall, this is the best air purifier I have used yet and in a month of use so far, I have had no issues at all. It may not have the smart features of some but its intelligence works very well and helps keep the air you breathe cleaner.

    Whisper Quiet in Normal Use

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This air purifier is what i was looking for.
    At home i had another air purifier, but much smaller and less powerful. While the Shark Air is bigger, but slimmer and very powerful. When i got the parcel i found out the box was very big, but once you open it, is absolutely beautiful to have it at home, still hight but slim.
    The really good things is the remote control, which it allow you to use the air purifier without even move from sofa or bad. But if you like, you can also use the display on top or on the side.
    The Shark Air Purifier 6 seems to be working really good at home, it doesn’t make a lot’s of noise and it is actually very powerful. A LED will help you to identify the type of air if it is good or not. For that i can just set the auto mode and it will do everything in automatic for a cleaner air.

  28. [email protected] Carissa Pavlica says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve not had an air purifier before and truthfully doubted that there would be much impact as I do not have hay fever or asthma, just some slight problems with breathing since you know what happened.

    For 230 my expectations were quite high but in reality I did not think I would notice anything than the noise I’ve been told they make, well there is some noise but way less than I was expecting and certainly something I can sleep through as I have.

    I think it is quieter because it is four small fans and not one big one struggling to do everything, it is quite a thing to behold too, a really sleek and relatively beautifully designed machine, almost apple like in appearance.

    The display is very easy to read and understand and is situated both on top and the front for ease of use and it even comes with a remote control if you are too lazy or relaxed to get up, it also comes with a 2 year guarantee when you sign it up with Shark, something to do while you are relaxed so nicely.

    Now it says the filter life should be 4400 hours but I have read reviews that state this is under test controlled conditions, but even so it should last quite a long time in the average household and the display keeps an eye on this for you and will even tell you when a new one is required, all this and it filters out a lot of dust and allergens I did not even know were there and even traps odours!.

    I have no need to change the filter yet but it is easy enough as you just remove the back and take the filter out and insert the new one and then just click the back cover into place again.

    Remember how I said I was not sure I would be able to tell the difference, well when I leave my place and go into the communal hallway or return to my place……the difference is obvious and impressive…..seriously impressive.

    I genuinely have nothing to compare this too and before using it would have said 230 is expensive but now I think it is a very good price for changing the air quality is something I would have never believed before.

  29. Joe Rossignol says:

     United Kingdom

    I had quite high expectations for this Shark product as Shark is known to make fantastic quality vacuums, and I would definitely say my expectations were met with this large room air purifier! The purifier is designed to clean the air of large rooms, so the size of the product was expected to be pretty big – I think it’s been designed well as it’s a very slim device, taking up as little floor space as possible and reaches quite tall instead. The device includes a remote control which allows you to adjust the settings without having to go to the device each time.

    Pretty soon after using it, I definitely felt like the air in the room was cleaner and fresher. On the majority of its settings it runs very quietly, only when you have the max speed it will make a noticeable amount of noise. I think the product will work great for reducing pollen in the main room to help with family member allergies. Overall, it’s easy to set up and use – fantastic quality all-round, and I expect it to last for many years to come.

  30. Barefoot Josh says:

     United Kingdom

    This is really a very impressive item – in fact the nicest air filter I have had the pleasure to use.

    Out of the box you get the air purifier itself, a decent sized filter and a remote control. You must open up the machine to remove the plastic cover from the filter before use, but this is easy to do. Once the filter is unwrapped you are ready to go using the remote, or the buttons on the top of the purifier itself.

    The purifier has four separate fans, so is has a decent amount of oomph and you can easily adjust the level of fan power you require. There is even an auto setting which adjusts according to air quality, which works really well, and a timer if you want to set it to operate for a specific length of time.

    This is not a cheap item, and it is fairly sizeable, but it looks very stylish and funky and it ACTUALLY WORKS! If you are looking for an effective air purifier then this is definitely one to consider – I love it!

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    his is the shark air purifier 6 (model he600uk) which is the latest purifier model in 2021, it’s a very large air purifier, i was quite surprised when the large packaging came, it’s well and thick packaged box and the purifier itself already tall 80cm, but it’s slim, just about 22cm thick

    what makes it special is that it runs 6 fans to circulate air instead of one large fan like most other air purifiers, air in-flow will be more distributed at the back than a single point, hence more effective, of course it will also be much quiet than a single strong fan, also filtered air will come out from both side, so clean air will be circulated better around the area

    although it’s so big, there are handles on both side for moving it to the point where i need air purifier

    i use it in my living room, its spec is for large room (120 square meters) so it’s much more than enough for my 30 square meters living room

    it works well for filter odours, pollutant, allergens as well as dust and dirt flow around, especially i have pets and kids, a good purifier is a must to keep the air clean around us

    there is a remote controller to set the speed, timer and panel brightness, but i’m more prefer to use the touch panel as all functions and info are accessible

    on the top panel there is air quality info to indicate the how clean is the air around the area (in terms of pm 10, 2.5 and 1)

    the suggested life time of the hepa filter is approx one year (of course depend on usage), there is a filter life check function on the top panel to indicate how many hours left to replace the filter, the replacement filter is at about 1/5 of the purifier price, seems reasonable

    all in all, this air purifier works very well, i’m impressed, very happy with it, would definitely recommend

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Before you buy make sure you measure up that you can accommodate this. It’s a very big unit, it’s not like a small air conditioner or cleanser that you might put under your desk, it needs some dedicated space.

    In terms of quality, it’s as you would expect from shark, first class.

    You can choose from a wide range of functions, timer, auto mode etc.

    I can really feel the difference. We cook a lot of Chinese food in the kitchen where we use this unit so the air can feel quite fragrant and spicy. Once I turn this unit onto auto mode after about 15-20 minutes, the air feels far fresher and cleaner.

    I’ve not had to clean the filter yet but I have looked at it.

    It’s very easy to access and there do not seem to be any issues in the way should I need to clean.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Having a house that is very dusty and with me and my partner being vapers we noticed that dust clings to everything so we decided that we needed a pretty powerful air purifier .as we use shark products we thought this would be an ideal fit for our household. Is very easy to setup and says quite large but but it does the job exceedingly well. We have noticed a massive difference in the air quality and dust levels in the house we have this setup in the living room and we have also noticed that the dust is reduced in other rooms I cannot recommend this enough especially for those who have have breathing difficulties and would like dust and allergens reduced in their properties

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    First of all I’d like to mention that this is an amazing experience to see this purifier in work.

    The package comes like huge, really big and no, it’s not oversized because the purifier is giant as well. I’m saying giant because I have tried about 4-5 other different air purifiers from different brands and different sizes, by far this one was the most effective and the biggest.
    Obviously, it is recommended to be used to big open spaces (ofc indoors) like big studios or open spaces kitchen with living room.
    Once again – the size is really big and a bit difficult to match it with the other furniture or to place it to look good and organic.

    How’s it working:
    I’m using it in the living room which comes together with the kitchen which is big as well – about 28-30m, maybe more as the house is big as well. As any other purifier, it has a foil on the filter so please don’t forget to take it off before using the device.
    When turned on first time I really felt like in those Sci-Fi movies – everything started to work, digits and displays turned on and that was impressive especially because the device looks quite impressive and massive.
    I was thinking we’ve got good air quality, because even living in London, we’re aside from busy streets with many cars and a big park is nearby. The purifier showed 67% air quality and that surprised us. According to the instructions, this is a fair quality.
    After 1 hour of continuous work, it showed 80% and it was a bit hard to believe, the actual effect I couldn’t feel.
    After that, time to time I turn it on because nobody is allergic to anything transmitted by air, no smoke, no anything else that would affect us. Last week decided to turn it on and see how high can the air quality grow in the house. Managed to take it up to 96% by turning on daily for a few hours or so. I don’t know – was it my brain or really something changed but I could feel like I’m breathing a bit easier, something different.
    But the biggest difference was when at some point we cooked some fish and with some other smells everything mixed up and the whole house was smelling like food. As it’s cold now, didn’t open the window and thought to give it a try with the purifier – that was the moment when I felt its real power – in 35-40 minutes the air was like before cooking and feeling it fresh and nice! Some other time happened that I put 4 big aromatic candles hoping it will give a better smell and maybe a bit of heath but actually after two hours of these candles it was feeling rather a smoky air, heavy and difficult to breath. At that point the purifier helped me again and unfortunately the aroma disappeared but with it disappeared the smoky air. So, overall I’m happy with it, I know it works and I’m sure it will help and do its job.

    Now the reason I rated it with 4 stars – design and price.
    Actually, for such a device with such an effective technology I’d really expect something great in terms of design as well. It comes big as size, huge even I’d say and let it be so, but please, give me a futuristic shape, give me some lights on it, some colours and some other options which will be cheap in production but looking amazing in my house!
    The purifier is just a white square box with some sections on the sides like a regular radiator. The only cool thing here is the LED display and that’s looking really nice, easy to manipulate, set and understand how’s it working. But I’d love some PS5 design, something really great, not just a plastic box. It is a big piece and in some cases it may be one of the central pieces of appliance in the room so it’s worth to have it cool looking.
    Also, the price. I still can’t decide – is it worth or not. Probably for someone with allergies where this purifier will help to breath easier and to reduce the allergy chances, may be a worth price. But overall I’ve tried very good air purifiers with a lower price that were doing a good job as well. I think a price is a bit spicy even with the voucher included but that’s only my opinion.

    Apart from that, remote works excellent and that’s good, I’d the rather surprised if it would not. Energy consumption – I’d say it feels a bit but I’ve used it in this period of transition between summer and autumn and it might be not only the purifier that added some more consumed electricity, could be lights in the house or anything else. However, it’s not a big difference so I’d rather tend to say the purifier is not consuming an unfair amount of energy.

    Sorry it’s more of a story about this device a d the experience, than going deep into its technical features and stuff.
    Hopefully I’ve been helpful.
    I’m still using it, I’m not going to give up on it soon and would say that I can recommend it but if you don’t need it so big and it will be used for a smaller space, think twice.

  35. Sarah says:

     United Kingdom

    This is an amazing air purifier. It’s very simple and easy to use nothing hard about it. just plug and go.A great little piece of kit, very quiet can hardly hear it in our bedroom where it is. Can also notice the difference in the air quality since we started using it.

  36. Elise says:

     United Kingdom

    From the moment you open the box you know you are dealing with a quality item.

    I would probably have this in my home just to look at lol, such style and fantastic looks.

    Every component on the outer casing is solid and secure and the purifier is extremely quiet when running its powerful inner.

    The purifier is designed for large rooms. It can deal with mould and must effectively and can do wonders when making rooms right that have suffered from poor ventilation.

    A fantastic product, the ferrari of the purifier world.

  37. baby play me something like here comes the sun says:

     United Kingdom

    Really easy to install and was like a Godsent for our family, helped my daughter’s breathing a lot. Very convenient to control with the remote and great quality.

  38. ReggieButterfie says:

     United Kingdom

    In order to prepare for the baby, the wife will be born in a few days. Almost all shark products are in the house. The appearance design is very beautiful. It has the same style as other series. The automatic mode will change according to the indoor air quality. The automatic mode sound is turned on at night. It is very small and does not affect sleep at all. It is easy to install and just use a power cord. The operation is particularly simple, the purification is particularly fast, the air output is large, and the air purifier shows heavy pollution when smoking in the bedroom. Powerful and convenient to use, it is highly recommended.
    Appearance design: white, simple and generous, or shark’s design style
    Purification effect: the air volume is large, and the smoking purification effect is obvious
    Noise level: The sound is very small, and it is only the sound of wind when it is turned to the largest gear
    Installation service: a power cord, just plug it in, no difficulty
    Other features: Other features: efficient air purification, effective sterilization and removal of formaldehyde, pregnant women and children at home, highly recommended

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this as I run a cat rescue, utterly amazed at how fast the air quality can be improved. Quiet in operation unless on full fan, easy to control. My only criticism is it blows out very cool air, great in summer but cools the room too much in winter. Shame Shark did not add a hot air facility to it.
    If you have any kind of allergy or keep pets I think this is well worth getting.

  40. Melvin2357 says:

     United Kingdom


    It is a great product. Fairly big and has the ability to clean / refresh the air very quickly.
    It takes away the food smells very easily! Any smoke is quickly removed.
    I have only been using it for a few weeks, no issues to report on but will update the review if needed.

    Only negative is that the remote only works on line of sight!

    I would recommend this product!

    Thank you,

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