Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner, Plastic, 800 W, 4.2 liters, Grey/Blue

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Pre-treatment kit

Pre-treatment kit

Tackles tough stains and high traffic areas.

Wash Tool

Wash Tool

With the on-board wash tool, you can tackle upholstery, stairs and car seats with ease.



Easy to carry and manoeuvre around the house

Platinum pet solution

Platinum Pet solution

Neutralises lingering pet odours and leaves your home smelling fresh.

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Dual Power Pet Advance


Dual Power


Compact Power


Rapid Power Revive


Rapid Power Plus

Brush System
Dual Brushbar Dual Brushbar AQUASPIN Brushbar 5x SpinScrub Brushes 5x SpinScrub Brushes
Above Floor Cleaning
Yes Yes Yes
Edge-to-edge Cleaning
Yes Yes
Quick Dry
Yes Yes
Cleaning Reach
10.5m 8m 6.7m 10.5m 10.5m
Clean Tank Capacity
2.7ltrs 2.7ltrs 1.8ltrs 4.7ltrs 4.7ltrs
Dirty Tank Capacity
1.5ltrs 1.5ltrs 1.5ltrs 4.7ltrs 4.7ltrs
Wash Tool
Yes Yes Yes
Crevice Tool
Yes Yes
SpinScrub Tool
Yes Yes
Solution Included
250ml Platinum Solution 250ml Platinum Solution 250ml Platinum Solution 250ml Platinum Solution 250ml Platinum Solution
Pre/Post Treatment Solution
250ml Pre-treatment solution 250 ml Pre and Post Treatment

Weight: 6.4 kg
Dimensions: 113.8 x 34.2 x 28.2 cm; 6.4 Kilograms
Brand: Vax
Model: ECR2V1P
Colour: Grey/Blue
Colour: Grey/Blue

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74 Responses

  1. MarjorieRichey says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought it as I have a dog and dirt get brought into the house via muddy paws. Used this to clean my front room and landing carpets and was amazed at the difference and the amount of dirt that came out of the carpetsgreat suction power and easy to use. I haven’t tried to use it on the stairs and it is too heavy and bulky for me. Well worth the money as now I can clean my carpets anytime , results are better when using the vax pet cleaning products.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is really good for carpets when you have pets. Removes so much dirt and hair that isnt picked up by a normal vaccuum. You dont realise how dirty the carpet is until you see the hairs come out and the colour of the water.
    The solution is quite expensive so we just use washing up liquid with warm water and this does the job.
    Quite heavy and clunky but does the job really well.
    Havent used it on stairs but can see that being quite difficult. Corners can be tricky to get with it.

  3. MaribelBlacksto says:

     United Kingdom

    We bought this for our house as we now rehomed two dogs but we have carpets in the living-room and bedrooms. It cleans very well – it did good job on cleaning our sofa and carpet itself, I was actually surprised how clean it looked after first use already! It did however slightly lack suction power as it was less than a half of water filled in that was then sucked into dirty water tank.
    I have used other more expensive carpet washer and that one did have more suction power and was much heavier as well. But this one was about 1/4 of the price of the more expensive one so definately would still choose this Vax over it.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is our third Vax, the first been the bright orange pull along type, which was good but bloody hard work, the 2nd , an upright model worked well till the filter failed,killing the motor
    This new model is a revelation,very easy to use pulls around 80 percent of dirty water out of the carpet, very heavy on shampoo, but worth it, the spot sprayer is a bit of a gimmick, but well designed, as is the rest of this model, why pay more?

  5. Jeff Bartlett says:

     United Kingdom

    The reason we got this is because we have carpets and an old dog… I know, sounds sad… But carpets do need cleaned regardless.
    I found this machine very easy to build from its instructions and very easy to use!
    If instructions are followed correctly it works brilliantly – it’s not hard to use, it’s just good to read up on your machine to get know the correct method on how to use it.
    I see some people have some issues with their machine – leaking more specifically. Drying the outside of the tanks especially the clean/solution tank after filling or emptying. And just making sure it’s preperly seated when attaching the tank.
    For those who are concerned about the reports of water leaking out the back, these are drain holes for the tanks if they leak when attaching the tank to the machine.
    A great machine, really pulls the dirt out of you carpets. Shame I don’t have a picture of the waste tanks content to show but trust me you’ll be really surprised and slightly disgusted.

  6. LeonardTubb says:

     United Kingdom

    Great Machine and good for pet messes got a 2 day coffee spill out no problem. It also has the upholstery tool which got a victory spill out a few minutes later make sure you go over the wet carpet 2 or 3 times slowly and you will have it dry completely in about 1-2 hours this based on winter use I bet this will be faster in the summe

  7. MyrtleBrodzky says:

     United Kingdom

    I had a few different carpet shampooers in my wish list, ready to review and finally settled on this one as we have 2 cats.

    I did have a few concerns regarding leaks after reading other reviews but decided to take a chance. Several comments mentioned water leaking from the upper clean water tank onto the electrics so I was a bit concerned. However, I made sure that after filling the tank, I wiped down the tank before inserting back into the machine.

    The tank was slightly fiddley to refit the first time but once I go the hang of it , it clicked into place very simply. There was no water leakage.

    If there is a down side to the machine, it is very loud. But – oh my word! What a difference it has made to my carpets. We do have a very, very good hoover, and I made sure that the carpets were vacuumed first. I am sure that I shampooed up at least 5 cats worth of fur! The water in the dirty water tank resembled mud more than water and frankly I am too embarrassed to post a photo of that.

    The carpets are damp to the touch after shampooing but dried very quickly. The carpets look like new

    Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good value machine

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really good cleaner. Don’t be put off with people saying it leaks at the back. That happens because they fail to lip the tank in carefully at the front before clicking it into place. What happens is they push back the tank before they have fitted it in properly at the front which then presses open the water valve before it’s seated properly. Consequently water leaks out at the back.
    You want to see the muck it sucks up. Wow!

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m not going to imply it won’t work for you. But for my light grey carpet, it’s mediocre at best. First of all the liquid for the ‘pre treatment wand’ are really fiddly (not a-bit-of-a-nuissance fiddly, but I’m-never-going-to-bother fiddly). Then the cleaning is overrated, like I had to go over a dirty patch a few times to even notice a difference, let alone clean it.

    Also it does NOT dry. Which I thought it would be fine but if you have a dirty carpet then you need a lot of liquid which makes it hard to dry which means it will soak dust which makes it dirty (it’s a vicious cycle).

    Because I got it for 100 it’s kind of worth it, but wouldn’t bother otherwise.

    P.S tried one stair, did nothing but made it wet. Gave up.
    P.P.S YMMV, maybe a darker carpet makes for a better experience.

  10. Fabian98Kgoubyn says:

     United Kingdom

    I was undecided about getting this model or the more expensive one at 250, and when I compared them the only real difference is the size of the water tank. If like me you live in an average sized house you wont need the bigger one, get this. Easy to assemble, easy to clean (put in in the shower and wash the bottom out I found easiest.) Overall really good.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s not the best quality machine I’ve ever bought, however for the money it has cleaned some nasty stains. Takes a couple of goes but got Ribena stain out of a light carpet . Does leak a bit and didn’t turn up with all the bits which was frustrating but Amazon sorted a refund and I ordered direct from VAX. Be careful when you empty the dirty bucket, don’t release the clips until you are over a sink or drain and watch the water doesn’t pour back down the pipe inside. Dispose of dirty water carefully as it contains lots of carpet fluff which could block a sink. Cleaning it – I just disconnect the power and run the clear plastic bit under a tap and pick out any carpet off the brushes by hand – no drama but a little tool could be included like a pipe cleaner which would be useful. Overall it’s paid for itself and would buy again.

  12. GradyNHUrf says:

     United Kingdom

    Glad I got it and it’s payed its self 10 times over since I got my puppy , now if she has a accident no problem 5 mine and no smell or stains to worry about and it cleans and drys the carpet a lot better than I ever expected from a cheap machine , only gripe the handle seems a bit flimsy but under normal use so far it’s been 100%

  13. KaylaDoolette says:

     United Kingdom

    Had a Hoover model for a couple of years that was similar in price to this so Hoover’s equivalent, used it 2 weeks ago and it broke down which was poor as it’s only been used a dozen times, so went for this vax model and have to say it’s far better than the Hoover.
    Easy to assemble and the tanks fit very easily, lightweight and easy to use, particularly like the design which makes it easy for you to see the vac working, the clear waste a pipe and cleaning head very easy to see what’s going on.
    I had a few stains on carpets that the Hoover did not shift, the vax has got rid of them and done a great job,carpets look really good, the dual brushes obviously do the trick, superb cleaning.
    Suction is good for taking the water back off too.
    As with all cleaners you have to know how to use them, my tip is do about a metre square at a time and do in multiple directions the dual brushes will clean and bring the pile back up, just remember it’s not a vacuum cleaner so slow back and forward movements for best results.
    Only negatives are..
    Not very easy to clean so I will be buying a can of compressed air for next time and the tanks are quite small, but it’s lightweight and easy to push so it’s not really a negative.
    Saw some reviews about tanks hard to fit and water leaking, not with mine tanks click in very easy you just have to angle them in the right way and no leaks, as with all cleaners the hand tool is not great but this comes with a pre soak wand as well which can be useful,
    Very happy with the end results after using this and would highly reccomend

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have used this machine once and the belt for the rotators has already snapped off, bearing in mind that I only cleaned a small area. I must say I am a little disappointed that I need to change it so quickly but other than that it does clean very well. The suction could be a little stronger as the amount of detergent you use compared to how much it sucks up is not the same. And when filling up the soap and water tank it does leak which is strange.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Some photos where you can clearly see which parts I had cleaned. I like this its easy to build, attach 3 screws and clip it together.
    Brought up my living room carpet lovely especially as we live by the beach so it was like a sandpit even though I hoover daily.
    I only have a cavapoo and would query if this would be strong enough to deal with a heavy shedding dog, as even though I hoovered before hand it still clogged up some hair which I had to clear.

    Nice and clea

  16. CyrilIfirv says:

     United Kingdom

    i bought this as i have a busy house and the carpets get pretty messy with two kids two dogs and a cat and wanted something to help with keeping the carpets and upholsetry clean and fresh as doing it by hand was becoming very tiresome and difficult now upon purchase i was quite happy with this machine but have returned since as i only used it a few times and then as others have shown it starts leaking out the back and my gosh was it scary wouldnt recommend this model after this as it truely was terrifying to see so much water come out the back really disappointed as at first it seemed like it was going to be a good tool for me but now im left without a machine to help and have to try and do the job manually which is a job in itself and doesnt get the job done quite as well as having a carpet washe

  17. WilheminaPruett says:

     United Kingdom

    Love this carpet cleaner simple to use efficient, light, easy to fill and empty, I haven’t done any stair so can’t comment but can’t see why it won’t be just as good. It is so satisfying to see the dirty water sucked up, and going over it with the suction it was dry in a very short time.
    If I was being picky the instruction didn’t make it as clear as I needed to see how much cleaning fluid to put in, but there is a marker on the machine, we found. Brilliant I would highly recommend this machine, even just for freshning up a carpet which I did because I was loving using it in a spare room it just felt clean. Such a good price, I have had pro people in to do it and it has been wet for two days, not to meantion the cost.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s easy to use and gives good results even on neglected carpet, expect to bring carpet back 12 months rather than back to new. Stairs are always awkward to hoover and this is no different. The pre soak wand is an expensive luxury as the solution is pure not dilute. It helps but not so much to make it worthwhile. Not sure if the instructions say so but clean as intended first and then go over again without deploying shampoo. Suction is quite good but still a few hours for carpet to dry after 2 sweeps

  19. ShaunaCockram says:

     United Kingdom

    I used it for lounge and stair carpets, cleaned very well, but took longer than expected to dry completely

  20. Kandee Johnson says:

     United Kingdom

    For a little over 100 this vax cleaner cannot be beaten! Today my toddler knocked 10 litres of paint over onto carpet and after scooping up what I could I used this and the paint is completely gone! Carpet was totally dry 4 hours later but I thoroughly sucked up as much water as I possibly could. Easy to fill, easy to take apart. Feels a bit plasticky but don’t let this put you off. The suction is fantastic and the water tank is big enough to clean for a while without refilling. Cannot recommend this highly enough I really am impressed.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI could not believe how much dirt I had on my carpet until I used this wonderful machine. I emptied 4 buckets of black water for every room of my home. Incredible! Lots of hair and sand was absorbed as well. I can believe how well this machine works and how cleaned my carpet looked so clean, smelling great and the color was bright and clean again. I only recommend to buy a big carpet-shampoo, minimum 5l for a deep clean for a 4 bedroom home, dining room, etc. You will see that the carpet is totally clean when the water deposit is looking clear and you will need a lot of shampoo until you get there, even though you think your carpet is clean! Totally recommended. A MUST TO HAVE.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBought for my elderly fathers room because he goes out in garden then brings mud throughI thought would need to replace carpet but looks like now I don’t! Picture on left right part of carpet done the mud trail by door still to dopicture on right after doing once everywhere Those mud trails totally gone. Was fairly easy to do just like vacuuming emptying tanks and refilling was hardest. Bit tricky to get tanks in and our but once got hang of angling tank correct way it soon became easiervery impressed carpet still damp but not overly wet.. now he doesn’t need new carpet! And one happy dad

    Thought carpets needed replacing now don’

  23. Sarah Mitroff says:

     United Kingdom

    After much searching online and reading reviews, I eventually stumbled across this Vax Dual power carpet cleaner. It was in budget, great reviews, so thought I’d purchase it and, it is AMAZING!! The photo i have attached says it all! Easy to put together, simple to use. It is a fairly lightweight taking it upstairs but I did fill the tank up first lol. Suction power is great. Carpet feels and looks brand new! I HIGHLY recommend this carpet cleaner! Not tried it on the stairs yet but I’m pretty confident it will do a great job.

    Wow wow WOW!!!!

  24. FlorineFalk says:

     United Kingdom

    Cleaned the carpets with my vax hoover before using, and yet this carpet cleaner managed to pick up even more fur from my carpets.
    Instructions are straight forward and easy to use. You will need to measure out the solution, a little plastic cup would have made the job a tad easier, but this isn’t supplied.
    At first I didn’t think it was doing anything. But the carpets felt damp. But when i had finished I could see the dirty water that had collected at the bottom. I’m really impressed with this item. Was worried about water leaking as per a lot of reviews but have had no issues at all.

    Disgusted and yet impressed with this produc

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