Zoom MS-50G Guitar Effects Pedal


Weight: 358 g
Dimensions: 13.03 x 7.75 x 5.84 cm; 358.34 Grams
Model: MS50G
Batteries Included: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
Origin: China

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  1. VelvaParedes says:


    Fa praticamente… tutto.
    Anche per chi ha gi un rig completo, fa comodo per avere a disposizione al momento qualsiasi effetto, anche strano e particolare (e di buona qualit) senza spendere troppi soldi e senza affollare inutilmente la pedaliera.
    Ottimo anche come “ruota di scorta”: con le valide simulazioni di amplificatori e cabinet (non moltissime, ma coprono tutte le esigenze) pu risolvere al volo una defaillance dell’attrezzatura principale.
    Ovviamente nell’utilizzo live come multieffetto ha dei limiti in quanto con un solo footswitch le patch memorizzate possono essere richiamate solamente in sequenza (facilmente programmabile a piacere).
    Si possono utilizzare fino a 6 effetti contemporaneamente e si pu modificarne la concatenazione.
    Ottimo anche l’accordatore, veloce e preciso.
    Rapporto q/p eccezionale: anche solo uno degli effetti contenuti pu costare pi dell’intero pedale.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Lo uso sia per l’acustica che per l’elettrica. Per l’acustica solo un po’ di eq e reverb….per l’elettrica aggiungo una simulazione di amp visto che l’amplificatore per chitarra acustica (quindi un monitor senza alcun “calore”). Ho tutti i preset preimpostati per 4 diverse chitarre (baritona, nylon, acustica, elettrica) e in un attimo passo da una all’altra. Fantastico.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Calidad-precio inigualable. Encima se puede hackear super fcil y tener aun ms efectos.

  4. Anonymous says:


    La construccin es impecable, el manejo un poco lioso al principio, pero luego se aprende fcil.
    La calidad del sonido es muy buena a niveles domsticos, a nivel escenario o profesional no puedo opinar.
    Para tocar en casa con calidad y sin montar una gran pedalera, y ocupar poco no creo que encuentres nada con esta relacin calidad/precio.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    After much research into a multi-fx pedal, which would allow me to use and learn how the plethora of Guitar effects work, the Zoom MS-50G has been perfect. Updated with firmware 3.1 and added all the Amp models I could from the free Zoom Effect Manager software, there really are hundreds of usable tones from ultra clean acoustic to death metal! It doesn’t come with an external power adapter but I had a USB power supply handy (Mini connector) and this works perfectly and will save money on batteries. The ability to string 6 effects together pushes the potential even further, if you are wanting a single device to give you plenty of range and scope then look no further.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased this product even before knowing how to play the guitar.
    Not sure how good is it for the pro’s but for me it was amazing.
    I had so much fun with this pedal, and discovered so many effects.
    It’s not really cheap, but it creates a lot of memories which you can’t put a price on. Or at least this is how it is for me.

    You won’t regret it!

  7. GastonCoulombe says:


    Es obvio que por su precio no puede competir con pedales independientes y con otros multiefectos, pero aconsejo ver reviews de su sonido, su manejo y su creciente lista de efectos (la marca Zoom hace los deberes) para reconocer una estupenda relacin calidad-precio. Hay efectos muy raros, muy llamativos y muy conseguidos que pueden rivalizar con marcas que inflan los precios y ni se molestan en hacer un buen manual de instrucciones en espaol (lo dicho, Zoom hace los deberes). El manejo puede ser desconcertante al principio pero, teniendo en cuenta las limitaciones propias de un pedal pequeo, se le pilla el truco rpido. Tanto si empiezas en los efectos como si quieres ampliar tu coleccin de pedales (como es mi caso), aconsejo ver reviews, descargarte el manual de su web y sacar tus propias conclusiones. Yo estoy contento con la compra.

  8. Erica says:

     United Kingdom

    No English manual included. (Spanish, Italian and German). Works well with Boss Katana mk2 100 amp.

  9. DanieleKeighley says:


    Ottimo prodotto, tante possibilit di utilizzo. Vale ben oltre il suo prezzo. Si integra in diversi contesti di utilizzo, studio, live.
    Con un po’ di impegno si ottengono sonorit interessanti e particolari.

  10. JamesW89czlzo says:

     United Kingdom

    Really simple to use and set up. For me a just a hobby guitarist it works really well. Solid construction. I have a Zoom MRS8 multi channel recorder so could use the power supply from that to get it set up. Plugged it into my Cornford valve amp and get a range of great sounds.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Lo uso in viaggio on la funzione a batterie, c’ da settarlo bene ma una volta regolate le nostre catene effetto preferite il divertimento assicurato, suoni ottimi , per questo prezzo non si pu veramente chiedere di meglio, mitica zoom!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A good pedal. Lots of great sounds inside. The interface is not particularly user friendly but it’s worth fiddling around to get some cosmic sounds. Runs off two AA batteries which is amazing. Mains power lead not supplied. A nice looking as well as a great functional unit.

  13. Francesca Silas says:


    Il pedale ben costruito, semplice da usare. I suoni sono molto ben emulati, soprattutto la parte di amp, che spesso gi da sola sufficiente. Consigliato, davvero.

  14. summer says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersTout est dans le titre, rien dire de plus.

    Foncez !

  15. Chase Evans says:


    I consider myself more of a songwriter than musician/performer/techie and haven’t been playing guitar for long. My only previous experience of a guitar effects pedal is a Digitech Element which could be a little temperamental (needed a factory reset not long after I got it), only had a user-unfriendly 2-digit LED display and just stopped powering-up after around 3 years and not that many hours of use.

    Haven’t had the Zoom for long, but refreshing to see a solid metal chassis, decent LCD display and an extensive selection of very good effects. Took me a while to work out the effect editing but, as far as I can tell, the preset effects have a number of pedals linked (as on a board) which you can then reposition, take pedals out, drop pedals in, re-arrange them and then adjust the parameters of each individual pedal, so probably more versatility than I will ever get to appreciate.

    I also understand that individual effects can be linked sequentially for live performances but, as I don’t gig, can’t comment on that.

    Note that the power supply has to be purchased separately; I got mine from Amazon for around 10-15 – it does tend to get quite hot, but appears to be the recommended psu and hasn’t caused a problem.

    I did a fair bit of research before buying, mainly video/expert reviews, and all seemed united that the Zoom is so capable that it should cost more and I can only endorse that. An obvious choice for any guitarist on a budget.

  16. GenaMacartney says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersSon loves it, more effects than you can shake a stick at and has built in tuner etc. He’s been playing guitar for about a year and this has really opened up new possibilities for him.
    Only downside is that you have to buy a power brick separately but apparently the batteries last quite well I’m told.

  17. M. Lance Lusk says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThe beauty of this pedal is the sheer number of effects included in such a small solid unit.

    I wanted a multi effects unit that was

    a) compact and
    b) easy to use

    to introduce into my synth set up and for occasional guitar use. I mainly use it for the mod effects – delay, reverb, tremelo, filters etc which I find very useable and tweakable. I particularly like the filter delay and the step filters – for these alone it’s worth the price in my view as you’d spend 3 times this to get the same effect in a pedal. Plug a basic drum machine or even a cheap keyboard through this and you suddenly have a lot more sonic potential at your fingertips.

    I find the operation very intuitive – although I have only used it to access and edit individual effects in a bank – I haven’t saved banks etc or tried to use it live – you really need fingers to operate this properly.

    Basic operation:

    An effect is displayed on the LCD display and can be switched on or off with the main switch, and edited using the 3 rotary knobs – if the effect has more than three parameters, then simply press the right knob and it will tab you to the next set of parameters.

    You use the up and down switches to change the effect type and the left and right switches to move to the next effect in the bank.

    I have used the usb connection to remove the effects I’m not interested in (amp sims, distortions etc) and have added even more mod effects from the Zoom website.

    Also – although it does work with batteries – it eats them pretty quickly – best used with a power supply, but would be great for a travel set up with headphones as it’s so small.

    Well worth the money, and I’m thinking of buying another.

  18. ChristiY38 says:


    Tolles Gert fr semiprofessionelle Musiker. Super um Hall zu simulieren oder andere kleine Spielereien. Da ich mit der Akustikgitarre allerdings sowieso wenn dann ber einen Mischpult spiele, bentige ich dass Zoom leider nicht.

  19. MarilynRJCN says:


    funciona de PM… se actualiza facilmente con multitud de efectos.. genial

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Zoom g
    It’s always a matter of personal taste and what will be best suited to your needs and set up. I wanted a small pedal to use instead of my boss Sy300. The sy3 wasn’t to my taste

    For me this pedal had the following function that benefit my set up

    Can power with usb to a power pack/batteries good for busking /sailing /remote locations
    Small form factor
    A lot of and diverse effects 100 Can save 50 more. Can combine 6 effects. Delays, echos and metal type effects
    Can plug into a synth or use as an effect for most instruments
    New patches can be downloaded with available updates potentially

    It wouldn’t update as couldn’t install driver on Windows 10. Managed to install driver on an old computer. But still couldn’t install the desktop app. So couldn’t install all the presets. Maybe it was my fault. I couldn’t install and not the pedal . Anyway. I eventually managed to install it.

    But then I couldn’t get it to work with a volume or expression pedal. Even as part of my pedal board. Personally thrashy guitar really needs a volume pedal. So renders the pedal useless for live for me. Really disappointed as I love the pedal. Apparently the multi stomp ms-70 delay works with a volume pedal. Ordered one and will see if I can get it to work.

    However if you don’t need all the presets it is a superb pedal. I don’t understand the bad reviews as I found the sound effects superb. Compared to my boss Sy300 the quality sounded as good. Although I’m not a pedal conisseur.

  21. Anonymous says:


    L’MS50G un ottimo multieffetto! La qualit dei suoni in se non eccellente, chiaramente si vede dal prezzo. Il suo punto di forza il fatto che si pu avere un qualsiasi effetto a portata di mano sempre, specialmente quegli effetti che si usano magari per un solo brano di un repertorio. La possibilit di avere 6 effetti insieme fa risparmiare considerevolmente spazio per chi, come me, mantiene 2/3 pedali sempre accesi (oltre l’accordatore integrato). Integrato ad altri pedali penso possa essere molto interessante il suo utilizzo (che quello che faccio io).

  22. Anonymous says:


    Buon pedale. Solido e versatile. Se non si hanno particolari necessit, pu garantire una configurazione di effetti essenziale ma di qualit. Il punto forte sono le distorsioni a mio avviso.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Arrivato con un giorno di anticipo.
    Il multi effetto stompbox ha un rapporto qualit prezzo secondo me straordinario. 172 effetti disponibili (con il firmware 3.0 arriva a 136 effettivamente caricabili) decisamente accettabili dal punto di vista qualitativo. Io lo uso comunque linkato in pedaliera con altri effetti ma nel caso voglio viaggiare leggero porto solo quello e il microcube. Lo alimento in rete ma trovo comoda la dimensione e l’alimentazione a batteria, non frequente in multieffetti pi voluminosi. L’interfacciamento molto intuitivo. Unica pecca la qualit del tuner, poco preciso, ma tanto uso quello interno alla mia acustica elettrificata. Consigliato a chi non ancora entrato nel vortice degli stompbox ma anche a chi come me ha gi un po’ di effetti a pedale e vuole avere altre opzioni senza svenarsi comprando pitch shift, dual tremoli, shimmer e fuzz distorsori in pedali separati.

  24. MarjoriFulcher says:


    Acquistato per giocare ha ottimi suoni e patch molto belle…

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    just the right size to use easy to program it to what you need

  26. Anonymous says:


    Il pedale ha ottime funzioni e bellissimi suoni, e un po’ troppo “casinaro” se non si usa un alimentatore stavilizzato il 50/60% dei rumori molesti di pedali digitali come questo proviene da lui ma ci sono ottimi rimedi (anche a prezzi molto bassi) che permettono di sistemare questo lato negativo…da usare soprattutto in studio o come pre amplificatore per i live in diretta nel mixer senza ampli visto che la gestione dei suoni manuale e quando si suona (ovviamente) le mani sono impegante a fare altro.

  27. Anonymous says:


    Ho acquistato questo pedale in quanto desideravo qualcosa per aumentare il mio arsenale di distorsioni ed effetti, ma qui dentro c’ veramente di tutto, e considerando la quantit di effetti, la qualit dei suoni ha del miracoloso, tanti anche i settaggi per ogni effetto. Bisogna solo perdere un p di tempo per capire come gestirlo, ma niente di cos complicato, almeno secondo me; comoda la funzione per mettere in loop un certo numero di patch, cosicche puoi far girare un pulitoi,un distorto e magari un effetto per il solo, usando solo l’interruttore del pedale. I materiali sono solodi, il pedale in metallo e anche l’interruttore sembra di buona fattura. In conclusione brava Zoom e come sempre amazon puntuale nelle consegne.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Facile da trasportare e completo nelle funzioni: non siamo di fronte ad un pedale professionale ma, come specificato gi da altri clienti, un vero e proprio coltellino svizzero che pu risultare utile in molte situazioni soprattutto per chi come me vuole viaggiare leggero e non ha bisogno di molti effetti. Tuttavia, solo quattro stelle per il pessimo software di gestione delle patch che fornisce zoom sul suo sito. Per il resto consigliato

  29. Anonymous says:


    lo chiamano “un coltellino svizzero” in uno stop box racchiude effetti di modulazione, simulazione cabinet, distorsioni, e altre caratteristiche utilissime! Da inserire in pedaliera o in diretta con suoni eccezionali! (vedi tutorial su youtube)

  30. Douglas Lovette says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersEigentlich ist das MS-50G fr eine E-Gitarre gedacht.
    Aber ich gehe mit meiner Martin Akustikgitarre erst in ein “Bodyrez”-Pedal und dann in das MS-50G.
    Ich benutze das MS-50G nur um etwas Chorus und Hall dazu zu fgen und um das Monosignal in Stereo zu wandeln.
    Vorher habe ich auch gelegentlich ein Zoom G3 dafr benutzt.
    Es gibt jedoch dutzende weitere Effekte, von denen 6 gleichzeitig benutzt werden knnen.
    Dieser kleine Fusstreter scheint alle Funktionen des Zoom G3 aufzuweisen ,bis auf den Looper und das Schlagzeug, die ich nicht bentige.
    Die Bedienung ist sehr logisch und hnlich zum Zoom G3 .
    Der Klang ist fr meine Hobby-Ansprche sehr gut, wobei mir der Vergleich zu deutlich teureren Gerten fehlt.

    Fr Hobbygitarristen ohne professionelle Ansprche eine volle Empfehlung.

  31. Anonymous says:


    Non sono un esperto chitarrista ma devo dire che mi ha reso possibile sperimentare una grande variet di effetti con la mia chitarra che altrimenti non avrei potuto fare senza andarli a provare tutti gli oltre 170 in un negozio super fornito di strumenti musicali. Unico “neo” non si possono installare tutti i circa 170 effetti simultaneamente sull’unit per capienza di memoria credo. Dopo vari tentativi sono riuscito ad arrivare a 133 effetti. Per avere i mancanti necessario togliere qualcuno di quelli meno usati.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good effects pedal. Compact but solid. Looking forward to using it a lot.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have been playing around with this for just over a week and I am pleasantly surprised with it.
    The effects are pretty good.Chorus/Delay/Flanger etc.The drive effects are ok but I will stick with my tubescreamer and the likes for that.Its easy to get round it with practice.
    I found it a little hard swapping effects over with the black switches at the side with my foot .So I stuck some rubber on with double sided tape and it made a world of difference .
    I have added a photo to show what I mean.

    Great little uni

  34. Anonymous says:


    Che dire, un multieffetto non un pedale apposito dedicato. Per se vi serve un flanger per suonare 20 secondi di un brano non ha senso spendere 70 euro e comprarne uno dedicato potete benissimo utilizzare questo pedale. Stessa cosa per un Phaser, un fuzz, un equalizzatore. Diciamo che va a sopperire in tutti quei casi dove dite: in quel pezzo qua ci starebbe bene un………per dai faccio senza…… comprare un effetto dedicato per un brano non ha senso. Diciamo che fa ottimamente il suo dovere ma sempre un multieffetto.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis pedal is amazing. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with it. I use mine primarily as a distortion pedal, behind the Zoom MS-70CDR used solely for reverb. As a distortion pedal alone its worth twice its cost, with emulations of the Boss OD-1, DS-1, MT-2, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Big Muff, Fuzz Face, plus many more preset out of the box, and then multiple amp head emulations that can be overdriven. I set up a great emulation of the Digitech Grunge pedal (so good in fact, that I then sold my real Grunge pedal), and I’ve seen a near-perfect Bad Monkey emulation being demoed on youtube. And that’s just on the distortion side of things. There is a good selection of reverbs (although I use the MS-70CDR for this, which has even more choice), again including a lot of emulations of popular (and more expensive) pedals, and many more effects to boot.

    Units in effects chains can be turned on/off individually or as a whole chain at the push of the footswitch. The effects themselves have the feel of individual pedals thanks to the rotary knobs and visual display of said knobs, rather that just pushing up and and down buttons to set values. Settings are immediately saved the minute you make any adjustments, and the graphic display of the knobs on screen actually reflects the setting of said knob- i.e. if you set the amp gain dial to 12 o’clock, the gain dial on the effect graphic will show it set at 12 o’clock. Genius!

    The acoustic simulator is pretty good and the noise reduction is the best I’ve used, with no noticeable drain on tone or volume (another review said the noise reduction wasn’t up to much- I believe he may have being referring to the noise gate which was included on the first versions of these pedals. Current versions also include the ZNR noise reduction, to which I refer)

    If money allowed, I’ve have half a dozen of these, all designated to different tasks- in fact I’m thinking of getting another one just to act as a clean amp/cab emulator (oh, that’s another thing- every amp head can teamed with any cab sim, or also set as cab only) to run through a PA.

    This really is a first rate pedal. Buy at least one!

  36. Anonymous says:


    Good value for money! You can combine effects and simulate a stompbox chain.Quality effects and low noise circuits is perfect combination for quitar playng. Robust metal case .

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI have always played guitar with a clean tone (as I play mostly jazz) but I wanted to try some effects for some new gigs I’m doing with a singer. I also like to travel light so the Zoom MS-50G seemed preferable to carrying around a huge pedal board (not to mention a lot cheaper too). After playing with it for a week using my Strat and Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 amp, I’ve been delighted with the tones it produces. You can easily create custom chains of effects so I created a chain comprising equalisation, chorus, delay and compression. This made my guitar tone sound “bigger” and more “produced” – just what I was looking for. I also created a distortion/overdrive chain which sounds awesome, although I have to watch the volume on the amp as the amount of gain added by the MS-50G makes my amp roar like a 100 watt stack. I would definitely recommend the MS-50G to anyone wanting to beef up their guitar tones on a budget.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this pedal as a bit of fun to use with my very basic practice amp and I’m very happy with it.
    The delay , compression and modulations effects are as good as my standalone pedals and the reverbs sound great to me , with some useable overdrives , distortions , amp sims and many other effects this is brilliant !.
    If you’re like me and have lots of individual pedals that cost more than than this ,sell one you don’t use anymore and buy this for a bit of fun and if you’re a pedal virgin save a lot of money and buy
    this pedal.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersA great piece of kit if you want something cheap and cheerful that packs loads of effects into one box. Of course the quality of the effects is not quite what you would get if spend more money but overall very good. I was looking for a multi effects stomp box where I could easily locate the individual effects and control the parameters with pots just like on a single effect unit. I was doing this within a few minutes of getting it out of the box. If I have one minor niggle it would be that there is no explanation in the manual of what the parameters do to each effect (this would require an enormously long manual to be fair) but a little playing around and experimenting soon lets you find the sound you want so no problem. I would definitely recommend you get a power supply to go with this unit, overall it’s great and I’m surprised I was able to drag myself away from the guitar to write this review 🙂

  40. Scott Stein says:

     United Kingdom

    Amazing pedal for the price. The sounds Zoom have been able to pack in to this metal box are incredible. I’m still exploring the range of effects, and I can say that MS-50G is relatively simple to operate from scratch, because the controls are quite intuitive. Using the manual, which can be downloaded online, woud no doubt reveal more features than the obvious ones. The build quality is robust, battery usage seems OK, not excessive. All in all, a great pedal.

  41. eb_author says:


    Un ottimo multieffetto in un pedale compatto formato Boss. Suoni di buona fattura, non cos intuitivo al primo utilizzo, occorre giocarci un po, ma il risultato vale il tempo ed il denaro speso.
    Spedizione veloce, arrivato in tempi record.

  42. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Version 2.0 – 100 effects -will probably purchase a second one of these.
    Pity there isn’t an external footswitch connection for tap tempo use etc. as its useful to have pedal off the ground to be able to see the display and program options. Can select predefined patches via USB midi (undocumented feature) Consider the MS-70 if you don’t need distortion or amp modelling effects as there are more reverb/delay options…or get both

  43. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a brilliant little machine – 100 effects, a real multi-effect processor, in a single stompbox unit is revolutionary. And these are high quality effects – I set it next to a couple of dedicated chorus pedals and found I was able to get just as rich a sound out of the MS-50G. I plugged it into a terrible little amplifier and was able to pull out a nice full tone using the Zoom’s amp models. I didn’t think the factory pre-sets were very usable, though, they seem more designed to highlight some far-out effects than be something I’d actually want to play. The ability to upgrade the software via USB could come in handy if Zoom releases a new version. I would love it even more if I could control more with my foot (for example both cycle through a set list and toggle an effect, or attach an expression pedal) but I guess it would need another button and we’d no longer be talking about a single stompbox!

  44. GitaU81fpvxsym says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis pedal is incredible and I wont include for the money in this statement. It just sounds fab and realistic on all amp models and effect simulations. The ability to lift and insert any effect/model in any position in a chain of six is so useful and to hear the difference as you do it is a first as far as I am aware., Some reviewers have stated that there is a noise problem but this only occurs if you assemble effect chains in the wrong order. Always use AMP-NOISE FILT-DELAY/REVERB-MODULATION- DRIVE-COMP. The ease of use is intuitive and it will switch from patch to patch with ease. The display is clear and easy to read onstage .Only minus point is there is no headphone socket .Just buy it and be overjoyed the VOX amp sim sounds better than a real VOX.

  45. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I. really surprise with this little device, I is small in appearance but very powerful. I am very happy with the quality of sound comning from i

  46. AimeeEdmundlaTo says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersHaving partially retired from gigging I decided to sell all my BIG stuff. I wanted something that would still enable me to to occasional gigs – but that would fit into my guitar case. This is perfect for that.
    Sounds are really good and very versatile. If only I could have a few more facilities available via the footswitch it would be perfect. The footswitch can only be used to either cycle through presets or to turn on/off one of the effects in a chain.
    Overall it very good. The Tube Screamer is exactly the same as my 80’s Tube Screamer. As I use that all the time that’s a good start. Reverbs are OK, delays are very good. Love the compressors. Great choruses, Good noise gate. Effective pitch changer and harmoniser.
    Overall very good.

  47. LiliaBaerqyvcf says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersThis pedal is amazing. You get 100 effects for the price of one. There are 50 storage slots with 30 preset as examples. In each slot you can chain up to 5 effects. Its just like a pedal board but with 50 variations. The best thing is when you use over-driven tube distortion, it behaves like a valve amp; backing off the column cleans up the sound. How do they do that? There are lots of demos on YouTube. Check it out!

  48. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersAs a professional musician and teacher i can highly recommend this pedal to anyone looking for a great array of effects and amp models . I have several ZOOM products and i have come to trust the workmanship and quality without hesitation . i already have a fully loaded pedalboard but once i had a play around with this pedal i just had to have it . The light up display is genius in a single stompbox design , the effects are top notch , the amp models are great and it takes surprisingly little time to learn how to use all the functions . To top it all off its price is fantastic value for money and the metal casing will stand up to all sorts of musical use and abuse .
    Thank you ZOOM ! Youve done it again !

  49. MonroeELMxwwxss says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersThis is a useful bit of kit because:

    1). The effects sound pretty much as good as individual pedals (eg Boss) and are fully editable. The tuner is very good.

    2). Once you know how to use it, it’s very straightforward, flexible and user friendly in real (gig) terms. I confess that as a pre-digital old timer , I took a little while to figure it out and I can say that the best way to do this is to sit with it, stick in a jack to turn it on and then create some effect chains; Learn how to save them, shunt them around and assign them to the pedal etc. Later you can hook it up to a guitar and amp and tweak the parameters to your taste which is very quick and easy to do once you know your way round the device.

    3). This pedal enables your extended guitar sound to be independent of your amp which is important for several reasons: a) If you are buying an amp you can base your choice on the qualities of the amp rather than the onboard effects which almost certainly won’t be as comprehensive or as editable or as easy to use or to modify spontaneously as this pedal. b) if you use different amps or guitars for different situations or if you play in a variety of musical settings, this pedal will accommodate this and store all the sounds you use. c). You can still use your amp to adjust to any acoustic situation or make spontaneous changes to the primary guitar sound because it’s independent of the saved settings on the pedal unlike modelling amps, which tend to save amp parameters and effects as one sound. I like this flexibility.

    This is a well designed device that is clearly aimed to work live for guitarists who value playing more than faffing about with gadgets. The 6 band EQ is very useful and there’s a lot of scope for “special effects” which open up creative possibilities if tastefully deployed. I like the “Monopitch” either singly or in tandem. Set to+ 12, for instance, it sounds like you’re being shadowed by a soprano sax…

    Bearing in mind that 40 years ago all that this solitary pedal contains would have filled a large studio and been beyond the reach of amateurs and now it’s all available for under 80! The only thing it doesn’t do is play the instrument but maybe in 40 years time, who knows?

  50. TommieRupp says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’ve used multi-effects in the past, and generally I dislike them. The 50G seems more intuitive than previous effects I’ve used and more importantly saves what I’m doing. You can build your patch [i.e. Compressor -> EQ -> Tubescreamer -> Gate] and change parameters of each virtual pedal on the fly and move the pedals around the chain.

    I bought this because I needed an EQ and Noise Gate and this was cheaper than two MXR pedals and less cables, I haven’t seriously tested the amp simulations as this is going into a valve amp, but they appear as good as many pedal (rather than computer plug-in) simulations.

    I’m using this for recording rather than live and already I’m doing a fair bit of manually switching between my patches but you can cycle through them in order using the footswitch. A letter can be assigned to each patch so live the footswitch will cycle through them so you can have up to 26 patches in succession (Please, don’t. Prog Rock is not really coming back. Apart from Muse).

  51. Explica.co says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersYou can easily program a chain of up to six effects/amp simulators, you can organise a list of these in any order to match your setlist, you can power it from batteries or a USB power supply and it comes in a package the size of a single effects box at a very reasonable price. Haven’t gigged or recorded with it yet but incredibly good for practice. And unlike older digital multieffects distortion responds to playing intensity. Love it!