GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition – Includes HERO11 Black

GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition - Includes HERO11 Black

GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition – Includes HERO11 Black, Volta (Battery Grip, Tripod, Remote), Media Mod, Light Mod, Enduro Battery, and Carrying Case

Hero 11 Creator EditionGoProHigh-Res Photos + Videos, High Frame RateNew Night Effects1-Handed Control + RemoteWebcam + Live Streaming

All-Day Capture + Enduro Battery

The HERO11 Black Creator Edition combines HERO11 Black’s advanced Enduro battery with the power of the Volta grip to give you a total of 6620mAh of power. This lets you record 4 hours of 4K footage at 30 frames per second1—enough to capture a full day of video clips. The 1720mAh Enduro also dramatically improves camera performance in cold temperatures so you can power through ski, snowboard and other winter shots at lower temperatures than ever.

1-Handed Control + Remote

Integrated camera buttons on the grip give you easy one-handed control of your camera: power on and off, start and stop capture, and switching modes. You can even detach the camera from the grip and use the grip as a wireless remote to control your camera from up to 98ft (30m) away.

Enhanced Audio Capture

The HERO11 Black Creator Edition’s Media Mod features a standard 3.5mm mic port that lets you plug in an external microphone for improved audio in your videos. It also has its own built-in directional mic for enhanced voice capture with reduced ambient noise. Set the mic to prioritize audio coming from in front of the camera to capture interviews and performances, or behind the camera to add your commentary to everything happening in front of you. It also includes a removable foam mic cover that suppresses wind gusts up to 20 mph (32 kph).

Webcam + Live Streaming

Use the HERO11 Black as an ultra versatile webcam or live stream your next activity as you vlog with buttery HyperSmooth video stabilization and sharp resolution.

Dimensions: 24.4 x 19.7 x 10.6 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Model: CHDFB-111-EU
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: GoPro
Dimensions: 24.4 x 19.7 x 10.6 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Origin: China

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  1. MeghanIUPL says:

     United Kingdom

    So far I have been using this setup to film a variety of subjects, everything from family to client events and so far this hasn’t let me down. The camera provides a fantastic quality of footage, the grip is handy for controlling the camera in hand and I find it an invaluable tool in my kit bag for capturing all sorts of things. I love the fact the whole case with all the accessories fits into my backpack easily, I can now carry a powerful video tool everywhere I go, I just need to provide the action to capture!

  2. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersDerzeit die beste Actioncam mit den meisten Zubehr auf dem Markt.
    Je nach Verwendung mag es hier andere Urteile zugunsten einer anderen Cam geben.
    Einziger Kritikpunkt:
    Bei zu viel schwarzen Bereichen im Bild, sind auf den Videos bei gemischten Tageslicht z.B. bei Aufnahmen im Wald, sofort Rauschartefakte zu erkennen.
    Das wird sich aber bei der bei der kommenden GoPro12 wegen des deutlich greren Sensors erledigt haben.

  3. TamelaBallou says:


    All’inizio avevo dei dubbi ma ora sono contento. La go pro nuova e perfetta, inserita nel listino usato perch la scatola originale danneggiata per poco importa. Il prezzo che ho pagato molto conveniente. La go pro perfetta

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    1) Hero 11 Black
    The build quality is superb. There are too many settings to go into here, suffice to say that they cover picture quality, frame rate, slow motion, image stabilisation, scheduled recording, interval recording and much more.

    Key features are:
    – waterproof to 10 metres
    – video up to 5k at 60fps
    – excellent image stabilisation
    – voice control
    – GPS
    – remote control via Quik app (free)
    – front and back screens (the front screen can be configured to show the image being recorded, the current settings or nothing at all).

    Points to note: The waterproof door to the compartment containing the battery and micro-sd card slot is extremely difficult to open at first use, but becomes a little easier in use. The camera can become quite hot in long use, however it will cut out to protect itself if it becomes too hot. The source of the heat appears to be the battery. I ran it for 2 hours 52 minutes continuously using the Volta (see below) without a battery installed.

    (2) Media Mod
    This wraps round the GoPro and add front and back directional microphones, which have a removable foam wind baffle. On the outside of the casing are two cold shoes for holding accessories such as lights. The casing also has has connections for an external mic, usb c (for power or charging the GoPros battery) and a mini-hdmi output port for connecting to an external display (cable not included). There is a gap in the bottom of the casing which allows the fingers on the bottom of the GoPro to be extended. Finally the GoPro’s shutter and mode buttons are replicated on the Media Mod. Connecting the Media Mod adds extra items to the GoPro’s settings. Something that I haven’t seen mentioned in reviews and isn’t mentioned in the manuals is that connecting the Media Mod adds a microphone level display to the screen when recording video. NB the Media Mod is not waterproof. Full details of the use of the Media Mod can be found on the GoPro website.

    (3) Light Mod
    This is a light with 3 levels plus strobe. It is charged via USB C. It has a diffuser that can be added to give a warmer light. NB the Light Mod is not waterproof.

    (4) Volta
    This is a holding stick which opens out into a small tripod. It contains a large rechargeable battery which will power the GoPro for 2 hours and 52 minutes (my test) and can be used separately or in conjunction with the Enduro battery. It is charged via USB C and powers the GoPro via a tethered USB C lead. It can be used to control the GoPro either via the USB C connection or via Bluetooth. It has shutter and mode buttons. It has a three fingered connector on the top and a pop-out two finger connector on the side. It has a standard female screw connector on the bottom which can be attached to a tripod. It has a lanyard connected to the bottom. NB Volta is not waterproof.

    (5) Other Items
    There are a number of other items, which are included with one or other of the above when sold separately.
    an Enduro battery. This runs the GoPro for 1 hour 20 minutes (my test)
    two thumb screws two very short USB A to USB C leads
    a curved adhesive backed shoe
    two different three-fingered mounting buckles
    a USB C pass through door. This is required to allow an external USB C power source (e.g the Volta) to be connected.
    a 2-Finger to cold shoe adapter

    (6) A Case
    The case is semi-rigid with all the components stored on two tiers. One small point of criticism is the cardboard dividers.

    NOT Included:
    A micro-sd card. Recommended cards can be found on the GoPro website.
    A charger. Any standard charger can be used.
    Manuals, but they are all available online.

    The cost for the kit was 599. At the time of writing the cost of buying the components separately is 692.99.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Excelle

  5. Anonymous says:


    viel bessere qualitt als die 9er hero, wollte mir eigentlich keine mehr kaufen von gopro da alle im wenigen licht kein gutes bild mehr erzeugen und diesesmal bin ich sehr berrascht das es auch mit schlechtem licht mal klapt, bereue es nicht mir die 11er zugelegt zu haben. wichtig auch der batteriegriff der einfach toll ist!

  6. Anonymous says:


    Appena presa , arrivata in tempi brevissimi ed eccezionale come kit con il suo treppiedi che fa’ anche da batteria aggiuntiva ! Ottimo per i Vlog

  7. MathiasPNPF says:


    la quarta Gopro che compero su Amazon e devo dire che perfetta !!! Consegna super veloce e sicura!!!

  8. LaverneWAO says:


    Imagine quality: 10/10
    Versatility: 10/10
    Only one major problem is getting to hot !

  9. Bradfor6558 says:


    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersDie GoPro macht unglaubliche Aufnahmen und ist sehr bersichtlich und leicht zu bedienen. Der Akku ist nicht gerade berragend also, falls man einen Tag abgelegen unterwegs ist, sollte man sich einen Ersatz mitnehmen.
    Alles in allem bin ich aber mehr als zufrieden damit.

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