Riiai Carpet Trimmer with Shearing Guide, Carpet Shears

Riiai Carpet Trimmer with Shearing Guide

Riiai Carpet Trimmer with Shearing Guide, Carpet Shears Comes with 2 Blades, Low Noise Vibration Rug Trimmer, Carpet Carving Clippers for Sculpting Cut-Pile Rug Tufting

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I ordered a tufting gun after struggling with big punch needle. Initially I didn’t realise that you had to remove a small part on the gun to create the loop pile, but the seller was very responsive and showed me how to sort it out.

I can definitely recommend this gun-from a genuine rug maker and craftsperson! I have used it a little so far,so if anything changes I will update . But 10/10 from the seller 🙂 10/10 for the tufting gun so far!

Weight: 1.1 kg
Dimensions: 15 x 1 x 1.3 cm; 1.1 Kilograms
Brand: Riiai
Model: FOZSC5KUMZRZ95059N14G
Colour: Blue
Dimensions: 15 x 1 x 1.3 cm; 1.1 Kilograms

12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This arrives in carry case and has lots of accessories.I gifted this to my daughter who is very into crafts.She hasn’t made a rug as yet but tested out on old rug and she says so simple to use and control, it’s simple to add different guards and to control.She sheared patterns into rug and says leaves clean lines and given her so many ideas.Well made item that simple to use and be useful tool for any rug make

  2. KJIRubyewoskok says:

     United Kingdom

    This worked really well on my rug. My rig looks great again now.

  3. MarcosAguiar says:

     United Kingdom

    Can do really nice job with this one. Looks like is good quality and had no problem with it.

  4. KatrinaPennell says:

     United Kingdom

    Until I was offered this item on the Vine program, I didn’t know that a tool like this existed. I’m absolutely delighted with it. It comes in a very neat case, with full instructions and once I’ve really got to grips with it, I think it has enormous potential. I haven’t tried the sculpting feature which would give definition to pattern etc.

    It’s easy to assemble and very comfortable to hold and use. I thought it might feel cumbersome but it doesn’t. I have a couple of large rugs which are still in use after many years, but don’t look as fresh as they did when new. They’re not easy to clean, but I took a risk and used this gadget on one of them to slake off the top pike. The difference was amazing. It cut very cleanly and the rug is completely refreshed, with plenty of pike left. It’s given it a new lease of life and is a very inexpensive way to renew.

    I don’t know the price as the item is currently unavailable. But it’s well made, built to last and I’m confident it’s good value. Happy to recommend.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Useful not just for run makers for designing texture and detail, but also works well trimming rugs that have pulls or are looking a little tatty. I used it to reduce the height of the pile on one of my rugs as it traps so much dust and crumbs. It worked well leaving me with a rug that looked new.
    Come with everything you require in a carry case.
    The guide is really useful for keeping all the pile at the correct length. Speed can be varied by turning the dial.
    Great little kit that works very well

    5.0 out of 5 stars Carpet trimming shears

  6. MayHyamxwee says:

     United Kingdom

    After having ordered a few useless handheld vacuums from third parties on Amazon I was very weary placing this order. Luckily, this one is a pleasant exception.

    Of course, you won’t be requiring one of these if your carpets do not have pile or you don’t work in cleaning. But this is a handy thing to have if you want to give your rug a shave. You will need to comb a sheepskin rug in advance, for instance, but it does the job and I am really happy with it.

    Works a Trea

  7. Sterling Anton says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality and well made product, esay to use and lighter than I thought, works perfectly for for small or medium rugs, the resort is great, good tools for rug makers, I’m really happy with i

  8. Charisa says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve been using this on my rug to keep it neat and tidy and so far it’s doing a great job, even my neighbour has mentioned how neat my rug looks, it’s well-built and comes with a frame/jig that keeps it on the correct angle for neat rug trimming every time, I no longer have to worry about my dogs nail pulling bits of my rug up.

  9. DarcyYates says:

     United Kingdom

    Riiai Carpet Trimmer with Shearing Guide

    I have been following someone on Instagram for the past couple of years who makes the most wonderful animal and dragon head pieces and thought it would be really run to give it a go myself. The fabric needs to be shaved and sculpted before being airbrushed. It wasn’t until I was offered the chance to review these sculpting trimmers that I thought it possible due to the cost, especially if I didn’t enjoy making them.

    The trimmers come in a well packed carry case and everything you need to get started is included (expect a small amount of lubricant in the bottle supplied). Luckily I have lubricant in my supply of miscellaneous crafting bits so I was ready to go. The shears themselves are vey good quality and have a lovely wooden handle and easy grip section.

    The shears glide through my fur fabric like a dream. They are very quiet when running and there is very little vibration in the handle. I only had very short pile fabric to test them out on but they are very easy to use and control. There was no problem negotiating the stuck on fabric stars.

    I am very happy with these shears and will recommend to anyone. Time to get some long haired fabric!

    everything you need to get you started

  10. nowens says:

     United Kingdom

    This versatile toollets you add dimension, give excellent detail to lettering, and shapes beautifully around corners and edges.
    It makes it simple to clean up stray wool strands, and it will save you loads of time.

    It has an adjustable dial which lets you easily control speed, while the wood and rubber handle gives a comfortable grip especially during extended use.

    I didn’t experience any overheating even though it was running for quite some time.

    I definitely found the acrylic shearing guide accessory helpful.
    It moves around the rug smoothly, it’s easy to see through it so you know where you’re sheering, and it flattens the pile in a uniform manner.

    It’s easy to hold the tool at a 45 degree angle when you are carving around blocks of colour, edges or adding detail.

    It comes in a robust carry case with an additional set of blades, combs, cleaning brush and acrylic shearing guide.
    It has a UK plug and 3M cable.

    The oil is no longer included and should be purchased separately. The bottle is supplied though.

    It’s perfect for small to medium rugs and suitable for both acrylic and wool blends.

    It is an essential tool for handmade rug makers, and would benefit beginners and those who are more experienced alike.

    In my opinion it is very well made, good value for money and effective.

    I hope you find my review helpful.

    Fantastic tool that doesn’t overheat and is well made.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It does a great job of trimming my carpet, seems quite powerful no issues getting through, easy operation just push the button, easy to trim the edges, essential tool for my rug hobby!

  12. Urban Jeff says:

     United Kingdom

    Clipper arrived. Its pretty good.
    Not to heavy and it has a button to control the speed.

    Iwill use it to clip my sheepskins for the lining of my collars I make and sell.
    I’d give it five***** stars as it dose the job!

    Lighter than I Thought It Would Be