2 Pack iPhone Charging Cable 2 M, Nylon USB A to Lightning

2 Pack iPhone Charging Cable 2 M

2 Pack iPhone Charging Cable 2 M, Nylon USB A to Lightning Cable Long Fast Charging Cable Compatible with Apple iPhone14 13 12 11 Pro Max Xs Xr X 8 7 6 Plus SE (2M)


Weight: 90 g
Size: 2M
Dimensions: 19.8 x 15.7 x 1.3 cm; 90 Grams
Part: 2M-SI
Colour: Silver
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: ULIFTUS
Dimensions: 19.8 x 15.7 x 1.3 cm; 90 Grams
Reference: 2M-SI
Size: 2M

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  1. Anonymous says:


    For the price, we are very impressed with how long they have lasted and the high-quality. I highly recommend them for those looking to save a little bit of space in their drawer with all the cables.

  2. Adrian Willings says:


    These cords are the best if you own a charging base it’s the perfect length to charge your devices. The quality is made of a tough material where they won’t break as easily as most charging cords we get. There’s no cords dangling on the floor where you may trip on. Especially if you’re as clumsy as I am. lol.

  3. Anonymous says:


    The cable length is 6″, so not a lot of play room while the phone is charging.
    But for my purpose of using it on a charge station, it serves it’s purpose.
    The cable seems quite durable so far and seems to charge iPhones quite fast.
    I see that it advertises that it’s good for power banks too, it’s not my intended use, but I see how it can be useful if you’re trying to charge your device while on the go.

    The listed 12-month warranty and lifetime tech support is a good piece of mind that I’m hoping will not be needed.

    It's good if you're using it for a charge statio

  4. CNET.com Staff says:

     United States

    I bought it for power bank use. the cord tend to be very long and I don’t like to carry a long cord outside. this solve my problem and it is pretty durability. buy it if you are looking for a power bank cord. it works!

  5. Anonymous says:


    Die Kabel kommen in einem Plastikbeutel verpackt.
    Sie werden von meinem iPhone erkannt und laden auch schnell und stecken fest im Gert.
    Fr aktuell 9,99 erscheinen die Kabel ziemlich wertig. Nicht zuletzt wegen dem Nylonmantel haben die Kabel eine gute Haptik und machen auch optisch etwas her.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our Users6 inch iPhone Charge Cable Short, 0.5ft 5Pack USB to Lightning Cord

    I bought my first package of 6 on June 7, 2022, my 2nd package of 6 November 23, 2022 and am buying my 3rd package of 6 today (July 20, 2023). This means my 1st package lasted 153 days, and my 2nd, 242days.
    So each cable in the first batch lasted an average of 25.5 days and each cable in the 2nd batch averaged 40.33 days for a total average of 32.915 days. These 3 purchases were about $10 each. About a month a cable. This works out to about $1.66 per month to have a USB charging cable. I use my cables every day in my pocket to recharge my iPhone with an external battery packet. For comparison prior to buying these I was buying “SCOSCHE I3CS ClipSync MFi Certified Lightning to USB Clip-On Charge & Sync Cable Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Lightning Devices – 3. Inch –” for about $13 which lasted about 3 month each. This works out to about $4.33/month for a charging cable. So for the ULIFTUS cables they only last about 1/3 as long as the SCOSCHE ones but the SCOSCHE ones cost about 260% more per month. So do you want to change your cables 1/3 as often (buy SCOSCHE) or pay 38% as much per month (buy ULIFTUS)?

  7. Anonymous says:


    Die Kabel sind gut verarbeitet, machen einen stabilen Eindruck mit Metallgehuse an beiden Steckern und Knickschutz am bergang zum Kabel.
    Das Schnellladen mit 5V 2,4A funktioniert problemlos und die Lnge betrgt 2m wie angegeben. Zur langfristigen Haltbarkeit, kann ich aktuell noch nicht viel sagen. Bisher sind wir zufrieden, insofern ohne Einschrnkung empfehlenswert.

    Gute hochwertige Nylon USB A auf Lightning Kabel