ABLEWE USB to HDMI Adapter, 2023 Upgraded Aluminum HDMI


ABLEWE USB to HDMI Adapter, 2023 Upgraded Aluminum HDMI to USB Audio Video Converter for PC Laptop Projector HDTV,Support Mac OS,Windows 10/8.1/8/7,Chrome OS(Not Support Linux)

ABLEWE logoupgraded usb to hdmi adapterthe usb to hdmi adapter is supposed to commercial office,teaching, home theater and gamesaluminium materialthe usb 3.0 port of the adapter to be connected to the usb 3.0 interface of the laptop
Upgraded USB to HDMI

This converter can connect a PC or laptop with a USB 3.0 / 2.0 port to an HDTV with the HDMI port. You can view pictures and movies with your family or friends on the big screen for a better visual experience.

Multiple Displays

Connect multiple USB 3.0 display adapters to your computer to expand your screen space by up to six additional 1920x1080displays.

Compact and Portable

Easily stows in any backpack or laptop bag, taking up roughly the same space as a pack of playing cards, no external power adapter needed.

Features & Specifications

  • Support PC Laptop Projector HDTV
  • Enjoy a large screen on TV or Projector
  • 3 extra monitors makes work more efficient
  • Screen roration:The screen can be rorated to your needs
  • Image and video synchronization to provide visual enjoyment

23 Responses

  1. WillRoussel says:

     United Kingdom

    Though my HP Envy 17 Notebook PC is now 9 years old, it does have several USB 3 ports. It started out in 2014 with an outstanding spec & I have done some updates, such as replacing one of the original 1TB HDDs with a 1TB SSD. I aim to keep it running my Envy 17 notebook for a while yet. However, to drive my new (circa 40) 1080p projector, I needed an HDMI audio/video output, so ordered this ABLEWE USB to HDMI Adapter, which I can feed from one of my notebook PC’s USB 3 ports.

    I am still running Windows 10 but this adaptor worked plug&play, enabling me to supply an HDMI feed to my projector, or to other devices.

    So far I have only tested it with my projector, projecting MS Office files & still images during cycling expedition planning meetings with my friends, showing planned ferry crossings, cycling routes, accommodation bookings, etc. The adaptor worked perfectly. I have yet to try projecting a video or a film. Any deficiencies of the projected images are more likely to be down to the projector, rather than this adaptor.

    So, if your device has a USB 3 port & you need an HDMI port, this adaptor should enable you to achieve what you are seeking. It will work for USB 2 as well, though bear in mind USB 2’s speed limitations.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    “Long Story Short”

    Comes in branded box
    It is small but powerful device
    It is plug and play so no need for any extra software
    Solid metal body with lightweight design
    Perfect picture quality
    Very pocket friendly
    Great quality and premium finish

    Value for money 10 out f 10

  3. Christine McKee says:

     United Kingdom

    If your device doesn’t have an HDMI port but has a USB A port you can use, then this is a great way to turn it into an HDMI output! This doesn’t use internal processing and instead has a chip built in. This means that you can connect 6 of these to your device without any performance issues, and you can also even use it on a computer without a discrete or built in GPU! Excellent performance and good output, would recommend!

  4. James Buckroyd says:

     United Kingdom

    This adapter is aimed at people with older laptops that don’t have a USB-C port that supports display outputs. It’s essentially like an external graphics card, so you can output display to an HDMI TV or monitor. The maximum resolution of 1080P at 60Hz should be fine for most productivity purposes.

    Installation is a breeze on PC. Just plug it in and drivers automatically begin to install. Note that using this adapter does seem to cause a small increase to your CPU load when there are moving images.

    The price seems a little high, but it’s a good quality product that seems reliable.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This seems to work on my USB 2.0 and 3.0, so that is great.
    Setup was quick and I left my computer to detect and install drivers.

    Picture quality seems fine and I am quite happy with what I am looking at, it is just for a basic laptop to an older HDMI screen. This has saved up upgrading the old laptop for a while, it does what I need and if I need to I throw it into the laptop bag without any problems it is running again on the other end.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The first thing to say is if you can avoid using this device, you probably should. Putting the video signal over a USB link involves compromises – if you can use a displayport to HDMI (potentially from a USB C or Thunderbolt port) then you should do that instead. DVI to HDMI might also be an option on older computers (but might lack audio).

    With all that said, I was very pleasantly surprised by this adapter. On windows it is completely plug and play – within moments of connecting it I had picture on the HDMI display.

    It exceeded my expectations immediately as it offered WQHD resolution (2560×1440) at 50hz, better than the promised maximum of 1920×1080 (which it supports at 60, 50, 30 and 24hz). At the low end it goes all the way down to 720×576, which might be useful for some projects.

    Video and sound quality were completely fine- video was smooth, sound was crystal clear. Colour was perhaps a little off but perfectly acceptable – within a minute or two I’d forgotten I was using it and was able to work as normal.

    Looking in task manager you can see the CPU load being generated as it converts for the format the adapter requires – for static display this is minimal but watching full screen video it hovered around 10% of CPU on my i5 10500 desktop – this is low enough that it’s unlikely to be a concern for most, but if you are planning to use it with an old laptop then it might make the fan spin up a bit more and make things run that bit slower.

    I popped the adapter in my Mac Mini M1 and thing weren’t quite as smooth – I did have to download and install the Synaptics Displaylink driver, then enable the slightly worrying sounding “enable screen capture” permission – rest assured that synaptics are a reputable company of long standing!

    Mostly the mac performed just as well as it had on Windows, although there was a bit more judder visible watching full screen video.

    I tried the adapter on my android phone via another adapter, and having installed the displaylink software once again things were largely fine – anyone hoping to watch video on a hotel TV may be slightly disappointed though as Netflix gave a black screen, falling foul of some kind of copy protection – Plex was fine though.

    For a final test I plugged the adapter into my Windows laptop and home cinema setup in the lounge, where I was happy to discover that it does support 5.1 audio along with the expected stereo. Both modes are locked at 16 bit 48khz and bitstreaming dolby digital etc doesn’t appear to be supported.

    All told, if you need another HDMI port for your device, and don’t have another way to do it, buy this – you are unlikely to be disappointed..

  7. TishaT98uexng says:

     United Kingdom

    This HDMI adapter works great. I wanted to attach a second monitor to my work laptop but it only has a single HDMI port. The USB-C port on it unfortunately doesn’t support video. This adapter has worked brilliantly. It only supports 1080p which may be an issue for some but my extra monitor is 1080p so no problem. It just plugs into a regular USB port allowing you to use it to connect a monitor. Build quality feels great so I’m hoping it’ll last a long time.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    When I saw the CD I remembered the old days when everything came with a CD with its drivers, it was a bit nostalgic, to be honest.
    Anyway, it is a plug-and-play for most devices but if you need you can download the driver from the page that is written in the instructions or play the CD.
    I did my research about the company because you are supposed to download an .exe file to run and this is something I don’t take lightly nor do I do easily to anything.

    The company is more than legit and serious and there are no mentions of malicious trojans or anything bad to their exe’s and products.

    It did the job I wanted and had clear instructions and help. The image was as expected considering it was adapted to an old device.
    Worth the money and is cheaper than buying new device

  9. WilheminaBollin says:

     United Kingdom

    Connecting my computer to a bigger screen became so much easier. The adapter was truly plug-and-play, setting itself up in no time. I was genuinely pleased with the video resolution, making my presentations appear crisp on larger displays. The adapter’s build – both the chip and the aluminium exterior – felt premium and durable. The high-speed transmission ensured smooth video playback, without any lag or interruptions.

  10. Stephanie Valera says:

     United Kingdom

    Connecting my computer to an HDTV has never been simpler. This adapter provided a seamless experience and the video resolution on the display was commendable. Installation was intuitive with the drivers popping up, and following the prompts led to an easy setup. The dual functionality of mirroring and extending the screen was especially beneficial during presentations and leisure viewing. For those seeking a reliable connection solution, this might be it.

  11. IngeAJRXuwb says:

     United Kingdom

    USB to HDMI converter – Grey

    Unusual to get a CD with drivers on it, but this USB to HDMI converter is aimed at older single (or non) HDMI equipped hardware. Depending on model it may well be plug and play, but having access to drivers is helpful. It does only support 1080P, but again if it delays an upgrade of laptop that is acceptable.

    Its well made, supports USB 2.0 and 3.0 and a good option if you can’t use a USB-C hub.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Allows more life from aging hardware - well buil

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is of high quality and in addition, it looks beautiful due to its elegant design and fine finish enhanced by lovely blue.

    It’s compact and easy to install. Need to install driver via download or from the mini disc. Not an issue, as for some cheap development, it’s plug and play, but for this ALLEWE, I suspect it has something to do with the premium chip inside.

    Once installed, it’s plug and play. The image quality is amazing and stable. Note however, 1920x1080p may not be perfect if you have a big screen. The 60Hz refresh rate is for normal use, and may not be good for your game.

    This is in particular great for old computers equipped with only USB A.

    Not cheap to be honest, but worth the money if you want a quality USB A to HGML gadget.

  13. Stephan6332 says:

     United Kingdom

    So it does seem to have both 2.0 and 3.0 support, sort of. It seems like the more funny devices that tend to have proprietary display connection types, such as earlier surface pros don’t like this cable (unfortunately the only reason why I bothered ordering it!) If anyone thinks of any kind of fix let me know, but it seems like this will mostly work on devices with a pre-existing hdmi port which is a bit of a shame.

    However it does work, and the picture appeared to be the same as if it was directly connected, which is good. Tested on both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports.

  14. Phil Nickinson says:

     United Kingdom

    I am used to these devices being plug and play and so it felt strange to have to download a driver which is required.

    There eis a CD ROM included, but many computers now do now have CD drives, so the driver can be downloaded.

    This is a bit of a pain.

    That said, this is a very well made device, and it does work well.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfec

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    If you only have one hdmi port in your laptop, and you have 2 external screens and want your laptop screen extended onto both externals, then GET THIS.

    This works perfectly for me – yes you will need an HDMI cable but its straightforward to set up. 4 stars because for what it is, its quite expensive compared to competitors I’ve seen.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    USB to HDMI Adapter

    I mirrored my monitor from my Mac with no issues. I also observed no issues with transferring data or with a lack of HDMI quality.
    The converter is made from aluminium and appears to be quite sturdy. The lead and connectors were fine and showed no adverse risks from wear and tear.
    This converter is good quality and made well, but it only has one port, so compared to a hub, it’s limited to single-use.

    Note: the converter is not compatible with some operating systems, so check the seller’s details.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The USB to HDMI Adapter has been a game-changer in my workspace, allowing me to effortlessly connect my PC and laptop to external displays and projectors. This upgraded adapter’s versatile performance, simple setup, and compatibility with multiple operating systems have made it an essential addition to my tech setup.

    First and foremost, the build quality of this adapter is top-notch. The aluminum construction not only gives it a sleek and modern look but also ensures durability and longevity. I feel confident that it can withstand the rigors of daily use.

    Setting up the adapter was a breeze. With plug-and-play functionality, I was able to connect it to my PC and laptop without any hassle. The adapter is powered by USB, so no external power source or drivers were required.

    The HDMI output delivers crisp and clear audio and video, making it ideal for presentations, streaming multimedia content, or extending my desktop to a larger display. The compatibility with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports ensures it works seamlessly with various devices.

    I’ve used this adapter with both Windows and Mac OS systems, and it works flawlessly on both. The support for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Mac OS, and Chrome OS provides great versatility, allowing me to connect it to multiple devices without any issues.

    One aspect worth noting is that the adapter does not support Linux systems. While this might be a limitation for some users, it hasn’t been an issue for me personally, as I primarily use Windows and Mac devices.

    The compact and portable design is another advantage. It easily fits into my laptop bag or pocket, making it a convenient accessory for business trips or presentations on the go.

    Additionally, the adapter’s performance has been reliable, without any noticeable lags or screen flickering during use.

    In conclusion, the USB to HDMI Adapter is a reliable and versatile accessory that has significantly improved my workspace setup. Its seamless connectivity, compatibility with multiple operating systems, and robust build quality make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a simple and effective solution for connecting their PC or laptop to external displays and projectors. While Linux users might need to explore other options, this adapter has exceeded my expectations and has become an indispensable part of my tech accessories. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a high-quality USB to HDMI converter for their daily computing needs.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Downloaded drivers from website as instructed, but once the .exe file opened there didn’t seem to be an app or icon available on the laptop taskbar . However in the end the downloaded app didn’t seem to be needed as I was able to set it up within the Windows display settings to show the laptop screen on the TV.
    This enables you to extend the laptop screen to the TV so that you could work on your laptop screen whilst a different program or webpage or powerpoint presentation is on the other screen . You can transfer working from one screen to another by dragging the cursor to the left or right of the screen .
    Useful if doing presentations to an audience . Alternatively if your TV isn’t a Smart TV you can use the laptops/computers capabilities to access the internet etc. and watch on the TV screen.
    Would also be useful if your laptop didn’t have an HDMI socket as this unit plugs into a USB slot .
    It may be my Windows10 laptop or my TV but I couldn’t get it to mirror the laptop screen on the TV at the same time i.e. what’s showing on laptop screen is duplicated directly on the TV.
    Sound was good and no lagging at all .
    Works very well after initial download teething problems but perhaps a tad expensive , though justified if it works better than cheaper alternatives .

  19. ParthenZsf says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy installation, the upgrade makes life a lot easy for those of us on iMacs. The adapter itself is definately good quality, an aluminium shell and looks great. The price is step as its just coming on the market, as more manufacturers and suppliers follow this lead, which they will in a matter of weeks the price shall drop significantly.
    However, if you can’t wait and in the present market this is a good price.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great product for creating an additional HDMI port on your machine. It’s simple and easy to install and works well. I recommend using it on a USB 3.0 port instead of a 2.0 port.

    My only issue with the adapter is the price. It’s very expensive and there are cheaper alternatives.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    At 49.99, at the time of writing,
    This :

    ABLEWE USB to HDMI Adapter, 2023 Upgraded Aluminum USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI Audio Video Converter for PC Laptop Projector HDTV,Support Mac OS,Windows 10/8.1/8/7,Chrome OS(Not Support Linux)

    Is a well made, well designed bit of HDMI kit.

    Why you would buy it is a bit of a mystery to me.
    Why would you spend the best part of fifty pounds on a single use adapter, when you could spend the same amount of money and get a hub with many, many more ports, such as another HDMI port, a few USB3.0 ports, a couple of USB2.0 ports, A USB-C PD 100W port, and possibly even more ports, all for the same price?
    This single use adapter, while it is undoubtably well made, and fit for purpose, is by design, a single use adapter.
    With just one port, and one use.
    And that is it’s biggest strength, and it’s biggest weakness.
    Personally, I wouldn’t buy this.
    I would spend my hard earned fifty pounds on a hub that would allow me to expand my laptop’s bag of tricks, and allow it to be expanded in many ways, and not just one way.
    I would buy a 12 in 1, or possibly even more ports, hub, that would allow me to use my laptop in may other ways.

    This adapter is very good.
    And if you only want to expand your laptop in one way, then perhaps this is the ideal adapter for you.
    It wouldn’t be for me.
    I just wouldn’t be able to pay that amount for a single use adapter, when there are so many other hubs that offer a much greater expansion potential.

    So it is not for me.
    I can still recommend it, as it does it’s job beautifully.
    I just would not buy it myself.
    It lacks versatility, and it lacks value for money.

    I hope you enjoyed our time together .
    Thank you for reading my review .

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This USB to HDMI adapter is ideal for presenting to a bigger screen, whether for work or video as it supports 1080P@60Hz, which gives a crisp and image.

    It also supports audio, which is clear and has been stable so far.

    The casing is made of metal, which feels strong and sturdy, so I’d expect it to stand up to a knock or two and allow you to throw it in a backpack without worry.

    All in all, it’s a good adapter, but expensive for what it is at 49.99, which was the price at time of writing.

    4.0 out of 5 stars A good but expensive adapter.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I would say the first thing out of the box is this can be used with USB 3.0 and 2.0 but I would recommend using it with 3.0. I have tried it on 2.0 and it has a lag time in between movement and what is shown in the screen. I guess there is not enough speed for a usb 2.0 to handle. This works great for those surface pros that only have one USB ports. I can actually connect these to two different screens along with my display port. The cable is short and really only meant for laptops in my opinion since many laptops nowadays only have USB 3.0 or mini displayport or type c. That being said, this works great for if you are trying to hook this up to to a new monitor or a new TV. It also allowed me to have an extra display for my gaming laptop that only has 1 HDMI port that I can use to plug this laptop into. The cable itself is pretty sturdy so you do not have to worry too much about the neck getting frayed. You can easily bend and store if needed. The HDMI female port does a good job staying connected so it does not be easily disconnected. I would say it works great up to 1080P and i do not see any heating issues from what I can tell. Be aware this still relays on the ability of the onboard graphics so if your graphic card is not very strong you will not get a very good quality. The device does not come with any HDMI cable. It does not require any external power and is pretty light weight so you can put it say in your laptop bag. Another thing I would say about this product is that the picture quality is good and there is no lag when you use USB 3.0/3.1. No drivers are need from what I can tell to get this to work as it will auto install via windows 7,8,10. Overall I think this is a great product to have if you are looking for a decent expansion for your laptop or even desktop. It does not transmit sound so be aware of that and it does take up a USB port so for my surface pro I had to utilize a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.