AlvaQ Sweatpants Mens Casual Cotton Mens Joggers Tracksuit

AlvaQ Sweatpants Mens Casual Cotton Mens Joggers Tracksuit Bottoms Men with Loose fit Gym Running Workout Pants S-XXL

AlvaQ Sweatpants Mens Casual Cotton Mens Joggers Tracksuit Bottoms Men with Loose fit Gym Running Workout Pants S-XXL

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9 Responses

  1. Tomas Malloy says:

     United Kingdom

    They look alright but they’re very thin, more like lounge pants/pyjama bottoms to be honest. I only bought them for kicking around at home in so I’m not unhappy but they’re probably not something I’d wear out or to the gym …. especially not on a cold day 😉

  2. Jamie Stubbs says:

     United Kingdom

    Colour is not dark warm green as in photos, what i expected, but rather dark cool forest green. Still i love this colour which is great for me.
    Usually i buy size M but this time i bought size S and they are still bit loose on hips but not too much
    Additionally on the label it says Cold hand wash, but some washing machines have that option.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good looking

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are very comfortable tracksuit pants, but they are very lightweight. The material is a lot thinner than tracksuit pants typically are, but that could be a good thing if you want to wear them during the warmer months.

    These pants fit as expected, neither tight nor loose. The color is a very nice shade of blue, but the decal on the pocket will most likely start peeling off after a few washes.

    My partner said these pants are ideal for wearing to the gym, because they are lightweight and comfortable. He likes wearing them for lounging around as well.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable Lightweight Tracksuit Pants

  4. Jaclyn DeJohn says:

     United Kingdom

    As these are a little thinner than normal jogging bottoms they are maybe better suited for around the house at this time of year. In the summer they would actually be great as this lack of thickness will allow better airflow to keep you a bit cooler.

    Where fitment and comfort is concerned – 5 stars any day of the week.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This jogger looks like a very basic jogger with standard fit. The material is thinner than I expected and the print in mediocre finish.
    The cuffs looks great and durable the elastic seems to be fine and not so loose or light.
    The colour is as I expected.
    Overall quality seems okay but the pricing is a bit on higher side than many other similar products available in the market.

  6. MiloP45cfn says:

     United Kingdom

    These sweatpants fitted me well, I have a 35″ waist and large was big enough to be comfortable. They were good to wear however they were thinner material than I expected so not as warm as could be in the winter.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable but thi

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My son has just gone into a size ‘small mens’ and these are definitely a loose fit, although the drawstring enables you to tighten them, the leg area is definitely a bit ‘waffy’ (as we call it). He likes his joggers not tight but well fitting and so he can feel them around his legs-type fitted. These are not that. They are very loose and airy, lots of space around his leg (he is very petite slim though), and whilst they would be okay for him to sit around indoors in, he wont wear them outside.

    The material is thinner than jogger material, this gives a bit of a pyjama feel to them (in our opinion) but you would never know just by looking at them, its only when you feel them you realise they arent as thick as a regular jogger.

    Overall they are okay if you like a very loose leg, very relaxed look, and overheat a lot lol.

    Although my teen son is not keen, i (being a larger lady) may actually find this type fitting helpful, my larger areas are legs and butt, so i guess a person who weight trains, maybe all about the leg-day type person, would maybe find these very comfortable and also would create a totally different look to how they look on my son, If you have the leg to fill them they could look quite great.
    The length is as you would expect, My son measures about 5’4 and a ‘small’ was a tad long on him but about what you would expect on a more average height person.
    As i said, i think i might find the style comfortable, and also as i suffer in the heat they would most likely be ideal (thinking about it) i may just order a pair for myself lol.
    It would actually be handy to have a item with a waist in a more regular size but with a bit more room in the butt and leg area..

    As you can ‘read’, i am in two minds about them. They are well stitched and i see no faults of any kind, having not washed them as yet i cant say how well they wash-up, but overall depending on your build or if you work out a lot and dont like a thick jogger, then you would most likely love these.
    They certainly dont look bad, just were not my teen sons style.
    Apologies for the rambling review. Trying to explain from two different points of view, would be more helpful..

    For the price at the time of this review i would more recommend than not.

  8. LashundaBills says:

     United Kingdom

    These are actually well made and a nice material. They have a little stretch in them. They are a relaxed fit around the top although they do have a slight taper to the leg so not wide bottoms which is a plus point. They sort of hang on you from the waist down, baggy around the bottom and crotch area. Probably better suited to someone older who needs the stretch/comfort loose fit a bit more than me (the now anyway). To sum them up, they are great quality, warm, comfy and zipped pockets (shallow) . Although great for wearing indoors etc.

  9. Darcy38Dppv says:

     United Kingdom

    I think the main benefit of these is comfort. The design is a little basic and the fit is quite relaxed. I’m a skinny guy and I opted to get the extra small ones, this was still quite a baggy pair, but beyond comfortable. Seam construction is that of higher quality brands and results in a flattering and comfortable design.

    Fabric is soft and lightweight but still feels strong. Pockets zip, which is a huge must, and the waist and ankle elastic are secure without being overly snug. I’m a slim 6ft “11 stone guy and they are baggier than I expected. I was hoping for a more fitted cut but all in all I can’t complain.

    The material is fairly stretchy (but without looking sloppy). I can squat or lunge with no problem in them without fear of stressing the fabric or stitching which can’t be said for many workout pants I try. All in all, if you like a relaxed fit I would suggest getting a smaller size than your actual size to ensure this. Highly recommend.

    Hope this review helps someone.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Basic But Comfortable