Bigfish Universal Travel Adapter with USB C PD 65W Fast

Bigfish Universal Travel Adapter with USB C PD 65W Fast Charging

Bigfish Universal Travel Adapter with USB C PD 65W Fast Charging, Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter with 2 USB A and 2 USB C, Dual 10A Fuses All In One International Travel Adapter – EU UK US AUS Plugs

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14 Responses

  1. jeroxie says:

     United Kingdom

    This travel adaptor is very nicely designed and built to cater not only for 4 different continent inputs (UK, US, AUS, EUR) but will also convert any of the inputs into a range of outputs (UK, US, AUS, EUR)

    This works really well and is very easy – everything is self contained and very robust… we have tried UK, US, and EUR so far and it couldn’t be simpler.

    What’s more is you get some good, functional standard USB ports too – 4 in total, 2 USB A and 2 x USB C. These ports deliver reasonable charge power, but are not fast charging it seems.

    Overall, this single device could replace 2 or three other bulky items you’d take travelling, so is a great travel accessory.

    Totally recommended – I’ve used mine now in various UK and EUR trips, and my wife took it to the USA also.

  2. Linwood8230 says:

     United Kingdom

    It is everything you could possibly need to charge your devices while traveling in one small compact block.

    I have yet to test it out properly but can see it being very useful for traveling from place to place so I do not have to carry multiple different travel adapters around with me.

    Great idea, don’t know how I haven’t found this sooner.

  3. Lara Hodgson says:

     United Kingdom

    Really useful travel product. Combination of USB / plugs and USB-C is super helpful and all of them work well. Build quality is excellent and looks good too. Used on a recent trip to Sri Lanka trip with no bother at all. Highly recommended

  4. [email protected] Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love it. The fact it has 2 fast charging USB C ports and two USB A ports as well as being a universal adapter is brilliant. That it has a perfectly sized carry case to protect it in transit is great too.

  5. RosalieBarringt says:

     United Kingdom

    Bigfish Universal Travel Adapter with USB C PD 35W Fast Charging, Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter with 2 USB A and 3 USB C, Dual 10A Fuses All In One International Travel Adapter – EU UK US AUS Plugs
    So it seems pricey but its so worth it! Recently been abroad with my two kids and we all have a device that needs to charge and with the multiple options it was made easy to keep all devices In one area 2 of us used the USB uption and the other plug in option! The fact that you can use this plug weather your going to Spain or USA is brillia

  6. Che Zuro says:

     United Kingdom

    Has multiple USB sockets (A & C), compact size, but the best thing for me is that I can plug my laptop USB C cable straight in to it and it powers the laptop without having to have the plug as well

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This travel adapter is one of the best I’ve ever had. The material is good and resistant, and the different attachments are all high quality and sturdy.
    The adapter side helped me with one of the infamous Italian plugs that usually don’t fit anywhere! All the other travel adapters are usually too wonky to hold them up as they are made of wonky plastic or the plugs are too heavy.
    It has a very beautiful cover/little bag, very professional adapter and definetly my favorite for every situation. Had no problem on three countries and different places (hotel, airports, etc)

    5.0 out of 5 stars The bes

  8. GaryWildejbwjdl says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great travel adaptor, well built but with the added bonus of a decent charger, powerful enough to charge my Mac book pro as well as phones. Also handy that will work in a UK plug as well as abroad, so well worth it for a good bit of kit.

  9. YSZVeolahx says:

     United Kingdom

    Received this travel plug and tested it on a recent trip to France.
    The plus has 3 sliding pins on the side and is clearly marked with the countries applicable.
    This saves you the bother of trying to remember which plug is for what country.

    Given its size (due to the different formats) this can look and feel a little bulky on the wall but is a good addition to your travel case.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great addition for your travel bag

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m currently working in Brazil and this adapter is doing a sterling job for me. It’s now a common design making it hard to choose a product. This one has all the usual suspects but with the added bonus of the PD USB charging. The only thing that I am knocking a star off for is that for some reason when I charge my phone with this adapter, the phone (Pixel 7 Pro) doesn’t respond as it normally does. It’s fine with other chargers so that rules out the phone. It still charges it well though.
    10A rated with access to the fuse and a spare.

  11. Maria Santoferraro says:

     United Kingdom

    This arrived in a small branded box with a picture of the travel adapter on the front, and a breakdown of product specifications on the back. Once opened the main unit is within a black zip top case, with a small product overview leaflet on the top.

    The product overview leaflet is quite detailed, with compatible outlets it can be used with, intrusions on usage, and 2-pole unearthed devices, which means any devices that require a third pin ground should not be used.

    First impressions: the main sliders for plug type selection are nice, smooth, and easily switchable. The finish of the casing is patterned, and helps with grip for removing or placing in a socket. This has four USB ports on the bottom front of the unit, which in my opinion are well located away from the main plug socket for ease of access. There are two USB type A and two USB-C with the USB-C and one of the USB type A being fast charging ports. The case is simple but ideal for packing away in transit.

    I tested all the USB ports which worked perfectly as they should along with the fast charge. I was unable to test all the different socket types but I did try some travel devices in the front which all worked perfectly. One thing I would note is I found the inserting and removing quite stiff, and I presume this will loosen up quickly over use.

    Overall in my opinion this is a nicely designed and presented travel adapter. I like the location of the USB ports under the socket rather than in the front as is the case with some. The travel case is simple but ideal, and all the ports worked and powered as they should. The plug insertion into the adapter is a bit stiff but I believe this will loosen over usage.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Works well with a nice desig

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This can be used pretty much anywhere in the world, plugging into the wall outlet, allows for some multifunctional use. It is dual voltage product compatible which means this can accept 110-120v 220-240v so if your product has these number voltages it is dual voltage compatible. IE/ hair dryer or for instance or an US xbox series X will work in the UK when pluged through this as the xbox series X is dual voltage from what I hear, and so is the ps5.

    This shows up 100-250v which means it can handle those numbers above on the products you have, just check your product to make sure it’s not something that needs converting power, the only thing this doesn’t do is convert power, so as long as you make sure your product says dual voltage on it or in the manual or says like my hair dryer 220-240v I can use that hair dryer anywhere in the world as in the manual states dual voltage.

    This product also comes with a spare fuse, but it’s very difficult to open the fuse areas, so that is why I took a star off. Good product either way and comes with a nice carry pouch. It is easy to use just slide it out and it should click and hold, press it in and slides it back to retract. Sturdy and solid product, has a bit of weight on it too, like I’m holding a chunk of metal.

    It is 65w max output, has 2 charging usb-a ports and 2 usb-c ports, they seem to do a good job, but never charge products fast, as this overheats the battery in your devices, and causes duability loss in the longevity of your devices.

    Contrary to the belief anyone that says otherwise is trying to get you to buy a new device. The math is Overheated anything = durability loss= need new battery or device = spend money. This is a universal law of thermal dynamics.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My wife always complains that I take too much on holiday so one area to cut back is on the power adapters and chargers for phones and other devices. This neat black adapter block provides inputs and outputs for the UK (square pins,) EU (round pins), US (parallel rectangular pins) and Australia (angled rectangular pins) A comprehensive list of what to use in different countries is provided in the pack but you’ll need good eyesight to see it clearly! It also has a selection of different USB charging sockets – 2 USB-A and 3 USB-C ports one of which is labelled PD (Power Delivery.) I can only use the standard USB-A port for my iPhone so I tested it with that and neither the charger, cable or phone warmed up noticeably. Do be careful when using chargers that are not branded for your particular mobile phone as there have been some reports of them catching fire. The adapter is fused and has a spare fuse which is a great idea! Note that that third, earth or ground pin of the UK plug is not connected so it’s not suitable for British devices that require a grounding. All in all, highly recommended!

    4.0 out of 5 stars Just the one adapter/charger to take on holiday

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This seems well made for the price with a good design that allows you to use different plug types with a slide of a button. UK / Euro /.US…

    This is a step above a lot of travel chargers as well as it is a GaN Charger, which at 65W is powerful enough to charge many laptops (possibly not some high end gaming laptops though).

    I tried it on my Poco M4 Pro 4G and it reached Quick Charging and didn’t seem to get hot.

    It should quick charge at least two devices (non laptop) at a time (maybe 3) before reverting to a slower charging speeds.

    Definitely better than the cheaper options that often offer no quick charging at all. It is also reasonably compact and lightweight.

    One point to note is that the ground pin (UK plug) is plastic not metal.

    Generally speaking a great option.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great 65W Travel Charger optio