czvv Lithium AA Battery – AA Lithium Batteries for Blink

czvv Lithium AA Battery - AA Lithium Batteries for Blink Camera - 4 Pack Lithium AA Battery Rechargeable 3500mWh - High Capacity

czvv Lithium AA Battery – AA Lithium Batteries for Blink Camera – 4 Pack Lithium AA Battery Rechargeable 3500mWh – High Capacity, 1500 Cycles, Fast Charge, Longer Lasting

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Brand czvv czvv czvv czvv czvv
Shelf Life Up to 10 Years Up to 10 Years Up to 10 Years Up to 7 Years Up to 7 Years
Best Uses Remote Controls, Flashlights, Toys, Wireless Electronics, Clocks, Flameless Candles, LED Lights, Toothbrushes, Digital Cameras, Radios, Fire Sticks, Traffic Wand, Noise Meter, etc. Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Toys, Garage Door Openers, Wireless Electronics, Stud Finders, Walkie-Talkies, Multimeters, Alarm Clocks, Wireless Transmitters, etc.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    They’re are great! They’ve been in my doorbell for a year, I cycle two at a time, and they are very consistent! I would recommend they lower their price though!

  2. TheodorBriseno says:


    I bought these after realizing that I had been using the wrong batteries in my Blink Outdoor 3. I’ve had the camera for 3 years now, but I’ve been using alkaline batteries the whole time because that’s what I had on hand and didn’t realize the camera called for lithium. I’ve been incredibly frustrated with the battery life of the camera for the entire time I’ve owned it. I would get the low battery notification about 2 weeks after swapping batteries and it would start failing to capture at around 3-4 weeks. Thank God I had a surplus of those alkaline AA’s that I got for free or I would have been even angrier.

    Onto these batteries. They arrived almost fully charged, but I still let them charge for a night upon arrival just to be safe. Popped them in and I am now in my FOURTH month of running on that first charge!! Not even a low battery notification yet. That is crazy impressive, especially considering they had to endure Canadian winter temperatures for those first 2 months. On top of that I average about 20 activations a day, sometimes more, so they’re certainly being put to the test. If you’re looking into these batteries for a Blink camera, look no further. These are the ones you want.

  3. PoppyZhazagt says:


    Sans avoir besoin d’avoir un diplme d’lectricien, on comprend que remplacer des piles 1.5V par des batteries 1.5V c’est mieux que de les remplacer par des batteries 1.2V. Ces batteries sont un peu plus chres mais elles font le taf ds lors qu’on les utilise la place de piles classiques qu’il faut changer souve

  4. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThese work alot better then expected. We were having hard time with our blink cameras and they kept suggesting lithium batteries. Every battery we tried just died so quick. These ones work well and last for weeks.
    My only complaint is they seem to just suddenly die. Every other battery, our blink camera would warn us that it was low, but this one will suddenly die. Not a huge issue for us as we stay on top of things, but just thought i’d throw that out there.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Conforme la description, ces accus lithium ont une tension de 1,5 volts, au lieu des 1,2 volts des NiMh et peuvent donc remplacer avantageusement les piles jetables AA , avec une bonne autonomie et un temps de charge relativement cou

  6. Anonymous says:


    Benutze die Batterien fr meine Wetterstation,was sonst mit 1,2v problematisch war. Erstrahlt jetzt in Hellerem Licht, also die Anzeige ist heller. Zu der Dauer oder Haltbarkeit auf jeden Fall lnger wie die davor. Fr mich immer wieder.

  7. MilanIJYpfa says:


    J’ai achet 2 x 4 piles au lithium avec les 2 chargeurs pour l’alimentation d’un magntophone numrique portable. Il faut faire la recharge dans les chargeurs, par scurit ( chaque pile est surveille individuellement ). C’est prfrable la recharge des 8 piles en srie avec l’alimentation externe du magntophone ( qui reste possible).
    Elles sont nettement plus puissantes et durables que celles du type Ni-MH.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Ho dato per scontato che essendo delle batterie ricaricabili il ricaricatore fosse incluso e invece no nonostante ci fosse almeno 1 foto con il suddetto caricatore.

    Guardando su amazon ho trovato anche la versione 4 pile + caricatore che costava una decina di euro in pi quindi ho avviato subito il reso e ho preso quella.

    Non mi permetto di valutarle in quanto le pile nemmeno le ho estratte dalla scatola, solo…. attenzione se avete o meno il caricatore prima di fare il primo acquisto.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Bonsoir. Ces batteries 1,5 V de capacit assez forte conviennent exactement mon appareil photo numrique Pentax.
    En effet Pentax est rput pour tre EXIGEANT en piles (qui ne tiennent pas 1 journe entire). Avec ces batteries rechargeables on a bien les 1,5 V requis ET PAS SEULEMENT 1,2 V COMME LES Ni-Cd !!

  10. Muoi4355ogtzfo says:


    Very quick shipping and well packaged. Charged quickly. Less than 2 hours. Nice compact charger. They last more than double the time in my Garmin Gps compared to the NimH batteries previously used.
    Note though when they do go flat the battery voltage remains at 1.57 volts for some reason.

  11. RoslynJanney says:


    Le ho prese per provare. Sono una bomba! Intanto sono imbattibili verso le celle NiMh per via della tensione nominale (1,4V per le NiMh contro 1,5V per queste LiIon) e poi hanno una durata impressionante. Le celle alcaline non reggono il confronto ed ho sempre il timore di trovarle “fresche” e sto parlando di celle di marca… Non prender mai pi celle alcaline (che era una scelta obbligata dove serviva una tensione di 1,5Vx4=6V; le NiMh non le prendevo nemmeno in considerazione visto che danno 1,4Vx4=4,8V).