eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple Blue Faceplate Back Plate Shell

eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple Blue Faceplate Back Plate Shell for Steam Deck

eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple Blue Faceplate Back Plate Shell for Steam Deck, Handheld Console Replacement Housing Case, Custom Full Set Shell with Buttons for Steam Deck Console – Console NOT Included

Custom Replacement Shell Case for Steam Deck

  • Want to make your handheld console stand out from the crowd?
  • This is the way to go!
  • Great customization option for DIY enthusiasts with a handheld console for Steam Deck.
  • A unique gift option for your loved ones and friends.

Product Feature

Shell for Steam DeckShell & Button for Steam DeckShell & Button for Steam DeckShell & Button for Steam Deck

How difficult is it to install to full set shells for Steam Deck?

Installation can be challenging, so we highly recommend watching our installation video. Get the video on YouTube by searching “eXtremeRate Full Set Shell for Steam Deck”.

Is your Chameleon Purple Blue shell in Bright UV coating?

Yes, it is Bright UV coating.

What should we pay special attention to when installing replacement shells for the Steam Deck?

Please note that the screen needs to be disassembled to install the faceplate.

Don’t over heating and too long when heating the screen during disassembly.

Will there be any gaps between your backplate and the console? Will the trigger buttons get stuck?

No need to worry, our replacement backplates and trigger buttons are exactly like the originals. As long as they are installed correctly, you won’t encounter any of the issues mentioned above.

How do I clean my new console for steam deck after installing these replacement shells?

It is recommended to clean with a wipe with water. Do not spray water or al-cohol directly on the product surface. Do not use any other organic solvents for cleaning.

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Button for eXtremeRate Steam Deck shell

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Button for eXtremeRate Steam Deck shell

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Button for eXtremeRate Steam Deck shell

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Button for eXtremeRate Steam Deck shell

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For eXtremeRate Steam Shell
Color Chameleon Purple Blue White Chrome Gold Black Clear Atomic Purple Clear

25 Responses

  1. Staceemedia says:


    So hab mein Steamdeck komplett umgebaut. Hab mir von Steam ein 64GB refurbish LCD Steamdeck gekauft. Hab dann erstmal ne 1 TB SSD eingebaut, HAL Effekt Sticks usw. Das ging alles Recht gut und einfach. Dann dachte ich mir ach ne neue Hlle sieht bestimmt toll aus. Eins vor weg, wer noch nie an Elektronik gearbeitet hat, Finger weg! Es gibt ein tolle Anleitungs-Video allerdings sind darin alle Teile vor gelst. Genau hier liegt das Problem. Akku und Display Lsen ist ein Krampf. Eine mini falsch Bewegung beim lsen und Knack, Display kaputt. Also bitte nur erfahrene Elektronik Schrauber. Aber das Ergebnis ist Mega! Hab ein paar Knpfe vom Original behalten, wegen dem Kontrast, Aber sieht einfach Mega aus.

    Top Gehäuse

  2. MosesWhitworth says:


    Ich dachte erst das dass Produkt nicht meinen Anforderung gerecht wird. Aber ich muss sagen es ist wirklich gut verarbeitet keinerlei strende berstnde oder unsauber gearbeitete kanten.

    Was mich aber ein wenig strt sind die Tasten, also das Plastik ist einfach akustisch mir persnlich zu hell und gibt ein strendes Gerusch wieder. Habe da die originalen bernommen bis auf l4/5 r4/5

  3. Anonymous says:


    These looked great in the photos and I’m happy to say they do not dissapoint when you recieve them.

    These sheel replacements look and feel great. A fun way to make your steam deck stand out. The plastic feels high quality and the colouring (I order the Chameleon Purple/Blue) looks outstanding. It’s not simply two tones, but actually has a pearlescent quality where the colours appear to shift from Blue to Purple depending on the angle of the light.

    Includes several useful tools for making the replacement which is helpful. I would reccomend using plastic guitar pick rather than the metal one include. The metal one should work fine but a plastic one is a bit safer. Everything you need to complete the shell replacement is included in the box.


  4. Anonymous says:


    Wirklich gute Qualitt besser als beim Original habe leider bei modding den Display kaputt gemacht habe mir den DeckHD Display bestellt wird auf jeden Fall krass lohnt sich wenn man sowas schon oft gemacht hat auf keinen Fall wenn man keine Ahnung davon ha

  5. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis thing was a pain to install, but that’s not the manufacturer’s fault. Steam put so many screws into this thing, but at least I know this will last. Excellent fit, finish, texture, and quality. The only part I did not use was the touch pad covers, I wanted the texture and contrast of the original pads. Just be sure to take your time, never force anything, and bring a heat gun or hair dryer.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Der Einbau hat wirklich lange gedauert aber selbst ich mir meinen Bauarbeiter Hnden hab es geschafft (ca 40min) ich habe auch gleich die SSD , den Lfter und die Khlpaste getauscht wenn schon mal alles auf ist. Die Anleitung des Herstellers ist wirklich przise und sollte einfach genau nachgemacht werden dann ist das alles kein Hexenwerk. Passt beim Display zum Schluss besonders auf .

  7. MSM says:


    Changing my review , absolutely Amazing company one button didn’t fit and they sent me another set of my choosing. I am going to order more and try to convince my freinds to do the same with there cases.

  8. BlairFBHeuxwlmg says:


    I bought this shell to match my Xbox and Playstation controllers with the same shell mod. It’s as expected. The shell feels very soft to the touch and the wood grain pattern looks amazing. Add in some gold buttons for my favorite effect.

    I bought this shell to match my Xbox and Playstation controllers with the same shell mod. It's as expected. The shell feels very soft to the touch and the wood grain pattern looks amazing. Add in some gold buttons for my favorite effect.

  9. Peter Larson says:

     United States

    I am not a total novice to to tinkering with electronics, but this was a little more involved than usual.

    I had my own tools already to make it easier, and my own plastic picks. The YouTube videos were spot on, but some parts gave me more fuss than they seemed in the video (removing the thumbpad boards from the square button/pad for example, uses another person’s suggestion and warmed it a bit with a hair dryer).

    The screen part gave me some pucker factor, but I just went slow and got it really warm and worked the edge of the screen like the video. I had better suction cups, but to be honest I thought they put *too* much pulling force which made me nervous, so I used the “crappier” one and it worked fine.

    All in all, it came out great. I may/may not have to reopen it a few times for things I might have missed (oops) or it didn’t fit together right, but I learned a lot about taking it apart several times. Super modular!

    Took me about 4 or so hours. Just label everything to help keep track of you get confused.

    I wish the “new” screws were labeled in bags to make for quicker swap outs instead of comparing a bunch of loose screws to the original ones to know what to use (you can also always use the original ones as well if you get frustrated/confused).

    Love the look and it has a quality/solid feet to it.

    Great looking case swap!

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Okay, I was hesitant going into this project because the only other thing I worked on in the past was building my pc a few years ago. What helped was buying iFixit’s essential electronics toolkit. That toolkit had a pair of tweezers that I ended up using a lot, and a really good suction cup for the screen removal. The shell itself comes with two screwdrivers but it’s helpful to have more options. Past reviews say that the shell comes with a metal pick for the screen, but the package I got had plastic picks.

    I followed extremerates youtube video super closely and bypassed taking apart the R2 and L2 triggers, because I wanted to use the stock buttons and triggers. For the paddles I had to pry them out of the original backplate.

    The screen removal wasn’t extremely difficult, I just suggest that you go suuuuper slow and be patient with it. I inserted the pick on the bottom, left, and top sides of the screen and was able to be careful with the right side when the screen lifted off. I used a hair dryer and it worked perfectly.
    The only thing I ran into was stripping one of the tiny screws when removing the skeleton from the front plate. All the screws in the deck were super soft.

    Overall, I’m so happy with the result and it wasn’t as hard as I expected! Because I’m a novice and wanted to be careful, I’d say it took me 7 hours total. I used paper and tape to keep track of all the screws I took out so it was really easy putting the console back together. She’s beautiful!!!

    The gradient shells are shiny and slippery

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersLet me get a few things out of the way. 1: I used to be a computer repair tech, so this is far from the first device I’ve worked on. 2: The screen was already cracked going into this 3: I also had a tool set for this kind of work.

    All of that being said…. I was impressed with the quality of the shell. I’ve swapped the shell on a few PSP’s, Switch’s, DS’s, ect…. They don’t normally have an OEM fit and finish, meaning some screws don’t line or some some holes are not in the correct spot. This case was pretty darn close to OEM spec though. I had no fit and finish issues, which was very surprising. The plastic also doesn’t seem cheap. I’m 30, and I remember all the clear plastic devices from 2000-2004 had a very brittle feeling plastic, I don’t get that feeling from this shell. The color is also awesome and a true callback to the Gameboy’s of the 90’s.

    For the install, I wanted to have a contrast of purple and the OEM black buttons. That means I did not deal the touch pad color swap. I also had a cracked screen going into this. I removed the screen without a problem, but if I were trying to save the screen, it would have been difficult doing so with the included tools. I’m removing one star for the tools included for that process.

    Other than the screen removal tools, I have zero complaints. The install went perfectly and I would recommend this shell, but get a better set of screw drivers and some plastic picks if you’re looking to reuse the stock screen, a fresh tube of thermal paste (upgrade the paste while you’re in the device, I used MX-4).

    I'm impressed with the shell's quality

  12. ChristyChilders says:


    Excellente qualit !! La coque est trs solide, trs agrable au toucher, une fois referme, pas le moindre jeu !! Ni en haut ni en bas, pas de bruits “plastique contre plastique” type couic couic comme des coques bas de gamme (type coque de GBA aliexpress).
    On peut utiliser les vis d’origine ou celles fournies avec le kit. J’ai employ un mlange des 2, RAS.
    Le changement est un peu long pour un premier. Mais, parfait.


    Avec le mdiator en mtal vous allez dfoncer votre cran, pareil pour l’outil plastique pour sparer les coques.

    J’ai un kit d’outil iFixit, et c’est le mieux.
    J’ai utilis leurs mdiators bleus ULTRASOUPLES, et leur ventouse. Avec un cran bien chauff ! J’ai achet une compresse micro-ondable 10$ en pharmacie, type entorses ou autres. 45 sec au micro-ondes, sur l’cran 5 min et hop.

    Excellente qualité !

  13. SheriFairbanks says:

     United Kingdom

    After having a vinyl skin on my deck for a little while, I decided to take the plunge and buy the extremerate shell. I have zero experience with tear downs but I followed the tutorial on YouTube, pausing where necessary, which made the whole process a lot smoother.

    The screen removal was the most stubborn element to take out of the original shell but I would strongly advise purchasing the iOpener kit from iFixit. Stick it in the microwave for a minute and then place it on each side for about 5 minutes – I did this whilst watching a 30 minute show on Netflix to pass the time! Using the iFixit suction tool, I was able to prise the screen off without using the pics. Make sure to use isopropyl to safely remove the adhesive left behind. After the screen removal it’s pretty much plain sailing from there.

    I chose to keep the original buttons as a nice contrast to the translucent green; I will be putting some black extremerate back paddles on the rear too as I think that would look much slicker. The whole process probably took around 2.5 – 3 hoursif you like tinkering and enjoy projects that test your patience, the time will fly by as it did for me.

    I’m really pleased with the end result, it feels nice to hold and the quality is fantastic. The fit is absolutely perfect and for the price of the kit, the value for money is second to none. My main problem was actually choosing the shell colour! I would definitely recommend this if you have the patience for such thingsI love a challenge so this was right up my street!

    5.0 out of 5 stars Patience is key!

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThe aftermarket buttons especially the face buttons move around in their space a lot more than the original, they may be slightly smaller. I recommend using all of the original buttons and just keep the shell. My shell has a nice finish, but in the light i can see small dots of uneven coat. The space that the screen adheres to is ever so slightly larger so when I replaced the screen there’s a gap bigger than on the original.

  15. GOQClaudehvjpe says:

     United Kingdom

    Couldn’t decide on the best colour to go for but went with the white shell in the end.
    Looks good but… if you have not stripped down devices before, this may be a little too complex for you.
    The online video instructions are good, not sure why the white costs more than some of the other colours but, for the amount of design, effort and effor that has gone inyo the product , it is good value for money

    5.0 out of 5 stars Looks great but a fiddly job to replace

  16. Xza Louise says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersIncase anyone is wondering if these replacement shells are compatible with the new model of the Steam Deck with the new motherboard layout, it fits just fine. While there are some differences on how the new motherboard is laid out and the removal of one of the sound boards ribbon cable, it doesn’t have any impact on how it sits in the shell so it fits just fine.

    As has been stated, the included tool to remove the display is useless. It wasn’t a big deal for me since I had already purchased the slightly higher quality etched glass panel from ifixit that I was going to replace it with anyway. But if you plan to reuse the current display on your deck, get a proper display removal tool.

    I am well skilled at these types of procedures but it still took a good hour or more to do. Plan to set aside some time to do this swap.

    Cons: When putting the back shell on after finishing the job, I noticed that it snaps together a bit too tightly. So tight in fact that I fear that if I should ever need to take it apart again, it will be a bit of a struggle.

    Pros: The final product after all was done is a premium looking and feeling device. Well worth the price and time needed to do this swap and I feel like I accomplished something by the time I was done.

    Fits new model Steam Deck!

  17. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersInsulation was annoying but that’s to be expected when you’re doing a full shell replacement on any kind of system so always be ready for that 100% 10 out of 10 absolutely love it looks great even better with the red buttons like I said in the title

    Insulation was annoying but that’s to be expected when you’re doing a full shell replacement on any kind of system so always be ready for that 100% 10 out of 10 absolutely love it looks great even better with the red buttons like I said in the title

  18. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersIch habe zwei gekauft und zwei Steamdecks damit umgebaut.
    Die Qualitt ist definitiv da, das Video ist sehr hilfreich.

    Man sollte selbst dem Video exakt folgen, auch wenn einem manche Schritte komisch/unntig erscheinen.

    Ich selbst bin seit 20 Jahren R+F-Techniker und habe sehr viel mit Reparaturen, aber sehr wenig mit kleinen, verklebten Displays zu tun gehabt.
    Trotzdem hab ich beim ersten Umbau ein paar “Abkrzungen” genommen, die es beim folgen des Videos dann schwerer gemacht haben.

    Zum Umbau sei weiter zu sagen:
    – bei mir war das Metall Gitarrenplektrum nach unten scharfkantig ausgestanzt. Beim ersten Umbau hab ich das nicht gemerkt und hab mir mein (altes) Steamdeck-Case damit zerkratzt. Fr das zweite Steamdeck habe ich vor dem Umbau die Grate dann weggeschliffen.
    – bitte nicht wie im Video fters gesehen auf Kontakte fassen (Platine und Flachbandkabeln), das fhrt immer zu Problemen in der Zukunft.
    – super vorsichtig sein mit dem Flachbandkabel frs Display. Eins meiner Displays ging nach Tausch nicht mehr an, und musste ich als Austausch von ifixit fr 65 nachbestellen. Das ist kein Problem von diesem Kit (!), sondern einfach weil ich beim ersten Umbau unvorsichtig mit dem Flachbandkabel war. Leider passiert dies (laut Reddit) fter, die Kabel sind leider sehr empfindlich, und ebenso leider kann man dieses nicht einzeln bestellen.
    – beim Display ausheben/auslsen nicht (!) and die Ecken des Glases kommen, das bricht sofort. Auch die Wrme gleichmig nur auf die Kanten des Displays, nicht auf die Flche. Ein 3D-Druckerbett auf 60C und das Steamdeck dort 2-3min ruhen lassen (facedown) ist ebenso eine gute Idee um den Kleber anzuwrmen.
    – nehmt euch Zeit. Besorgt euch viel Licht, eine geeignete Unterlage, und eventuell noch einen halbwegs ordentlichen Feinschraubendrehersatz.

    Sehr vorsichtig sein mit allen Kabeln, das Gitarrenplektrum anschleifen!

  19. PatGalloptffl says:

     United Kingdom

    Was quite easy to for their YouTube along the way and I am really happy with the outcome. 100% on the kit apart from the sharp guitar pick
    I did cut myself whilst removing the screen so I’d be careful when you get to that part. The kit has everything you need to get you through it for a stylish steam deck and it looks fantastic

    5.0 out of 5 stars Really nice Shell for my steam deck

  20. VirgilioEae says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersI’m absolutely obsessed with the final product and ultimately have no regrets about doing this but here’s some advice before you buy if you’re looking for it:

    -Be mentally and financially prepared to replace your screen if necessary. The hardest part of this was not damaging the screen, and even after reading a lot of advice and watching vids I was extremely close to damaging mine multiple times while I was trying to remove it. On top of almost cracking it, I also almost separated the screen from its component because it’s seriously the tiniest space you need to pry the glue away from, if you go too far in you’re going to damage it. I took a picture of the back of my screen to try to help. DO NOT SHOVE TOOLS IN FARTHER THAN THE OUTER BLACK LINE.

    -If you don’t think you damaged your screen but it won’t turn on once you plug it in and turn the console on, go back in and shove the screen to mother board ribbon cable in a little harder than you think you should.

    -I wasn’t able to swap my track pads. Even with a heat gun I couldn’t separate the chips from my old track pads. I’m just using a skin on mine which I think looks just fine, but heads up it’s not easy to make the swap.

    -The tools sent with this are a little sub par. Like many other reviews I also recommend getting the ifixit iopener kit.

    -There is no thermal paste included with either of the kits (this one or the iopener). In the extremerate video they tell you to take your heatsink/fan off of your motherboard during teardown. I strongly recommend either leaving it all stuck together or purchasing thermal paste to reseal your heatsink during reassembly. The MB and cooling system really don’t have to be disconnected to remove or replace them safely.

    -The finish on my case is similar to a soft touch joycon. I love it and find it comfortable, but I know that’s not for everyone!

    -I have medium-low tech experience and this took me about 7 hours all said and done.

    Ultimately if you have the time and you’re willing to pay for your mistakes I really do recommend performing the reshelling with this brand 🙂

    Gorgeous case, lots of work, maybe grab other tools

  21. the red headed traveler says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersOverall, I’ve used ExtremeRate kits before to mod some controllers and found them to be extremely high quality. Finding out they had a clear blue shell for my Steam deck was an instant buy for me, especially on sale on Prime Days!

    The whole process took me just ender 3 hours and looks awesome. However, I do have some gripes.

    #1. There needs to be some kind of legend showing how many of each type of screw there is. They come in two baggies all mixed together, and while the pictures in the video tutorial show differences between some of them (flat vs rounded head), actually telling them apart was frustrating. In the end, I used a bunch of the original screws that came out of the stock case as there didn’t seem to be enough of the midsize black ones.

    #2 The paddle buttons. The buttons themselves aren’t the issue, their screws are. The lower three screws on each paddle assembly work perfectly fine, but at the top screw the shell is much narrower. This resulted is white stress marks at each one, despite not being tightened right up. (Pictures 3 and 4 on my review.). This is not the end of the world by any means, but I feel these screws should probably be about 1 mm shorter to avoid this.

    Overall, I feel the case is fantastic, and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it does seem more sturdy than the stock shell. I opted to use the original track pads and buttons in lieu of the included transparent ones, but to each their own. As other review have mentioned, use a plastic guitar pick to loosen up the screen when you get to that step. Do NOT use the metal one unless you are very careful about how far under you put it, especially on the right side of the screen where there is a lot less clearance between you and the fragile bits. Just a few improvements to make the process smoother for customers would be appreciated, and you’ve got a killer piece of kit!

    Great kit, needs a couple improvements.

  22. MarceliGQE says:


    Steam Deck un dispositivo altamente personalizzabile e metterci una scocca custom sicuramente il metodo migliore per farlo. eXtremeRate ci propone una scocca apparentemente stupenda. Vediamola in dettaglio.

    Materiali e design eccellenti
    Kit che sostituisce ogni pezzo
    Video guida fatta molto bene
    Tantissimi colori e motivi disponibili
    Ottimo prezzo

    Installarla difficilissimo
    Le viti non sono ordinate nei sacchetti, sono buttate a caso
    Il kit non include tutti gli strumenti necessari

    Da sapere
    Parto subito col dire che ne sconsiglio l’acquisto a chiunque non abbia una buona esperienza con l’assemblaggio di dispositivi elettronici. Steam Deck una console “accessibile”, ma questo non toglie che sia molto complesso, essendoci molti pezzi e molto piccoli.
    eXtremeRate mette a disposizione una guida su YouTube davvero accurata, in cui mostra passo-passo come rimuovere ogni singola vite. Il video dura circa un’ora e venti, ma io credo di averci impiegato almeno otto ore a completare il tutto. E non senza fare danni: nel rimuovere la colla dello schermo, ho lasciato qualche graffio sul retro, che per si vede benissimo dal lato frontale.
    Bench l’accuratezza del video, nel kit non sono inclusi tutti gli strumenti necessari. Troviamo due cacciaviti e un opening tool, tuttavia sono necessari anche una pinzetta, uno spudger e, soprattutto, un iOpener per sciogliere l’adesivo dello schermo. Con i soli strumenti del kit, non riuscirete a completare il processo.
    Non ho per niente apprezzato il modo in cui le viti sono raggruppate, cio completamente a caso. Ci sono tante viti di forme e lunghezze diverse, che nel video vengono mostrate, ma bisogna sforzarsi a riconoscerle ad occhio perch sono distribuite nei sacchetti in maniera disordinata.
    Il risultato finale discretamente buono. Le scocche sono bellissime (ammetto di avere un debole per il design crystal), ma stonano quei graffi che ho fatto. Inoltre, si vedono le bolle sotto i trackpad, causate dall’adesivo messo durante l’assemblaggio (a proposito: mettere le scocche nuove ai trackpad probabilmente la parte pi complessa).
    Tirando le somme, non mi pento di aver messo questa scocca ma, forse, non lo rifarei. L’installazione un vero incubo, anche per chi smonta computer di professione, e francamente non lo augurerei neanche al mio peggior nemico. Ma se volete davvero personalizzare Steam Deck e ne siete altamente convinti, allora potrebbe uscirvi un bel lavoro.

    Installazione da incubo

  23. Anonymous says:


    La coque spciale console portable Steam est parfaite, elle protge totalement bien la console. Sa qualit est vraiment bonne et vite vraiment bien d’abmer la console surtout si elle tombait par mgarde

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Taking a DIY plunge with my handheld console was an experience in itself. The replacement faceplate and backplate lent a vibrant persona to the device. Although the installation called for a fair bit of know-how, the end result was pleasing. And that clear atomic purple look, simply loved it.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersHonestly this is one of the best shells I’ve come across, let alone for the Steam Deck.

    It feels great, looks fantastic and fit together arguably better than the stock shell. Mine creaked when the shell was pressed below the screen and this one didn’t, so clearly done something better than Valve to sort that out!

    I did keep the original buttons though as it looks quite cheap going with all purple – but that’s just me.

    The kit had everything you need to swap and Extreme Rate have a YouTube video that was really well done and easy to follow, so I’d recommend watching that like I did.

    I can’t fault it and whilst this isn’t a reflection on the shell, it’s definitely not for the feint of heart. You take everything apart, including the screen (which I’d never done before) so I wouldnt do it as your first ever shell swap. If you do though, watch their video, take it slow and keep track of which screws go where so you don’t ruin any of the posts with the wrong screws.

    My tip: I used several egg pots and scrap paper to say what they were – worked well!

    5.0 out of 5 stars 10/10 isn't good enough for this shell