GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad 15W, LED Mouse

GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad 15W

GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad 15W, LED Mouse Mat 800x300x4MM, 10 Light Modes Extra Large Mousepad Non-Slip Rubber Base Computer Keyboard Mat for Gaming (Magnetism-Black)

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110 RGB Modes2Wireless Charging3Magnetic Charging4One-Touch Control515W Fast Charging

Large Gaming Mouse Pad

  • This mouse pad is large enough to hold your laptop or keyboard and mouse, as well as any other accessories that you have lying around.

  • Keep your desktop clean and tidy. Extremely low friction and thickened design makes the mouse pad a great support for your wrist, also give you precise control.

  • A great feature of this mouse pad is the integrated 15W magnetic fast charging panel, making it easy to quickly charge your phone while gaming or working.


7 Responses

  1. JSDRenatosvv says:

     United Kingdom

    Was a little dubious at first about the wireless charging but I have to say, it really is as good as it looks! Not disappointed in the slightest for buying. If it was available in a size or two bigger, I would go for that but that’s more to do with the size of my desk. Thinking of getting one? Carry on and happy buying! A+++

  2. Love2shop Offers says:

     United Kingdom

    Good product, looks great and doesn’t feel cheap.
    Only downside is the placement for the wireless charger can be a bit picky, but it charges well when you get it placed right.

  3. DouglasCostanti says:

     United Kingdom

    Look great! feels great! Smells great! LED light look great! Bit hard to see in bright sunlight! Charging it super convenient but slightly lackluster 10w charging is weak but better than nothing

  4. SusanKMann says:

     United Kingdom

    Good long mat and nice you can throw your phone to changed. Like all mat with the look do after show wear and tear with marks. But holds a keyboard and mouse with room.

  5. StaciaKang says:

     United Kingdom

    So the wireless charging is fast and good, the mat doesnt come with any bumps in, only one at the very end and it straightened out on its own. and the feel of the mat is great. the rgb lighting isnt as bright as id like it to be but its still pretty good.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great value for money and is pretty much as described. Its not a particularly fast charger but its good for passive charging as long as you aren’t constantly picking your phone up from it. Good material, good size, good product.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    fits very well and a cheap alternative to other brands however the wireless charger struggles to go through my case and small LED hot spots other than that no issues