Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler, Oxford Blue

Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler

Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler, Oxford Blue

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Helix has been making quality stationery products for over 130 years. Since launching in 1887, iconic Helix and Oxford products have helped many generations through their school life.

Now part of the Maped group, Maped Helix produce a wide range of stationery for school, home and office.

Helix exports to over 65 countries with offices in the USA, Hong Kong and our UK Head Quarters in the West Midlands

Weight: 20 g
Size: 1-Pack
Dimensions: 31.2 x 4.9 x 0.6 cm; 20 Grams
Brand: Helix
Model: J05011
Colour: Oxford blue
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: Helix
Dimensions: 31.2 x 4.9 x 0.6 cm; 20 Grams
Quantity: 1
Size: 1-Pack

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Been using it for about a year, works great. Love folding rulers, so much easier than carrying a long one, and much better than only having a 15cm one. None of the numbers are wearing off, great product.

  2. Melanie Plane says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThe Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler is a convenient tool for various tasks. Its folding design makes it portable and easy to carry, and the measurements are accurate for most.

    On the downside, the folding mechanism might feel a bit stiff initially, and repeated folding over time could potentially lead to wear. The mechanism also snaps very easily so you need to be careful.Additionally, the markings could be more prominent for improved visibility.

    In summary, the Helix Oxford Folding Ruler is a handy and durable tool, though the folding mechanism and markings could see some improvements.

  3. YWTLillian says:

     United Kingdom

    I recommend this ruler because it doesn’t break when you fold it together and other ones I have had are exactly like these but they snap in half after you have folded it twice. I have folded this ruler many times and there has not been one single snap. The price is a bit expensive though and I think it should only be around 1 but overall I like it.

  4. SALLY says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a good sturdy ruler. It’s easy to use although you might get a small gap in the middle of the line you draw where the bend is but that’s easy to just fill in. It’s easy to take anywhere with you due to the fact it folds in its self and in my opinion is worth the price. It also looks nice and professional although it will scratch if dropped on the floor but won’t break.

  5. Sarah Head says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a lovely Helix Oxford 30 cm Folding Ruler for drawing straight lines with and for measuring. It is marked in cm and mm only and folds in the centre for easy storage in a pencil case. The Helix Oxford Folding Ruler was delivered in very attractively designed packaging and will always be an extremely useful stationery item in the office, school, college, and in the home. Very many grateful thanks indeed for this essential and very useful gift.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThe Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler in Oxford Blue has quickly become an essential tool in my daily life. Its combination of portability, precision, and stylish design makes it a must-have for anyone in need of reliable measuring.

    First and foremost, the Oxford Blue color is a refreshing departure from the usual bland rulers. It adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise mundane tool. It’s not just a ruler; it’s a statement piece that stands out in my stationery collection.

    The folding design is where this ruler truly shines. Measuring at a compact 15cm when folded, it easily fits into my bag, pocket, or even a pencil case. This portability is a game-changer, especially for students or professionals who are always on the go. No more searching for a ruler or carrying around bulky tools; the Helix Oxford Folding Ruler has you covered.

    Despite its compact size, it unfolds to a full 30cm, providing ample measuring length for most tasks. The ruler is marked with clear and precise measurements in both centimeters and millimeters, ensuring accuracy in every use. Whether I’m working on a math assignment, a DIY project, or just need to measure something quickly, this ruler delivers every time.

    The build quality is excellent. The plastic is sturdy and resilient, and the hinges are designed to withstand regular folding and unfolding without any signs of wear. I’ve been using it for several months, and it still looks and functions as if it’s brand new.

    What truly sets the Helix Oxford Folding Ruler apart is its versatility. The folding design not only saves space but also makes it easy to measure both straight lines and curves. This feature has been particularly handy when working on design projects or sewing tasks where flexibility is crucial.

    In conclusion, the Helix Oxford 30cm Folding Ruler in Oxford Blue is a fantastic addition to any toolbox or stationery collection. Its combination of style, portability, and precision is unmatched. If you’re looking for a reliable ruler that adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace, look no further. I can’t recommend this ruler enough; it’s a small investment that will pay off in convenience and style for years to come.