ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless with Color

ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless with Color Night Vision, Battery CCTV Camera Systems, WiFi Outdoor Camera Home Security Camera, Siren Floodlight Alarm,Motion Detection,Work with Alexa

ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera SystemsieGeek solar security camera battery security camera solar camera battery camera wifi camera

Clear Colorful Night Vision

Equipped with bright spotlight, as soon as movement is detected at night, the spotlight will turn on and ieGeek wireless camera start to record colorful video. If no movement detected, the spotlight automatically turn off.

  1. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  2. home security camera system home camera security systems iegeek wireless security camera

    Help You Warn Burglar at Night

    If motion is detected,the siren and light turn on to warn intruder. You’ll receive app notification.

  3. outdoor camera home security camera outdoor security camera wireless camera

    Monitor Home on Your Phone

    Wherever you are, you can view live video or playback history on the phone. Give you peace of mind!

  4. security camera system iegeek outdoor security camera wireless outdoor camera

    Protect Property with Family Together

    ieGeek camera support multi-user connection, you can share camera with family by scanning QR code.

  5. home security camera outdoor outdoor cctv camera wifi camera outdoor wireless

    Four-Screen Live View

    You can connect multiple ieGeek cameras to the app. Manage the security system from one simple app.

  1. outdoor security cameras ieGeek camera solar security camera battery security camera
  2. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  3. outdoor cctv camera wireless cctv camera systems wireless wifi security camera outdoor

    Highlight Specific Areas to Monitor

    You can customize detection area to reduce unwanted alert. Help you monitor the most important zone.

  4. cctv camera systems outdoor outdoor home security camera system security wifi camera

    Set up Specific Time to Monitor

    You can set up detection time to reduce unwanted alert. Camera detect motion at the set time period.

  5. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  1. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  2. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  3. ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems
  4. security camera cctv camera cctv camera systems wireless outdoor camera battery camera WiFi camera

    Work with Alexa & Voice Control

    Voice control your ieGeek camera to access the live view and get peace of mind whenever you want.

1365 Days Solar Powered2Outdoor Use3Indoor Use4Smart Home Security

User-friendly Design

ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery CCTV Camera Systems

Weight: 315 g
Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.4 x 9 cm; 315 Grams
Model: ZS-GX3S
Colour: Black
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: ieGeek
Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.4 x 9 cm; 315 Grams

40 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Finally found a camera that works without power plugged in that captures proper 5mp video , it has its own lighting for color recording and optional infrared black and white , i use it to to spy on my chickens and to see if other critters come unwelcomed, the motion sensor works well too.
    Good product, would recommend

  2. Bill says:

     United Kingdom

    Up and running in no time at all. QR code installed the app, 128 SD card loaded, sited camera at various trial locations around my home and played with all the settings for familiarity. Chose not to subscribe to the paid ‘cloud’ service at this time but to advantage of recording via iPad settings. Enjoyed tweaking all the settings, siren, light, motion detection, zoom etc.
    Very comprehensive camera for the price (reduced by going ieGeek direct through Amazon).
    Pleased with this purchase.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to set up and link to your phone. Just takes a bit of trial and error to set up the zones. Take your time reading through all the set-up instructions so it doesn’t go off all the time just when you are away. I bought it more as a deterrent as I’m not sure how effective it is if somebody was snooping around.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I would recommend this product, it does exactly what it says.. Set up was very easy.. mine goes around 3 weeks between charges.. picture quality is very good.. bought a couple of memory cards..

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived when advised and after following the instructions regarding installation very easy to follow, I charged the battery placed the camera covering the rear of our property. We have piece of mind when we are away from the house being able to review via the app, so easy.
    After a couple of days receiving an email from seller checking everything was okay, also at the same time helping me regarding the warranty, could not be happier.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Purchase

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    At the moment can’t fault it bought one for the outside and ordered another one for the inside clarity is brilliant ,,think it would be better if was possible to disable it when we get there instead of taking it off the mounting and doing it manually,,other than that I can’t fault it at all .

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Honestly, i have spent a small fortune on cameras including my eury one and these are fantastic great quality at night and day! loud noise siren great if my mom cant hear or something happens. Best Camera I’ve bought and so cheap ( I would buy the cloud back up because you cant see history without it.Hope this helps.

  8. IWREhitecxup says:

     United Kingdom

    The cameras look good but unfortunately mine didn’t work as they should have done. they didn’t pick people coming to the door all the time. I have come home on nights and it didn’t pick me up or show anyone was at the front door. Very disappointing I have an outside light on too so the camera should have been able to see me. Customer service is second to none absolutely fantastic service from them, for this reason i have altered my response about the cameras. You can’t fault them for the customer and support, they sent me out a new set of cameras so very happy.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This security camera provides a very clear high definition picture and is very easy to use. The camera is very easy to pair to your phone using the iGeek app and provides very clear alerts. I’ve only had this camera a week but so far it seems very weather proof and provides clear images in the rain and at night. Light and alarm useful when needed. A very useful and robust product.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I already have two IeGeek cameras at home that have been working for two years.
    I don’t have any problems with them, so I bought a third one.
    The camera is easy to install and configure with my network on my mobile.
    I installed this camera in front of my house.
    The photo quality is really good during the day and at night.
    I can monitor my home on my mobile phone while I am in the country or abroad on vacation.
    This is a good product I purchased and I am happy with it.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The camera works with clear crisp visuals. I’m extremely impressed with the night vision quality considering the price. The installation was easy, with no wires to run or holes to drill. You can get motion notifications through the app and adjust the sensitivity up or down. Satisfied customer. Thank you. I would recommend this camera.
    Only con is I can’t comment on the longevity as I’ve only had the camera for around a month.

  12. JSDRenatosvv says:

     United Kingdom

    We have a ring doorbell but wanted a CCTV camera for the back garden. This has exceeded all expectation response time is better than the doorbell for notifications and there is next to no time lapse with the live view. I have added a sd card to record the footage and this can be manually viewed and deleted without the need for a monthly subscription. Battery life appears to be as good as the doorbell and removing the camera head is on a simple thread so no need for a screwdriver.

  13. FrankieDAM says:

     United Kingdom

    Great quality camera, it does everything I need! The picture quality is great, the audio could do with some improvement but that’s no issue for me.

    Only other things that could improve are reviewing footage on the app, it doesn’t seem to show you any clips you’ve recorded even though you can see them listed. You have to export them and view in a separate app for it to work. However, you can still view the history of alerts via the app.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I like these because they don’t require any wiring in, simply fix the bracket and install the camera, having charged the battery. The picture quality is OK but can be blurry, especially at night and the motion detection can be a little slow. I brilliantly placed the camera above the vent for the central heating and so have an enviable collection of pictures of smoke, d’oh. I had to place the cameras at a reasonable height because it would take very little effort to unscrew the camera and take it which kind of negates the security aspect. The battery life obviously depends on how often the camera is triggered but my experience would be 2~3 weeks between charges, which requires me to get out the step ladder, recover and recharge the cameras (which takes a fair while) before replacing them.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI bought this camera due to my doorbell camera increasing the subscription fee 2x since I installed it.
    This camera has far exceeded my expectations for the price paid. So much so that I purchased a second one to look over the drive as well as one for the front door, see photos.
    The quality of the video footage is superb, and night viewing which is better than our door bell camera ( rhymes with Wing) is enhanced with the built in light, which is very bright!
    It was up and running within minutes after charging the built in battery. The app is easy to install and use, the battery life seems to be long lasting but I have worked out how to recharge the battery in situ using a power bank.
    I will be reviewing the solar panel charger in due course.
    I have installed one of these cameras at a friend’s house and my daughters houses as they are so good.
    You need to purchase a micro SD card and install after charging the battery.
    The instruction booklet is very good but the app prompts are straight forward and installation is easy.
    Highly recommended.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant camera, which records.

  16. Jeff S. Bartlett says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy installation. Results from camera very good day and night. (Infra red at night) Unable to comment on battery life yet a being as only recently installed.
    Recommended product.
    Update … solar panel now added so no need to worry about battery life. 🙂

  17. TracieFQDrrolx says:

     United Kingdom

    If like me you are or were doubting that these cameras are any good think again . These are the pictures from my cameras I bought recently, these are brilliantly quality with B/W and colour view they also have spotlight and alarm activated viewing. I have inserted two memory cards but you can subscribe to cloud if you want to save footage online.
    Fully charged the battery last about 3 months.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Home Security

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I am delighted to share a five-star review for the ieGeek 2K Wireless Security Camera, a true game-changer in home security.
    Over the past 18 months, we have invested in six ieGeek cameras, covering both our home and my mother-in-law’s residence. The reliability of these cameras has been exceptional, providing us with peace of mind and a robust security solution.

    The picture and sound quality are outstanding, even during night-time thanks to the colourful night vision feature. The clarity and detail captured by these cameras have exceeded our expectations, contributing significantly to our overall sense of security.
    The rechargeable battery adds a layer of convenience, and the wireless functionality makes installation a breeze. Overall, the ieGeek 2K Wireless Security Camera has proven to be a dependable guardian for our homes, offering excellent reliability and top-notch performance. There are cheaper cameras out there, we have tried them. However if its consistency and reliability you want then I would recommend this product.

  19. ColeBindon says:

     United Kingdom

    The security camera was delivered neatly and well packed and my first impression was of its excellent quality. I was pleasantly suprised by the excellent quality of this security camera. Setting up through the procedure was very straight forward. The comprehensive hand book explains well the procedure to set up for use. However once the first step was made to set upto wifi there after each next step was explained on my mobile . From thereon the procedure was so easy and took less than 20 minutes. Initial charging was about two hours for the battery to be fully charged. The hand book instructions are very comprehensive and provide all the directions needed. in use it is amazing and i have been so pleased with the performance. Living on a busy road I reduced the sesitivity down to number 3 and this takes a vieo clip of motion activity around my front door area. The image quality and sound quality is 100% excellent/ To replay back on my mobile is promp and excennt quality. I am so pleased I chose this camera formy security.

  20. ForrestRenteria says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersAfter using a Ring camera for two years I received an email to announce that the cloud storage option would be going up in price by an exorbitant amount, for the second year in a row. I decided it was time to seek a better alternative. I specifically wanted a cam that doesn’t oblige you to buy cloud storage at an extra cost, and which could support more up-to-date functions. The ieGeek cam has proved it’s superiority to the Ring camera within days. Set up was very easy with one minor hitch along the way when I forgot a wfi password, soon overcome. Micro SD storage is seamless and good quality, the motion detection is every bit as good, probably better than the other camera, and linking to smart home software and Alexa was also very easy. The app offers far more functionality e.g. the capacity to set a custom power-use plan, to calibrate motion detection, and to fine-tune other device capabilities. I’m moving house soon and the ieGeek doorball cam is already on my wishlist. Now, of course, there’s always room for improvement and I would like to be able to set up iPhone shortcuts to give a quicker way to control some functions, maybe this could be incorporated into a future firmware update. Great cam.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We needed a security camera for the rear of the property. After doing some research, the ieGeek camera looked very promising.

    It didn’t disappoint! It was very easy to install with the fixing kit provided. The instructions were straight forward to follow. Once installed, you have to download the app and register the camera to the WiFi which again was very easy to do. The app is very user friendly and fine tuning the camera settings is very simple to do.

    Camera quality is very good with a clear picture. The are no subscription fees as you can install a micro SD card to record your videos. We also opted for the solar panel to help with the battery life.

    Overall very happy with the ieGeek camera and would highly recommend! We are now looking to purchase the doorbell camera to replace our other ‘well known brand’ doorbell camera.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought the ieGeek 5MP Wireless Security Camera Security Camera last week, it arrived within 2 days, and was surprisingly small. I’m not a tech geek, but it only took me about half an hour to set up, and another 10 minutes to attach above my garage door, so I can keep a look out over my driveway. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing picture quality and clarity, both day and night. If anyone gets remotely close to my car, it is all recorded on the SD card which I purchased at the same time. For the money, I think this is a brilliant purchase, and I am happy that I can now keep track of anyone who ventures onto my driveway

  23. ShantaeFES says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis camera is super easy to set up and install, no hassles at all. It does a great job, the camera quality is superb for the price (genuinely surprised as to how good it is), and the sensors are great. The options to toggle sensitivity for motion detection is a great feature if there is a lot of windy and rainy weather that could trigger the motion detection, and the features such as siren, microphone/speaker and strobe lighting work as a great deterrent for any suspicious activity. I use this to overlook my new motorbike following the theft of my previous one and it has put my mind at ease. One small thing I will say about the app itself is that you do get frequent and constant notifications if any motion is detected, which in a way is great as it will notify you immediately and often, but your phone will be constantly buzzing. Other than that, I can’t fault this product!

  24. [email protected] Noelle says:

     United Kingdom

    Quite easy to install. If you drill into the mortar, it’s easier than brick! The three holes on the bracket perfectly allow you to drill into the mortar.

    The light works well at night but you can also turn this off and just have night vision on the camera. I turned my back gardeb light off and left the driveway one on, for example.

    Can customise all your settings through the app.

    I didn’t install the cameras as high as recommended as I wanted to be able to unscrew them without a ladder to charge them when needed. I’ve not had to do this yet as theyve only been up for a couple weeks

    All in all, a very cost effective way of protecting your home. I recommend them 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We had a sculpture stolen from our garden which prompted us to review our security arrangements , I was quoted over 4000 by a private company to install a system . I needed to get something sorted quickly as we were due to go on holiday so I bought 2 EGeek cameras to cover us on a temporary basis .
    Well I am delighted to say the cameras worked so well that I intend to buy another two camera’s and have saved myself 3800 .
    The quality of the cameras has blown us away and the range is superb , one of the cameras covering our gates is 40 yards from the house and the picture quality is brilliant. The alerts are brilliant !!
    They are so easy to install all you need is your modem and a 128 GB Micro Sim Card . I do recommend getting the solar panel .
    Highly recommend!!!

  26. CelesteQ64 says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent camera. A friend had a different brand camera which was a nightmare to set up so I was expecting to spend some time getting this going but it was so simple. Done in 5 mins. I just followed the instructions on the app and it worked first time.
    Battery so far is good. I did put it out just before a very cold snap so I’m interested to see how much the cold temps affect the battery life.
    Good clear images at night as well which I was surprised at because it points towards a very well lit industrial area so I was expecting issues with that but no. Black & white and colour nightvision are good.
    A good little camera which is easy to set up and use.
    It’s also survived Storms Isha and Jocelyn with no issues.

  27. Bobby5418hohjt says:

     United Kingdom

    This camera was very easy to install and set-up with the app. I’d say within 4-6 mins of opening the box i had the camera hooked up to my wi-fi and the app on my phone. The nightvision is brilliant, as the location i have my cam set-up is pitch black at night and it can see everything!. It has a Siren feature (which can be turned on or off), a speaker which you can talk through and a microphone which can pick up sound at a fair distance. Even a small light which can also be controlled and set through the app!.

    Tested the motion sensors and picks up any human movement in detection area, if i turn the sensitivity up to 9 or above it also picks up my dog. It doesnt go off if my bushes wave about in the wind so it’s perfect really. Very happy with it and gives me piece of mind. 10/10

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Overall this is a great little camera for the price. The only thing that didn’t live up to my expectations was the audio capability. Instructions issued via the on-board speaker are just about audible to someone stood in front of the camera but the microphone doesn’t pick up anything at all so there’s no chance of any two way interaction via the camera (like Ring doorbells will allow) This obviously negates the usefulness of the sound activated alert functionality too – because it doesn’t register any sound at all as far as I can make out, even with mic sensitivity set at its highest level. This is the only reason for the four star rating instead of five. If it wasn’t advertised as having audio capability it wouldn’t be a problem (to me) and the camera would get the full 5 star rating

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This camera works great with its PIR motion detector. It reduces a lot of false positives that you would get on an ordinary camera.

    Fitting and setting up is super simple.
    You get free 6 second clips of cloud storage that I find an awesome benefit as for this kind of things other providers make you pay for.
    For longer clips you can opt in for the payed service or just use a microSD card for local storage.

    One thing to consider though and I think this could be improved is the time to connect to the camera when there is a notification. If you use the cloud storage (even only the 6 seconds) this is not an issue as the clip is in the cloud so even if your camera gets smashed you have the video, but if you only use the microSD card then you might get into a trouble of getting the video evidence before the camera is smashed, unless you install it out of reach which I recommend doing anyway.

    Overall the video quality is excellent and I really recommend this camera to all.

  30. LashawndaBrobst says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersGreat Wireless Camera

    I had a problem with dogs mesing on my front lawn but I was unable to prove exactly who’s dog it was but I also wanted some security for my outside shed.

    This camera has been a brilliant solution. The motion detection has been sensitive enough for me to finally catch the dog leaving the mess on my lawn! The app is really good, it’s exactly like the Cloud Edge app, so you can view in real time and recordings of what has tiggered the camera to record are all captured on there, along with the ability to take a photo and manually begin recording. I didn’t want a cloud service so I bought a micro SD card for it, which has worked perfectly well and does everything I need from it. This also means that the cost of the camera and the SD card have been the only costs and I don’t have to pay anything for it going forward or on a monthly basis.

    It’s great that it’s completely wireless and I have had it up for about a week at this point and looking at the battery consumption (I forgot to mention, the sensor light has been helpful too in lighting up an otherwise dark area of my property) I reckon I will have to recharge the batter every month to six weeks which I am really pleased about, I’m impressed with the amount of work it does just how long the charge is lasting.

    One thing to note, if you are new to having devices like this, be sure that your internet router either runs both 5 & 2.4ghz signal, or like I did, buy a internet signal extender which will then produce an internet connection at the required 2.4 frequency. I already had one as I have wifi lightbulbs that require the same frequency to work.

    Throughly recommended. Great capability and quality for the price. Well made and designed and the app is especially good, doing everything you need and more.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The cameras were simple to install and connect to the home WiFi with the easy to follow App. The were purchased to replace a different brand, which proved troublesome after an App update after which, the cameras disconnected from the Wifi and proved impossible to reconnect!

    The Wifi signal reception of the ieGeek cameras is considerably stronger, particularly with the one by the external garage, which is some distance from the router. Much better than the previous ones we had.

    Useful features include the zonal grid area for detection so you can exclude neighbouring property, windows etc. It also only detects people as opposed to the previous ones, which seemed to record every cat that wandered past. I also like the fact that you can set it come on and off at certain times, ie. use it for night time security of an external garage, or outhouse.

    Great value, easy to set up with useful features. 5/5

  32. Selena Maranjian says:

     United Kingdom

    Great camera for the buck. Very easy to set up with the app, and with just 3 screws to attach to wall – very easy to install.
    We have no barrier between our garden and the walkway, and the camera picks up everyone walking by. I had to switch off the notifications but they’re all stored and very easy to access and delete.
    Had to buy the additional SD card but there only a few pound.
    The 6 second recording captures images really well and from quite a distance. All recordings can easy be downloaded to your camera roll if you wanted to forward them on.
    The intercom works great – an added bonus. There is a siren feature – but yet to try this.
    Battery life so far so really good. It’s been up a week now and battery gone down only 3% – and that’s with all initial playing around with it.
    Will definitely buy another for the back door – highly recommendable

  33. Meira Gebel says:

     United Kingdom

    We ordered 2 of these cameras for the front & back of our house. They were extremely easy to install we have had no problems with the device as expected.
    Great app which you can access all the time to check when you receive alerts from the cameras. Really clear picture & can use colour mode at night along with regular night mode. Would highly recommend these devices, they give you a welcomed sense of security & safety. We were very lucky to purchase them on an Amazon special buy in October, but I would have paid full price as they are so good. As you can see great, clear pictures from both cameras & easy access to the app whenever you receive an alert.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great security cameras would highly recommend

  34. MargareVaughan says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersPurchased this model after reviewing other brands and decided this was what I wanted. Good price and included all the features I needed for my garden. Very simple to set up straight out of the box and it has a very nice look about it and not too big either.
    I wanted it mainly for when I go away and as there is only the two of us, there isn’t much detection at the moment. That being said, it’s easy to turn off the motion detection when we are at home. The battery has been very good so far, probably due to lack of detection but I plan to purchase a solar panel for it ready for the spring.
    The daytime video is excellent, as is the night vision. If you put the small spotlight on, it shows that area in colour which is really useful.
    All in all, I would recommend this camera.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Very easy set up and excellent clarity.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersWith home security being one the the most important things to address these days it is important to choose the right camera for the job. Pages upon pages of choices and every time I came across one I thought would suit my needs there was always something that put me off (usually the add on charge to access recordings etc).

    So when I found the ieGeek camera it looked as though it ticked all of the boxes at a good price too but I was hesitant because I have been burned before, however this time it was not the case.

    Set up was simple and the fact you can use an SD card to store recordings negates the need to pay for expensive cloud storage. Camera quality is good and motion detection seems to work every time (only a few days in so will keep an eye on this) .

    The app could be a little simpler to navigate around and some of the settings are not easy to find straight away but once you have this sorted you will find it easy to interact with the camera.

    For the price I think probably the best camera around at the moment. There are better ones out there if you are willing to spend much much more but for most peoples home needs this is about as good as you will need and at a price that will not break the bank

  36. RufusOJHSq says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI didn’t expect too much from this device for the price, but it’s really exceeding my expectations.
    Firstly the image quality is very good. The video is smooth and clear and still images captured from the video have enough resolution to be able to enlarge the image considerably. The night time images are surprisingly good too.
    The camera was really easy to connect to the WiFi. It only took a couple of minutes. I downloaded the app without issue, but the app is a bit laggy and takes a few seconds to connect to the camera. I put a 32gb memory card in the camera (not supplied) which seems to be more than enough even with video capture set for 20 seconds. (You get a 6 second recording which can be saved to the cloud for free)
    I would say that the app is the weekest aspect but it is still fairly easy to use and allows you to set the camera up to suit your needs. Some more instructions would have been helpful.
    The camera functions really well overall. The humanoid sensor and PIR have a limited distance over which they will detect, but they work well in that short range. On the positive it stops unwanted activations. There’s a few seconds of delay between the camera activating and the notification appearing on our phones, but it’s no great issue.
    Battery life seems pretty good. There’s still plenty of charge in it several weeks on and it activates alot.
    Overall this is a great bit of kit and I’m considering buying another for the rear of the property.
    I recommended it.

  37. CarissaMoss says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI needed a camera to monitor rainfall off a roof and will use it for security thereafter. The angle I need to use at the moment did allow raindrops to blur vision but otherwise the images are very clear day and night. I only use night vision black and white at night but there is a light for colour images but I did not want the light on all the time but it can be switched on if needed from the app. I have created a little rain shield that may help and trust it is because I am pointing the camera in a more upwards direction at the moment. I am not a techy but after some investigation I have learned how to set up/ record/screenshot/ upload any clips I need from the app. The motion detector/talk function/siren/light works well. I am using cloud at the moment so have not used a sd but will consider getting one. I did research to try and find the best camera for my purposes and skills and this iegeeek is excellent value for money.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersAfter a number of unsolicited daytime visits to our home we decided to install a camera system so my partner and I could be notified on our phone of anyone approaching our property either front or back doors. We ordered a twin pack of the battery version of this camera from ieGeek (after doing a little research) where this model came out well at this price point. The parcel arrived next day, and I was delighted to see the quality of the compact design. After charging them both with the supplied leads we began the ‘set up’ routine. This is on par with any other modern electronic device and wasn’t too difficult but required the downloading of the ieGeek app. We set it up for both cameras to link with two mobile phones. Unfortunately we live in a sprawling brick built converted barn so the distance to the WiFi Hub had to be considered carefully to get a strong signal from the cameras. In a home with a ‘regular’ layout, I suggest there would be no issue. The cameras also require a mini SD card each to carry recordings which adds to the cost overall. After a using for a week we found the cameras work well but reporting rechargeable battery life will require a longer test. If someone walks near the camera to activate it (range and field of activation is adjustable), a message is sent immediately to the connected phones. Clicking the message opens the app and shows the camera view and a set of touch screen buttons. These allow you to talk to the person through the camera like an intercom, turn on ‘record’ for sound and vision, turn on an integrated LED light, or set off a siren. Note the camera will automatically record 6 seconds of video to the cloud every activation, but if you want it to record in the cloud for longer say 20 sec bursts it requires a 25 annual subscription which seems reasonable. Each user will set these up depending on need, and it has many variable settings. For example having the lights come on automatically at night, but maybe not the siren if you wish to not annoy your neighbours. I also suggest its worth turning them off via your phone when out gardening, washing the car, or moving around near the cameras etc. If you don’t, the camera will keep tripping resulting in many messages being sent to your phones. The camera also has the ability to learn via AI to only be activated by humans and not by animals or cars for example. Overall for the price this is a terrific device and I am very happy with it’s performance to date. Well done ieGeek!

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great little security cameras for the price.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersGreat value for money. I did not want to spend a fortune and chose what I thought to be a low budget camera. These are great little cameras that are not intrusive on the building.

    Pleasantly surprised with the 2k video quality. Motion detection is spot on, however, I would like to keep the light off as I already have security lighting. Does not appear to be an option to turn that off. That said it is a great security feature.

    I have not yet put up the solar panels but will. Battery life is really impressive so far, all four have been up for 5 days now. 3 of the cameras do not see much action and are still over 90%, the main one has been used loads for recording and testing, now at 58%.

    Video recording is easy and easy to send to yourself to keep a record. Microphone is not the best, but I am more than happy as it does what we need. The talk facility is quiet. Alarm is not loud but again does the job.

    All in this is a great addition to our security and more than happy with price and quality. Easy to install, easy app. You do get a small amount of free storage which I think will be adequate but I will sign up for the unlimited cloud storage.

    Great customer service who were quick and responsive.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great value camera does that does what it is supposed to do.

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 19 From Our UsersI tried a couple of other cameras (Neos, Blink), but sent them all back as they just didn’t give the picture quality and functionality I needed.

    Purchased iGeek cameras to keep an eye on things whilst away, and here is my review:

    Pros –
    Installation: Straight out of the box, quick charge (bit about charging below). Really simple to fix the bracket, and the moveable ball joint makes positioning the camera easy.

    Connectivity: Straightforward link to WiFi using Igeek app. Simple instructions and up and running in a couple of minutes.

    Camera: robust, solid feel. Good picture quality, day and night. Best quality is only available when subscribed to cloud servers (more about subscription below). The camera has a built in security light, and whilst not a full on floodlight, does the job well allowing for colour images at night.

    App alerts: Reasonably quick to get alerts and easy to view through the app.

    Price of subscription. Biggest negative is the price of cloud subscription. It’s $2.99 per month, PER CAMERA. This could become expensive very quickly. A better subscription package model would be to have a set price for up to (x) number of cameras like others do. You can just use SD cards as storage, but you lose the functionality of having high quality images, as this is only available to subscribers.

    Charging: takes a lot longer than expected to charge. Charging from 18% has taken over 4 hours so far and still not fully charged.

    Battery life: 180 day battery life is a little dubious. I’m on 47 days and have had to charge the cameras. To be transparent, there are different degrees of battery life depending on use. The main camera that covers the main entrance, thus used most, lasts the least. And, I have everything turned on such as high quality imaging and night light. Still, if this was in a dark box, with no movement, it may just stretch to 180 days, but in my opinion will probably be 8 weeks at most of normal use (56 days)

    Overall, great cameras, good app, just let down with the subscription package.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great Cameras, Only let Down by Subscription Package