Less4Spares ProShield™ Window Tint Roll | Expert Grade

Less4Spares ProShield™ Window Tint Roll | Expert Grade Film for Cars

Less4Spares ProShield™ Window Tint Roll | Expert Grade Film for Cars, Vans, Home Windows & More | 75cm x 6m, Limo Black 5% | Superior UV, Glare & Privacy Protection | 2 Ply Enhanced Durability

Window TintUV ProtectionDurable Material

Weight: 700 g
Dimensions: 600 x 65 x 0.01 cm; 700 Grams
Brand: Less4Spares
Colour: Limo Black 5%
Dimensions: 600 x 65 x 0.01 cm; 700 Grams

7 Responses

  1. ColeIvoryqqby says:

     United Kingdom

    The tint itself looks fine when applied. The issue is, it feels rather thin and can crease during install. I had to re-apply once because of the creasing. If you know what you’re doing, this should be fine. Otherwise, be cautious. I’d recommend this product if you have experience in the field.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great quality tint film. As with all tinting it’s definitely not an easy process! Usually required cutting to precision then applying with soapy water and ensuring all the bubbles are squeezed out.

    Preparation of the surface is key as well as making sure there’s no dust particles that get stuck in between.

    The film it’s self is of great quality although separating the adhesive layer is quite tricky! If you can persevere then the outcome is great!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality product. I had to tint my back windows as my child has light sensitivity and this worked rather well. Can pop windows up and down and so far no tears or scrapes or anything in film.

    Take your time and watch a few YouTube tutorials because there is a knack to getting it just right!

  4. TaylorHartfield says:

     United Kingdom

    I put this Less4Spares ProShield Window Tint 1% on one of my windows. Instead of using a spray bottle with soapy water I used a soapy sponge on the window, then placed the sheet on it. I used a squeegee but couldn’t remove the bubbles fully. Cutting the sheet was a bit tricky even with a sharp knife but eventually I managed it.
    Make sure to find out which side to put on the window – I found it out by putting tape on both sides and pulled them apart.
    The adhesive tape which was holding the film was very sticky it left some residue, which was a bit annoying.
    When it’s dark outside and the light in the house is on you can see the inside, but it’s still better than when there’s no film on the window.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good but bit difficult to cut once on window

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The actual film feels well made and been watching lots of videos of how to use it. The tint ia really good but havent testing this for ease of install yet as havent tried that side. Tempted to use bedroom window as a guinea pig before car.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the 15% tint which is the 3rd from darkest tint as its counted by how much light can penetrate .
    In the UK , you can use this level of tint on any vehicle windows except the drivers side , front windscreen and front passenger side.

    It comes as a roll in a postal tube so its flawless and creaseless when it arrives.

    We didn’t want this for a car though , I wanted to add a tint to a window on our stairs to allow some light in but avoid fading the pictures on the wall.
    At present there is a blind but it needs replacing and as window tint was discussed as an option it was a good opportunity to try it..

    The film is massively thin and it has a backing film on it that you remove after you have cut it to shape.
    The backing stuff is on the outside of the roll and you’ll need patience and some tape to help lift it.

    Once off, the tinted film has a sticky backing, it gives quite light adhesion but on its own, will make it very hard to get placed or bubble free.
    You can assist your film application by liberally spraying the window you want to stick it to, with soapy water.
    This helps with getting bubbles out and the soapy water makes it more push about able and allows repositioning if you are careful.
    As you work the film flat, it pushes the water out and you dont end up with a permanently wet window under it.

    You’ll want a spray bottle and a microfibre cloth or good quality squeegee to help get the film on .
    The applicator that comes with it is hard plastic but it has nicks in so its not ideal.

    You get a small fold up blade for cutting edges. You may want a better tool for cutting curves, I would suggest a scalpel or something similarly pointed.

    My daughter will be using the rest of the roll on her roof windows

    This allows you to see a lit area easily through it but not an unlit area.
    So it works well to see out of during the day, adds privacy and guards against the light fading things .

    4.0 out of 5 stars No instructions. Has clear layer that you remove. Use soapy wate

  7. Steve Anderson says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve applied this type of window film any times, so I’m reasonably familiar with the process, which is always a bit fiddly, and generally a little bit heart-stopping at the point that you think for sure that you’re not going to get all the bubbles out! But with patience and a good amount of soapy water, you always do.
    A lot of the modern versions of window film I’ve used have also been self-clearing, in that they have micro-holes which slowly clear our any trapped air, giving you a really nice finish with less effort, and also mean that if the film dries, and you spot an air bubble that you missed when squeegy-ing, it’s no big deal as it’ll degass and clear in a few days. I would have loved to see this in the darker tints here.
    This film cuts very easily with its backing on though, which is nice. I generally cut a little bigger, and use a scalpel to get that final neat edge, as I always find that trying to get the film to cling with no bubbles, whilst trying to match the edges perfectly is near-impossible. As others have said, using tape to remove the backing, and being sure to spray BOTH the window and the film, makes the job easier.
    But this went on fine, the density of the tint is good and even, and I’m happy with the result.