OOHHEE Battery Charger with 8 x AAA Batteries, Intelligent

OOHHEE Battery Charger with 8 x AAA Batteries

OOHHEE Battery Charger with 8 x AAA Batteries, Intelligent LCD Screen Battery Charger, for NI-MH/NI-CD Batteries, 8 Bays Individually Charger for AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries

LP-507WE A+ (3)LP-507WE A+ (10)LP-507WE (14)LP-507WE (13)

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  1. MickeyH25lsd says:

     United Kingdom

    This charger is brilliant.I ordered a good stock of batteries as well.The individual readout for each battery separately is a great feature.It seems to charge quickly too without getting hot.Now I never run out of charged batteries.It ticks all the boxes.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good product that comes in its own box not just in plastic. Has an instruction manual and a usb lead. There are green lights in the shape of a battery that light up and down as it’s charging the battery and stays illuminated when fully charged. I like that it can charge so many batteries at one. Love this produc

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Have had to return other chargers as they were so ‘intelligent’ that they would reject and stop charging known good batteries.
    The large capacity and reliability of this unit makes it a bargain.

  4. LincolnAguirre says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a more traditional flat charger which can be quite easily hidden. Charges via USB-C (thankfully!) and seems to do a good job.
    Nice, simple display to check on charging status. Easy to remove and add batteries and charges in a reasonable time. Included AAAs seem to be good quality as well.
    A really nice option for a simple, cost effective charger for low-drain devices.

  5. JohnGottschalk says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic. Very easy to use and batteries last a good time. I just recharge overnight when they are empty and they are good to go again. I’m happy with this product and would recommend

  6. Annette5978 says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great value for money battery charger and battery set.
    With room for 8 cells and the convenience of plugging in via USB its all the charger you’ll need if you go through a lot of batteries.
    I tried it with a cell I knew was bad and it spotted it straight away and displayed an error message so it does have effective intelligence.
    Charges at a decent enough speed to keep battery life healthy.
    The supplied AAA batteries are also good

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a really good battery charger! It will charge 8 rechargeable batteries at a time and the batteries can be AA or AAA.

    The charging dock comes with 8x AAA rechargeable batteries, 2x battery storage cases and a USB charging cable. The lead isn’t overly long so you can’t charge too far away from the socket.

    The LCD screen lights up and the green bars move showing that the batteries are charging. The green bars will be full and no longer moving once the batteries reach their full charge. I’m not sure how charged the batteries were already but they were fully charged within an hour.

    This charger is very lightweight and would be ideal for travel. It claims to have Over-Charging Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Heating Protection and Short-Circuit Protection. Time will tell if these features work. I did think the batteries got quite hit whilst charging, it’s something I’ll keep an eye on.

    Usually priced at 22.99 but reduced to 19.99 currently, I think this is very reasonably priced for what you get!

    4.0 out of 5 stars Very handy!

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Fits 8 batteries and came with 8 aaa works well and doesn’t take to long to fully charge. Has an lcd screen which let’s you know how much energy each battery has.

  9. HeriberAUA says:

     United Kingdom

    You get 8xAAA 1100mAH batteries and a charger for what I think is quite a reasonable price. As I was plugging the batteries in, each bank lit up which seemed to me as though it can charge a single battery (if one were wanting to do that for whatever reason) which is unusual from previous things I’ve seen that require at least two at once.

    The batteries seemed to be around 20-25% full and charged to full within a couple of hours. I can’t say exactly but it did feel quite quick.

    I am slightly bothered by just how warm the batteries got. I know it’s completely normal but these did feel a little bit too warm for my liking, regardless, it did the job with no problems. I’ll keep an eye on it and update if any issues, I do go through a lot of batteries.

    It does claim to have a lot of protection such as:

    – Over-Charging Protection

    – Over-Current Protection

    – Over-Voltage Protection

    – Over-Heating Protection

    – Short-Circuit Protection

    Although there’s no real way for me to personally test this, I’ll take them at their word.

    I’m happy with this little charger, there’s nothing outstanding about it but it does the job relatively quick and well. If I do need to nitpick then I’d say the batteries don’t click in as well as they could, although this didn’t seem to effect the charging.

    For 22.99 (currently 20.69) I think it’s a good deal considering you get 8x1100mAH AAA batteries. Plus there’s a 20% voucher which saves an extra couple of quid.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good charge

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have another one of these chargers, but got this one too as it had the batteries with it. The charger has a clear screen for charging indicators and connects via USB C. The only thing I found, like my other one, that charging take a little longer that expected. But other than that, this is a solid battery charger and batteries, offering good value for money.

  11. CarrolEllison says:

     United Kingdom

    This battery charger from OOHHEE comes safely boxed together with two sturdy plastic boxes of batteries, 4 AAAs in each. The instructions say to use the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable but I used one of mine instead as it’s better and longer. Any 5V2A power source will do. I’ve used the charger plugged into a USB hub, charger plug and extension lead with no issues.

    Build quality seems OK, the charger is lightweight plastic but does have a light-up screen showing battery charge levels. When a battery is inserted the corresponding indicator lights up – it flashes when charging and stays lit when charging is complete. The instructions say to turn the charger off before removing the batteries so when using all the slots it’s a little annoying having to wait for everything to finish.

    Inserting and removing batteries is easy enough and the charger supports AAs as well. The white colour makes everything easy to see. I’m happy with overall performance. All the charging bays work fine and it doesn’t get too hot so I’m very happy with this battery charger.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Decent charger with 8 AAA batteries

  12. Dealightfully Frugal says:

     United Kingdom

    This rechargeable battery set up is a perfect start with the dock for both AA & AAA means it gives me the variety of both the main batteries needed market wise and the fact this charger also came with 8 AAA batteries is a huge plus for me and I much prefer being able to use then recharge over and over than having to use disposable batteries these days. Although it doesn’t come with the AA batteries as part of the package then these are easy to purchase and add to the family of rechargeables. Charging the AAA was in the port using a type C usb lead is very easy and charges really well it also shows up on the LED whether the batteries are charging well or if there’s a issue which is perfect to know in advance so I’m able to remedy asap. In my opinion this is a great set to get started with.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal!

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I not had a usb battery charger before but I’m quite impressed with this one. Even mire do that it comes with 8 AAA rechargeable batteries.
    The batteries can be charged using the included lead plugged into a mains adapter or a power bank, even in the car.
    It can charge up to 8 AAA or AA batteries or a combination of them.
    The green lights on the screen make it easy to see the state of charge for each battery
    Good value considering you get the charger and 8 batteries

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good value and easy to use