Smart Watch for Men Women Answer/Make Calls, 1.85

Smart Watch for Men Women Answer/Make Calls

Smart Watch for Men Women Answer/Make Calls, 1.85″ Smartwatch, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, 100+ Sports, IP68 Waterproof Fitness Smartwatches Compatible with Android IOS

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16 Responses

  1. ShelleyCheatham says:

     United Kingdom

    The smartwatch is user friendly, light and does everything I was expecting. It was a great acquisition for my exercise routine and I recommend it if you’re looking to try one of these for the first time.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a gift. Synced with phone no problem and notified when message recieved and can call via watch.
    Surprised on how well it worked for the money.
    Its a good introductory smart watch or a good budget smart watch.
    It has multiple modes and fitness modes.
    This was a bargain at this money.

  3. ShayPWZUapood says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m over the moon with this smart watch!
    I was looking for something cheaper yet good to replace my broken Apple Watch and this watch exceeded my expectations! From the design, comfort and functions I can say it’s just as good as the original Apple device! Highly recommend!

  4. EmeliaHuang says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price this watch is very good value I have it 3 weeks and I can’t find fault with it battery life is better than I thought it would be at least 5 days.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this as i needed a quick replacement for my Fitbit, must say pleasantly surprised on how nice this is and has the added bonus of being able to read my messages etc. The only thing i wished is that the app recorded how long i have walked for, it only gives the steps.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is my second smart watch with the first being a more basic model, so I really appreciate some of the extra features, like being able to answer calls, better quality straps, bigger screen and better visibility of messages, to name a few.

    For cons: I don’t like how the screen doesn’t take the whole of the face of the watch and if it us going to be smaller, it should at least be centred. But I have found this to be the case with all this type of smart watch, both the two I had and also other private brands purchased by family members.

    Also I think there could be better battery low indicators or notifications.

    Having said that, this is a good budget smart watch with all the features you would expect.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Good smart watch

  7. DianneEGFA says:

     United Kingdom

    Update… The watch stopped working after a few weeks and I have had to return it.

    I’m really enjoying using the watch. It’s quite accurate and the choice of watch face is huge. The only thing I can pick on is that the rose gold one comes with a nasty silver buckle. I thought the buckle would be the same as the front but hey ho! Bit of a chuff that is.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Seems a great smart watch with all the functions and useful in many ways especially for the price! Only issue I have is the sleep analysis. Last night it said I had over 5 hours of deep sleep vs around 1-2 hours a night previously on my Fitbit. Considering 1-2 hours of deep sleep is more factually accurate I am questioning the sudden big difference! Plus it dosent measure REM sleep. Anyway, that’s just one of the many functions and they only go by movements and breathing to measure sleep properly, and even then it’s not fully spot on. Just seems way out on that measurement. Otherwise all good! A hit big on my skinny wrist but at least I can read things in the screen 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Mostly quite good. I rated the sleep tracking low because I found it annoying to wear the watch in bed, otherwise on the one occasion I wore it, it did work. The sellers claim that a single battery charge can last up to a week, is greatly exaggerated. It needs charging EVERY DAY, however it doesn’t take long to fully charge. The phone connection works well, I’ve used it a couple of times to answer my phone OK. All in all, I’m pleased with it, considering the price.

  10. LovieGUCwtdv says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersHas a vibrating ‘smart alarm’ that I thought would wake me at the best time in my sleep cycle, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Heart rate monitor seems reasonable, except when taken off to charge it seems to register an exceptionally high pulse rate. Oxygen saturation monitor also seems very good, only once has it recorded an anomalous value, which I noticed immediately and repeated.
    App allows you to select the notifications from your phone that you want, and you can select whether you answer or decline calls remotely. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use some of the features, but the sleep monitor and alarm were the only reasons I really wanted it.
    One thing I would note is that the step count is inaccurate. I have tested it walking outdoors, and it registers each step accurately, but during the working day it tells me I walk 10km, which I assuredly do not. I have verified through experiment that the watch registers each movement in, ah, ‘gentleman’s exercise’ as a step. Not, I hasten to add, that this explains my collosal distances supposedly walked at work.
    All in all, I’m very pleased with the purchase, it’s excellent value for money.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Was told by doctor to get a smart watch to keep a check of heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, as this one had decent reviews and was on offer I ordered one. Arrived earlier than was originally stated, was well packaged. When I started to set up the watch with my phone through the “Gloryfit” app it was a bugger, could not get the two to pair up, even asked if others had had the same issue and they had, eventually out of nowhere a link was made and the phone and watch working well together. Heart rate monitor seems okay with rough check of counting my pulse. Step counter seems to either not count some steps or adds a few when I walk from front room to kitchen. The button is a bit trigger happy, so if you are wearing in bed overnight make sure the button cannot be easily activated as this will flatten the battery meaning you lose all information.
    The watch has loads of different activities to set information to and plenty of different watch face layouts to chose from including customising with personal photos if wanted.
    As I have nothing to compare this watch to I have given four stars as it gives the health information I need, has plenty of options and was a reasonable price.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Only issue with sleeping record, completely wrong saying asleep when awake & vice versa. Pity as everything else great, looks good, plenty face choices, good size screen & great for notifications if phone not on you!
    Definitely use again & if friend wanted smart watch would recommend this rather than pay 300 for exactly same info. Have heart & lung issues so good to have quick updates which this gives!

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Can answer calls ,play music and gets messenger notifications once synced with phone and kinda thats it besides the fitness readings,misleading description as theres no notification from whatsapp and menu has no photo camera either.Sync through GloryFit app which is awful, took me 1 h to manage to make it sync and work on a Samsung S20 FE ,to manage to change the clock face took me 2 h as it wouldn’t send it to the clock.I bought it to be able to answer emergencies calls while at work and it does that.As I got it already chipped I wonder how long it will last tho.

    4.0 out of 5 stars It camed slightly chipped

  14. AlicaZealdh says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersGrew tired of battery operated watches and felt like taking a step on the wild side 😉 Didn’t want to break the bank spending a shedload of money on a smart watch and this came up as a great alternative to that. The reviews were mixed and I really didn’t know what to think but took a chance and have had no regrets ! The battery life is excellent ! Can easily go three to four days after having it fully charged without worrying too much about it lasting. Another great feature are the many options of watch faces to choose from the Gloryfit app which is pretty cool. The app features are functional though the sleep monitoring feature and heart rate feature aren’t accurate. It also doesn’t accurately detect when the watch is being worn or not and so will vibrate when on a surface with no movement for sometime alerting the ‘wearer’ they’ve been sitting for too long. That aside, I’m enjoying the main function it serves which is telling the time and me not having to worry about replacing the battery and instead put it to charge when needed.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis smart watch is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much on their first smart watch to see whether it is something they would make use of going forward. I have used it mainly for going running with. The screen face is really bright so it’s easy to keep track of time while running. The GPS doesn’t seem to be particularly accurate tracking distance ran but I have the strava app on my phone to track this more accurately. On a 10k run it can be anything from 0.5 to 0.8k out over the same distance. There is plenty of exercise options on the watch but I have only used the running option so couldn’t comment on others. Guessing the step counter only works when you swing your arms as when I am out pushing the pram it doesn’t show any steps taken but counts all steps when running. Also tracks heart-rate. Overall would say its a decent starting point for a smart watch. Can’t knock the price of it, very good value.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThis is my first watch and I have nothing to compare it with due to the lack of experience, however it seems pretty good. Especially for 25 I roughly bought it for while it was on sale. I wouldn’t say it’s really necessary for me to have a watch after a little experience I got, but generally it could be really useful in some cases.

    I didn’t check the so-called watch-call-phone features because my phone doesn’t work with them for some reason. But my phone is pretty old and not really common. OnePlus 5T. But maybe I screwed somewhere in the app settings, possibly. Maybe it works with OnePlus 8 Pro which I got as well and a newer models, but I didn’t check it. I’m not really interested in these kind of features.
    Regardless, all the rest features work pretty well. Except of steps-counter which works not really accurate in my case. I made 5 steps and it counted them as 8 steps, but tbf I’m a tall guy 6′ 6″ and I see how it works. It doesn’t count specifically your steps, but converts your passed meters/feet to general steps a general human takes. It is how it is.

    The so-called passed-distance-counter seems to work pretty well to me. I didn’t count, but I just believe those digits I see on the screen after. Seems pretty accurate.

    Battery lasts for about 3-4 days in my case as I noticed.

    Didn’t check the sleep tracking as well because my bed is right next to the wall and I don’t wanna smash the screen against the wall while sleeping. I take it off.

    In conclusion, for me it works good enough.
    I can definitely recommend this watch as a first watch, however I wouldn’t say I recommend it as a second/third watch you consider to buy because I don’t know how good it is compared to other ones.
    You have to check another reviews to make sure.