UK To US Plug Adaptor – USA Travel Adapter With USB 2 USB C

UK To US Plug Adaptor - USA Travel Adapter With USB 2 USB C & 2 USB A [PD20W] Fast Charger American Plug Adapter UK To US

UK To US Plug Adaptor – USA Travel Adapter With USB 2 USB C & 2 USB A [PD20W] Fast Charger American Plug Adapter UK To US, Canada Travel Adapter For America Thailand Mexico Jamaica, etc (Type B)

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KVOLTT UK to US Travel Adapter Plug with USB is compatible for countries using Type B Plugs including:

USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Kaiman Islands, American Samoa, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican, Ecuador, El Salvador,Haiti, Nicaragua, Palau, Honduras, Jamaica, Laos, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan and more countries.

Plug Type Type B Type E/F Universal
No of USB C ports 2 2 1
No of USB A ports 2 2 4
Single USB C Output 20W 20W 15W
Compatible Countries USA, Canada, Thailand, Mexico Germany, France, Spain, Greece ,Turkey Worldwide

17 Responses

  1. KindraYBOksi says:

     United Kingdom

    I really want to love this little gadget. There are lovely little touches like it coming with a travel bag, and the travel adapter including more USB charging ports than you can shake a stick at, even including a 20W PD. It is smaller than many travel adapters I have used before which is a particular bonus too.
    The box it comes in is equally compact and clearly displays what the product is, comes with an image of it, matching branding, and clear details on what it can and cannot be used for.
    It gets quite warm while in use

    There is just one fair issue – every time something is plugged in to a USB socket (and sometimes at random), the power is briefly cut. This is particularly noticeable if you are charging something which will chime when it starts charging, or are running a USB lamp through it as the light wil turn off and on again and the device will chime.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Neat all-in-one - resets readily

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is so small and compact – I love it. And yet it has everything you need for travelling to the USA and other countries on the list. A great variety of ports, including 2 pin ports (for shavers and the like I guess) at the bottom side of it.

    Note that this is not a voltage adaptor (which is clearly written on the packaging), as the USA uses 120v and in the uk we use 220v, however this will work find for charging things like mobile phones, portable mini humidifiers – just might be a tad slower. But if you are using a heated appliance (hairdryer, straighteners, travel kettle etc) which need more power, you should check if your appliance is a dual voltage one. If not, you may need to buy a voltage adaptor. Do your own research on this to make sure.

    Finally, I do think the price of 14.99 (price at time of writing this review) is steep for this type of item and I have taken a star off the review for this reason.

  3. lasvegasnvblog says:

     United Kingdom

    I used this product for 3 weeks on my trip to the USA.
    This was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect so thought this was the safe bet as it has
    USB Charging – Both charging ports worked fine
    USBC Charging – Easy to use and charge
    Regular UK 3 pin plug – Handy to plug in my hair straighteners and dryer. ( must be dual voltage or support 110V charging)

    – You can charge multiple devices at the same time however I have noticed that the charging power does decrease the more you add to it. So if you are charging a few devices they may take longer to charge than if it was just one. If you have many devices that you need charging fast you may need to get a couple adapter plugs.

    + The plug itself feels quite robust and durable. It survived 3 weeks of constant use, a few drops and a very long travel by plane there and back. I had no issues at all fitting this into the wall socket or removing it.

    + Comes with a handy little travel pouch.

    Overall Im going to give it 8/10 as I feel like 14.99 is a little too steep for plug adaptor. I have seen quite a few around and below the 10 mark which is where I feel it would be a good price. If the price changes lower I would give 5 stars.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Charge Lots Of Devices With One Plug.

  4. Russell33M says:

     United Kingdom

    Got this for my holiday, so haven’t used it yet, it is just what I need, and having the usb on it to charge my camera and tablet etc is great.

  5. CortezBSGn says:

     United Kingdom

    I travel to the Caribbean once a year and always end of taking a few plug adaptors. The problem is sometimes the hotel will only have one usable plug, so it’s a pain having to try to charge multiple devices, camera batteries etc.

    I had never seen these before with additional USB sockets, so got this as soon as I noticed it. Having tested it out, it works great and will save me having to rely upon multiple adaptors and hoping there is space in the hotel. Recommended!

    5.0 out of 5 stars What a space Save

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived quickly with Amazon Prime.

    This is a nicely laid out unit that offers a combination of the 3 pin plug, USB and USB C, thus converting a single NA socket to a more flexible solution for the traveller. This of course does not convert the power so it will only take devices that support 110v through the 3 pin plug.

    I have used it for the mains power and for charging through either the USB and USB C connectors. I did find that the powering through the USB types limited to the power available to them, that is I could not power both my iPhone and my Apple watch at the same time, this is not that different from other offerings so don’t think that this makes this unit any less of its competitors, but also don’t think you only need this for all your power needs if you charge multiple devices at once.

    The unit is made very well and is robust in its design. All the ports are easily accessible and it sits in the 110v wall socket well.

    I used this item for 2 weeks whilst in Mexico and it worked well with no issues.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We are lucky enough to travel quite a lot and have a separate bag for plugs, adapters and so on. This little bit of kit has just made the job a lot easier as it combined many functions into one unit.

    In the one socket you can put in 2 USB-C cables along with two older USB devices. It is a good build quality and very sturdy indeed.

    It works in many countries as well which is a real bonus and it is proving very useful indeed.

    It comes in a nice Travel pouch as well and Sent from my iPhone

  8. AlejandCollee says:

     United Kingdom

    I recently took a trip to USA andJamaica and brought along a compact multi-port USB charger. To my delight, it was the only charging device I needed for all my gadgets. The convenience of this single, portable unit can’t be overstated. Despite using various devices, I found that this charger could handle them all without a hitch. I used a simple extension for extra reach, and it fit seamlessly into my travel setup, making it a hassle-free experience. It’s efficient, reliable, and an absolute travel must-have for anyone who wants to keep their devices charged up on the go. Highly recommended for travelers to Jamaica or USA

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For me the best thing about this is a range of ports as I have a mixture of gadgets and cables. The USB ones will probably be the most used but this will save me bringing other adaptor plugs if I need to charge gadgets on other cables at the same time. It comes with a nice little pouch.
    I haven’t been able to test it in the US yet but should be travelling soon and this will definitely be coming with me.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Mixture of ports is great, saves carrying multiple adaptors

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent adapter really useful having 2 USB C ports aswell as USB A – easily coped with an iPad and 2 iPhones and a laptop (via the 3 pin plug). Got slightly warm but usual with all chargers I’ve used inc Anker.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The images provided by the seller are accurate, so please refer to those where necessary.

    This is a great adaptor plug that provides access to a UK mains supply, USB-A and USB-C sockets. It’s built well so should last a long time, and comes in a little travel bag.

    Highly recommended!

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This plug was very handy for my trip to the USA last week, I was able to charge all devices from just one plug – so perfect for people that are travelling.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a good quality plug that feels really sturdy. It comes well-packaged with a handy soft travel bag to protect it in your luggage.

    It will save packing lots of different chargers when visiting the USA. It features USB 2, USB C & 2 USB A charging sockets as well as a UK plug sockets.

    I have not yet tried this plug in the US so am unfortunately unable to comment on its performance.

  14. JosephineHarles says:

     United Kingdom

    Ordered this for our upcoming trip to the states. Don’t worry it looks like the plug will sit upside down when connected to a US socket however most US ground plugs are at the bottom. The adaptor is made from plastic and feels very sturdy and well made. It has 4 USB ports 2 are USB-A and 2 are USB-C.

    It’s a fairly small size overall which makes it perfect for traveling and with the selection of outputs very versatile. It’s pretty light too so won’t add too much to the weight of your bags. It even comes with a small bag to put the plug inside which is a nice touch.

    Great product, I look forward to using it.

    5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect travel plug

  15. Validee says:

     United Kingdom

    Great adapter! I was looking for an adapter with 2 USB-C ports since most of my devices now require USB-C outlets, and this one is very convenient. One of the USB-C ports delivers 20W of power, and when I tested it, it indeed charges faster. The inclusion of the travel bag is also helpful for keeping my adapters and cables organized in one place. The quality of the adapter looks great. I highly recommend it.

  16. ShawnMajeski says:

     United Kingdom

    I really do like this unit. It’s a great price compared to its competitors and has the bonus of the 20w fast charging port. Very handy to have this. Also one standard USB C and two standard USB. Tested last week and works superbly. The total load capability is 13A which is more than enough for any reasonable, well loaded use.
    Unlike many other adapters, this one comes with a nice small carry bag. A good little extra!
    Quality wise it feels very nice in the hand and is beautifully assembled. About 5 years ago I bought some adapters that were of hideous quality compared to this unit. Modern production methods have come a long, long way!
    Very happy with this product and strongly recommended!

    5.0 out of 5 stars Excelle

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    at the time of this review, you can then get this UK to USA travel adapter for around 13, which is good value
    first thing to note is this is a type B USA, travel adapter.
    In the USA, they have two different types of sockets, some are earthed and some are not.
    This type B adapter is for an earthed socket And it will not fit into a socket, which is not earthed because the Earth pin is fixed in place on this plug and has nowhere to go when faced with a two pin socket..
    I’m off to United States in less than two weeks I’ll be taking this adapter with me along with a type A adapter just in case.
    I will need access to a mains supply socket in the USA for a breathing machine. If you’re at all concerned about whether an appliance that you have to plug-in is going to work in United States of America, just have a look at the information label usually on the back or underneath the machine or on an in-line transformer. That will provide information saying either if it will work between 100 to 230 V, which is perfect or
    If it says it only works to work at 230/240 V there’s no point to bring it with you because it won’t work in the USA.
    Hope the video initially is helpful, especially if you were not aware of those two different types of sockets in the United States of America. I have attached a photograph of the regions this adapter can cover.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Type b adapter for USA