VIRAN Smart Watch Military for Men Answer Make Calls Voice

VIRAN Smart Watch Military for Men Answer Make Calls Voice Assistant 5ATM Waterproof Rugged Smartwatch 100 Sports Modes Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Fitness Tracker Tactical Smartwatch for iOS Android

VIRAN Smart Watch Military for Men Answer Make Calls Voice Assistant 5ATM Waterproof Rugged Smartwatch 100 Sports Modes Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Fitness Tracker Tactical Smartwatch for iOS Android

VIRAN Military Smartwatch for Men

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Music control and Music Player

When the smart watch is paired with “FitCloudPro” app, open the music from your mobile phones and find “Player” from C21 pro. You can pause/play previous song,next song.

You can play the music on the watch when your mobile phones connected with smart watch (Need to open the “Audio bluetooth” on the watch).


Click and push “Weather Forecast” in the app, You will know the weather condition timely, change your clothes accordingly and easily plan your travel.

More Dials and customize watch faces

Paired with “FitCloudPro” app (Do not connected directly via bluetooth).

Open the “FitCloudPro” app to find watch faces that you can choose any one you want.

If you want to upload your photos to watch faces, please choose the “Edit” to customize watch faces.

9 Responses

  1. SuzanneCWS says:

     United Kingdom

    I wasn’t sure when I ordered this watch what to expect,but I am very pleasantly surprised by its….good battery life,loads of features, and all at a fair price,I’ve had it for 3 months now and so far so good.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersHaving purchased this watch a few weeks ago I was going to return it as of it’s second charge, because after first charge it lasted 7 days I then recharged it and it only lasted 10 hours. At this point I set up a return. Since then I charged it for a 3rd time and after 6 days it had discharged from 100% to 30%. It has now been charged again from the 30% to 100%(4th) charge. I will leave an update in a few days and decide if I should keep it or return it.. All concerns sorted with my watch, really excellent customer service and communication, the watch is now set up and working as expected. I have now given it 5 stars highly recommended.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this watch to wear to work . It needs to be able to take a right few knocks and be waterproof. So far ( 6 weeks ) it has ticked all the boxes and I’m happy with my purchase. Looks good also and has some really good functional features. Would buy again.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersAs the title says, this is the first time owning a smart watch, so I didn’t know what to expect. For my sons birthday he asked for an Apple Watch. I spent around 540 for the watch plus apple care. As a comparison, I’ve paid 59 for this watch, and the company has already written to me informing of the two year warranty. It connects with both iOS and Android. Once you download the app you can push different face screens to change its appearance, and 100 faces to choose from. It has heart rate monitor, step counter, and sleep monitor, weather monitor, and exercise monitor. It has a large face with a brilliant retinal display. It has a level 8 water resistance rating, and is American made. The only downside I’ve come across so far, I haven’t found a way to delete preset exercises so I can push other more usable ones over. But at a savings of nearly 9x what I paid for the Apple Watch, I’m hella pleased!!!

  5. Lucas Coll says:

     United Kingdom

    This watch is absolutely fantastic it measures all my body functions and it also is very smart in appearance. I am from the older generation that finds modern technology a bit off putting but this watch is easy to use and after a short while one can manage all the functions. Where ever I go people look at it and ask about it. I can’t praise this watch enough. It is easy to charge and once fully charged the battery life is fantastic I get over a week of use time without a need to recharge.
    It is very well made and strong I am a bit clumsy due to disability and I have accidentally hit the watch against different surfaces without any damage to say it strong is an understatement. Would I recommend this brand most certainly I have diffidently become a supporter of this brand and will go back to them for other watches in the future.

  6. YettaRoussel says:

     United Kingdom

    Was looking for a sensibly priced smart watch that would suit my requirements, looks good and seems to be fairly accurate for fitness activities and health stats . Very pleased would recommend

  7. Craig Jones says:

     United Kingdom

    After using this for 2-3 weeks I’m still really pleased with it. The biggest surprise was the battery life, I can go over a week between charges, compared to my old Samsung watch that wouldn’t last over 1 days. I get most of the notifications the same as Samsung, only they don’t display as well on this watch, I could read full messages on the Samsung, this one I only see the 1st line or so. Also workouts are not auto detected, i have to manually log every run or bike ride etc. Still good for the price though

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Having searched through many smart watches, I opted for this one, besides the positive reviews, I wanted a more robust watch, as yet I have not achieved the quoted 15 days battery life, but does outlast the previous two I have bought, would have liked a second strap, however the strap I have on the watch is good.

    Would recommend this watch.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersNot one for leaving reviews but having toyed with the idea of spending hundreds of pounds to buy a Samsung smart watch which would have got destroyed at work, this is really good for the low cost. I am a landscaper and this watch is great at work! The call feature is amazing quality and was easy to set up with phone. I ordered a second one just as a back up on the basis I can buy 8 of these for the cost of a Samsung (which is unable to make and receive calls).

    Even though the very few 6 reviews were good, I was very much expecting to receive something that didn’t really work but do glad I gambled. Great watch for work and doing sports.