Wireless Car Stereos for Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Wireless Car Stereos for Apple CarPlay Android Auto with Backup Camera,9.26 Inch Touch Screen Car Play Radio,Support GPS Navigation,Bluetooth 5.0,Airplay,Calling,Google/Siri,AUX,FM

carplaywireless carplay

Tips:1. Android phones do not support Mirror link; 2. Carplay needs to be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter to use; 3. The car charger in the package does not have a USB interface. If you need a car charger with a USB interface, please let us know, thank you!

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What is the compatible phone version?

Compatible with Android phone version 11.0 and above;

Compatible with Google Phone version 8.0 and above ;

Compatible with iPhone 5.0 above or IOS13 and above;

Does the carplay have built-in gps navigation?

The carplay needs to be successfully connected to the mobile phone to transfer data via WIFI and Bluetooth, and the mobile phone has to download the navigation APP to support the navigation function.

Does the rear camera support video recording?

The rear camera only supports parking assistance and does not support the video recording function;

Does Airplay support Android phones?

Airplay only supports iphones.