Biapian 40 Inch Cream Number 13 Balloons, 8PCS Large Foil

Biapian 40 Inch Cream Number 13 Balloons

Biapian 40 Inch Cream Number 13 Balloons, 8PCS Large Foil Number 1 & 3 Balloons with 18'' Cream White Heart Balloon Helium for 13th Year Old Birthday Decorations Boys Girls Baby Shower Party Supplies

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Balloons for Birthday Party

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  • Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 2 cm; 100 Grams
    Material: Foil
    Colour: Cream White
    Batteries Required: No
    Batteries Included: No
    Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 2 cm; 100 Grams
    Material: Foil

    18 Responses

    1. James Warrington says:

       United States

      I got this for my daughter’s first birthday. The size of the number one and balloons is huge, perfect and exactly what I was looking for. They looked really cute!

    2. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      Perfect for parties. Easy to inflate and set up, good seal after popping air in. My daughter really likes it for her birthday. Good quality product, sturdy and durable. Size is 40 inches for number 16 and 18 inches for 6 hearts.

    3. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      Have ordered these in advance for my Grand-daughter’s first birthday in April, therefore they haven’t actually been fully inflated yet & haven’t been tested with helium.
      Love the colour scheme & the sage green which is really fitting as our little lady is called Sage.
      So far, have given them a quick fill with a straw to make sure that they are intact but won’t actually be filling them for a few months.
      Have given the balloons 5 out of 5 as they look to be a good quality balloon but will revisit this after her 1st birthday if they don’t stand up to the task

    4. Louise says:

       United Kingdom

      Great balloons. The quality is really good. They look fantastic. You get a small straw to inflate them, which is super easy to inflate. The number balloon and some of the additional balloons can also be tied by string using some loops that the balloons have at the top. Seem to keep air in well. Very happy!

    5. MaudeHepps says:

       United Kingdom

      This set is brilliant value for money. The number balloons are a great size as well as the smaller heart balloons. Neutral tones so this will fit in with most party decor. No issues with inflating either we used this for a party over the weekend.

    6. PhilDevereaux says:

       United Kingdom

      This balloon set has a beautiful neutral colour palette of cream, dusky pink and bronze.

      The numbered balloon is large and has 5 tie points, it can be inflated with helium and you would probably just want to use one or all of the 3 lower tie points or if inflating with air you can hang it using the top two tie points.

      There are 6 heart shaped foil balloons with 2 of each colour. These only have 1 tie point at the bottom.

      Overall this is a beautiful set of neutral coloured birthday balloons. I like the quality and would purchase again.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Neutral set of balloons 🎈

    7. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      No instructions were supplied with my balloons so you might not realise that the supplied plastic tube has to go underneath the green arrows in the valve, otherwise you could split the neck of the balloon. You can’t inflate these without a tube but any drinking straw would suffice.

      I suspect the balloons are made from mylar so might be quite a bit stronger than they look. Small holes or tears could probably be repaired with sticky tape.

      The larger balloons can take about five or ten minutes to blow up with your mouth, so allow plenty of time and watch out for dizzy spells. Ideally, use something like a low pressure airbed pump but be very careful not to overinflate.

      With the tube inserted, gently grip the material around the tube to stop it leaking while you’re inflating but the internal flap valve will take over as the pressure increases.

      As a test, I left the large balloons inflated for two days and there was no sign of any leaks. In fact, the flap inside the balloon stops it deflating even when you reinsert the tube but they are not single use. The trick is to insert a length of wire (or a zip tie) about 250 mm long into the tube and this will open the internal flap to let the air out. The supplied tube is a bit too short.

      These balloons are great, nicely made, and they should really brighten up the dullest party.

    8. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      You get the number ’30’ and six heart balloons in this set. I am not keen on the heart balloons with this set as I got it for a male’s 30th birthday so would have preferred star shaped or circle shaped but I could use the hearts another time for another occasion. The heart shaped balloons are small.

      The fact that you get two 40 inch numbers in this pack is great and then the helium can be filled either at home or at a shop. It does have the straws to fill up with normal air but these large balloons tend to look better filled with helium. Competitive price for two 40 inch balloons.

    9. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      I ADORE THIS BALLOON SET !!! The heart ballons were such a cute touch ! I loved the cream to brown colour scheme ! It actually paired really well with rose gold !!! The balloons were amazing quality ! I actually blew up the number 3 balloon with the straw they provided ! I didn’t have access to helium on short notice so I decided to blow it up the old-fashioned way and it surely didn’t disappoint !!! Whilst it didn’t remain in the air, the balloon simply became a prop in the birthday girls’ photoshoot ! Absolutely amazing quality ! Overall, I’d recommend for sure !!!

    10. Kent German says:

       United Kingdom

      Got these for a 61st suprise birthday party I threw. The balloons looked great, and we’re easily inflated, you get a straw to use with or without a balloon pump. Lovely balloons and colours, very happy with them.

    11. KateFiorini says:

       United Kingdom

      This balloon set is made with very pretty colours with a more matte sheen that looks luxury in my opinion. They are quite easy to inflate and hold the air securely. Good value for the price.

    12. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      Really impressed with these balloons

      they looked fab for a family members 40th birthday celebrations.

      Super happy and put a big smile on someone’s face for their special day.

      Good quality latex too.

    13. MindyKulakowski says:

       United Kingdom

      I have purchased the Number 10 Balloon set in Champagne Gold for my Daughter’s 10th.
      The balloons are nice and large and super east to inflate. There was so much choice with the colours that I have seen anywhere else.
      I an happy with the balloons, the good value price and would recommend to others.

    14. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      I got these for Frozen bday party. They are perfect.
      You don’t need to use helion for these. They come with a straw that you insert (be careful not to damage the valve) and blow them up with normal air. Can be hung from the top too. Good item, recommended.

    15. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      This is a lovely balloon set which I bought for my son’s 10th Birthday. The number balloons are big and so bright and there are 6 hearts in lovely shades of blue and silver. It’s a well-made and sturdy set and at the current price of 6.49, I would certainly rebuy it.

    16. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      Okay, this set (in my case) is two numbers and six heart balloons. I got the “13” set as my eldest will turn 13 next year, but I’m not inflating everything now as that’d be a pain, so I inflated the 1 and one of the hearts to give you an idea.

      This balloons were easy to inflate (I did use a digital tire inflator as I didn’t want moisture to be left inside them from my blowing them up myself, knowing I’d be flattening them down again) and as soon as they were fully inflated, the valve seemed to sort of seal itself off.

      To deflate again (should you wish to), you insert the provided long straw into the valve to open it up again and let the air out. However, it isn’t long enough. Luckily I had another balloon set with another straw so I pushed that one in behind the first straw and it started deflating. Then getting the first straw out again was really difficult. It must have gone past the bit of the valve that closes so it took quite a bit of fiddling to get it out again. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort, but if you had a double length straw it would work. I might see if I can sellotape my two together actually.

      Anyway, the balloons themselves (well, the ones I inflated) looks great. There are hanging points around the numbers so you don’t have the fill them with helium to display them, although you would with the hearts as they don’t have tabs at the top which is a shame. Still, you can inflate them with helium and deflate them again later if you like (though it is difficult).

      4.0 out of 5 stars Nive Set, Looks Great, Difficult to Deflate

    17. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      These foil balloons feel a little flimsy but should be okay for single use. My 10 year old horrified by the 6 heart balloons even if they are in shades of blue! Perhaps stars would be more neutral.

    18. Edwardmn says:

       United Kingdom

      Lovely matte finish which is what I was looking for! Inflated easily and stays up and inflated for a long time. The hearts are lovely and the shades are just like the picture!