BQKOZFIN Universal Speaker Stands 1 Pair, Desktop Metal

BQKOZFIN Universal Speaker Stands 1 Pair

BQKOZFIN Universal Speaker Stands 1 Pair, Desktop Metal Monitor Audio Speaker Stands for Surround Sound & Book Shelf Speakers (Regular)

Speaker StandSpeaker StandSpeaker Stand

10 Responses

  1. Jordan Milham says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve never thought of investing money into a speaker stand, and I wasn’t expecting much from this, even though to me it’s not exactly cheap.

    But receiving the parcel and feeling how heavy it is, unpacking it and feeling it, I feel like it is somewhat worth the money. It is very sturdy and heavy, with good materials. Minimalistic and does the job. I am glad I’ve bought it and it’s a great upgrade to my speaker setup!

    Recommend it if you want something entry level

    5.0 out of 5 stars Really sturdy and good

  2. HildegaTubbs says:

     United Kingdom

    Great 2 small speakers stands,great build quality,size and color,cant find anything else in this price range for my Dali zensor centre speaker so i order this one and i am so happy with the purchase,highly recommended

    5.0 out of 5 stars 2 small speaker stands

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Why do self assembly products no longer have instructions? I suspect it may be due to language differences as a recently purchased kitchen item came with instructions that resembled hieroglyphs. Incomprehensible.
    Anyway I did manage to work out how to assemble these and they are incredibly good. No idea where the sticky pads were meant to go so I probably got that wrong but my whafedales are at the right height on my desk and sound amazing.
    But minus a star for not having any instructions.

  4. DCTLyndondvrbu says:

     United Kingdom

    No assembly instructions which would have been helpful considering these are not symmetrical and have offset screws. But was able to figure it out from the photos. Very solid and sturdy – they hold my 15kg Behringer Truth B2031 speakers with no issues despite being heavier than the stands can officially hold, and the foam pads are nice (I used the big ones on top and bottom). Overall very happy with these and they look great too.

  5. Brandon Widder says:

     United Kingdom

    Well made and feel quality for a cheap desk top stand. Would be amazing if they were height adjustable in their designthey weren’t advised as this but would be a nice extra.

  6. Jamika2945 says:

     United Kingdom

    These are rock solid speaker stands. I use them either side of my monitor for my sim rig, and they do a great job for low slung speaker stands. They are more for desk tops though. Easy to assemble, literally took minutes, and with the stick on pads, they absorb any rattles and add to the depth of the sound quality. Very good overall, I’m impressed.

  7. PetraJustus says:

     United Kingdom

    I have them on my desk with large 5″ woofer studio monitors (8″ square cabinets) on them, using them for reference when mixing and mastering.

    They are heavy as you expect from “proper” speaker stands and easy to assemble. I think any speakers larger than my Presonus speakers may begin to be top heavy but you rarely have anything larger on a desk and these are really desktop ones, to lift the speakers so that the tweeter is ear height. If you don’t need that, I suggest foam pad bases instead anyway.

    They are about as cheap as you can find on Amazon but the weight alone gives confidence and listening critically, (as per my use of them) I think they are very good indeed, not just “for the money.”

  8. David Priest says:

     United Kingdom

    Very stable stand, well finished. Value? I only gave four stars because it does seem a lot of money for two flat plates and four square uprights sold for your own assembly! Still, I chose to pay the money and got a good product.

  9. LydiaJessup says:

     United Kingdom

    Not too much to say except they are very good value and although the items I received differed slightly from the Amazon information it was not an issue. Easy enough to assemble for me the trickiest part was making sure the foam strips were straight – I am a bit OCD when it comes to things being straight & perfect at least when new

  10. IndiraGebhardt says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a good solid speaker stand made from thick steel and box section. It also has large foam pads on both sides to absorb vibrations and stop then from being transferred through the mount.

    However it loses 1 star due to something silly by the manufacturer. When I first opened the box I noticed the bag of screws and a hex key, which I naturally assumed was for assembling the unit. I took the box to my office for assembly and installation. When I started to assemble the mounts I quickly realised the supplied screws were posi-drive and not hex drive screws. The supplied hex key was of no use and I had not brought a screwdriver with me. I had to travel 6 miles back to my house to pick up a screwdriver, which was rather annoying.
    I can only assume as it included a hex key the screws should have been hex drive and that the wrong screws had been supplied.

    Other than that time wasting annoyance they are great.