Braun PowerCase, Electric Shaver Charging Case, Compatible

Braun PowerCase

Braun PowerCase, Electric Shaver Charging Case, Compatible with Braun Series 9 & 8 Electric Shavers, Up to 6 Weeks of Shaving, 50% More Battery

Braun Series 9 Pro PowerCase

Braun Series 9 Pro PowerCaseUp to 6 weeks of shavingPowerful Li-Ion batteryCompatibility

Powerful Li-Ion battery

Built-in Li-Ion battery helps bring up to +50% more shaver runtime. Simply place your shaver inside to get it charged wirelessly.

Shaver protection

High protection enables you to shave anytime, anywhere, while travelling or on-the-go.


PowerCase is fully compatible with Braun Series 9 and Braun Series 8 electric shavers.

SmartCare Center Cleaning Cartridge RefillPowerCaseBraun Series 9 9467ccBraun Series 9 9465cc
What you get For a shaver like new, every day Shave anytime, anywhere Braun’s best shave. No matter if 1, 3, or 7-day beard. Braun’s best shave. No matter if 1, 3, or 7-day beard.
No. of shaving elements 5 5
Advanced trimmer for tricky hair
Cutting action per minute 40,000 /min. 40,000 /min.
Flexible head adaptation 40° contour adaptation. 10 directions. 40° contour adaptation. 10 directions.
Unique Sonic Technology
Specialized precision switch
Cordless shaving time ✓ +50% battery runtime for up to 90 mins of shaving 60 mins—with 5-min quick charge option 60 mins—with 5-min quick charge option
Unique charging shaver case included
SmartCare Center included ✓ 5-in-1 ✓ 5-in-1 ✓ 5-in-1

Brand: Braun
Origin: China

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve a lot of travelling this year and when I saw this I thought it could be just the job to save space when packing. The only problem was it was not clear if it would work with my Series 9 Braun shaver as it was designed for the current Series 9 Pro, It does! The unit charges from the Braun mains lead (not provided) and has an on/off switch and a brush in the case. The first charge took about 3 hours and when I aded the razor it changed that very quickly. I’m not currently convinced it will last the 6 weeks as claimed but if I change the razor before I leave and wait until that is used I estimate it should last a good 4 weeks, but it’s a early to be accurate. Happy I bought it.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have been used the German Braun shavers for more than ten years; this is the first time I have seen this rechargeable small case, I bought it and tried it out; it feels pretty good; it has replaced the previous bag.

    The appearance and material are quite satisfactory, the size is slightly larger than the travel box before, but it is acceptable. The charge level has not been carefully tested, but after a rough test, it should be possible to halfly charge the shaver once. Very convinent for travel or trip.

  3. Harley10Nz says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis is a good quality charging case for Braun Series 9 and Series 8 electric shavers for men. It is made of durable, strong materials which protects the shaver from knocks and scratches.
    I have a series 9 shaver which fits snugly in the case and there is a space for the little cleaning brush so you can keep it safe with the shaver when you are traveling. The interior of the case is well designed to ensure the shaver does not rattle around inside it and is therefore very well protected. The case is just like a large glasses case.
    To charge the case itself, you just plug the charging cable into the top end of it and then plug the charger into the mains. A series of white lights appears inside the case to indicate the level of charge and when you close the case, there is also a series of lights in the lid to indicate the charge level. The case holds its charge well so, I have no doubt that it would be useful to recharge the shaver if I were to go travelling for an extended period. If you regularly travel (and for weeks at a time or if you are going camping for example) and don’t want to be bothered with remembering to take a charger and cable with you or you are going somewhere where there is no electricity supply, then this case is a convenient way to transport your shaver safely without having to worry about running out of charge.
    The Braun shaver I have already has a good battery life and this case is an easy way of prolonging it whilst protecting the shaver itself from damage especially when I am away from home.
    Priced at just under 90, this charging case is quite expensive but when you consider the price and quality of Series 8 & 9 Braun shavers, it is a good way of protecting the investment you have made in the shaver.

  4. AdelaidaPeek says:

     United Kingdom

    This Braun power case is designed for you to be able to charge your Series 8 and 9 shavers simply by placing your shaver into it and turning it on. It has a suede leather feel to it and is basically a big power bank that transfers its own battery charge into your shaver. It is charged by plugging into the mains with your power cable that came with your original shaver, as it doesn’t come with one, as it expects you to already have it. It has a charge indicator so you can tell how much charge is remaining in the charger itself.

    To charge your shaver you simply place it in the cradle and press the power button on the case and you’ll see your shavers charge meter start to flash to indicate it’s charging. You can also close the lid and you can see the charging level of the shaver through a window.

    I’m finding it a little hard to recommend though as I can’t see the point as it feels it’s been created just for the sake of it. The shaver has a good week of charge in it already and if you’re going away for longer then it would be less bulky to take the charging lead with you. In saying that though, it is a very nice charging case and allows you to protect the shaver while it’s in your bag and with the convenience that it’ll charge it too. The price is a little on the expensive side too, so it seems to be more of a luxury item than something that is essential to get the most out of your shaver.

    If this is the type of thing you are after then this is a good, quality case with charging capabilities

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersWhen I received the BRAUN PowerCase and unpacked it I was a little taken aback at the size of it. True, it was a rather lovely looking piece of kit but the actual shaver it is intended to hold is about half the overall size volume of the PowerCase. This made me question a few things…

    The PowerCase is finished in a medium grey, soft-to-touch matte covering. It has very smooth and stylish lines and looks like it would score well in a wind tunnel with its sleek aerodynamic appearance. It really is seriously impressive. The name is cleanly printed along the front of the case and other than that there’s just a see-through small window that shows the charge state of the shaver inside.

    The case opens and the inside is a nice as the outside, very well finished in black plastic, with some soft-touch areas where the shaver may touch the interior surfaces during travel etc. On the inside is an indicator showing the charge state of the case’s built-in battery. The internal battery is only 1300mAh which I would have thought could have been much larger considering the price of the PowerCase and its large size – plus the fact that you would only want one of these cases for its extra power facility for the shaver and the 1300mAh does not engender a “wow” factor. The Series 8 shaver can last three to four weeks with it’s own built-in battery. The PowerCase only claims to give 50% extra battery life.

    I was a little surprised that the PowerCase did not come with a charging cable and you are expected to use your own/old cable. For a case costing nearly 90 I think it could be reasonably expected to include a cable (or make the PowerCase charging socket a standard USB fitting?).

    There’s no doubt that the Braun PowerCase is a top quality very typical Braun product but it’s a considered purchase and when the shaver is inside it you’ll find it adds a fair weight and volume to your luggage! When the sole Braun shaver can keep going for a typical month’s shaving (unless you have a particularly heavy beard growth) then I can’t think of where one would be travelling to warrant the extra bulk and weight of the PowerCase. Maybe the PowerCase is more appealing purely as an atttractive accessory, which it definitely is, but personally I would have to weigh up whether it’s needed for any trips I might undertake (and I don’t honestly see the need for a PowerCase like this purely for home use, that would be over-kill).

    It’s nice, it’s expensive looking but from a practical point of view I can only give this a 4 Star rating because of the reasons mentioned above.

    4.0 out of 5 stars A really smart, top quality accessory, typical top-notch manufacturing from Braun.

  6. vrakhmanin says:

     United Kingdom

    I travel a lot with work and its not the first time Ive forgot to charge the razor before I go. I dont like to carry the original charger with me as takes up to much room in my carry all. This case has solved that problem. Chuck the Razor inside and throw it in the bag. The Razor Charges while I travel so no worries there now (I Just need to remember to charge the case) luckily this charges pretty quickly when I’m home and the battery last for weeks. Im never away for more than 2 weeks and theres been plenty charge left in the battery when I get home. The hard case means no risk of the razor being damaged either so win win. I love the charge lights on the inside and out so I can see at a glance the state of Charge. Very happy with this case, perfect for anyone that travels a lot.

  7. Dan Grabham says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis travel charger only works with the Braun series 8 and 9 sonic shavers. Now the instruction are a the shaver are waste of time but its easy to use. It doesn’t come with a charge cable you use the one that comes with your shaver. There’s 3 lights on the inside of the case and when all 3 are lit that’s full charge and your good to full charge about a few hours it doesn’t state in the instructions. At the side of the 3 lights there’s a start, stop button. You place your shaver into the shipped case press the button and you will see your shavers charge lights start to flash to let you know charge as started you can close the case as there’s a little window so you can keep an eye on the status of the charge once charged press the off button and your good to go. Child’s play. The case in the outside is like a suede leather and very luxurious almost to good to use. It’s solid and would take a few knocks this is a great add on to the world traveler which will give you 6 weeks of shaving unless you use the 50% boost which will knock that down a bit to activate place the shaver in the case as for normal charge then then hold the start button down until the lights flash that’s as the pic show you in the instructions like I say they are not very clear.All in all a very well thought out case and very useful for the traveler.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Traveler's dream