DOOGEE S41 Pro (2023) Rugged Smartphone, Android 12 Rugged

DOOGEE S41 Pro (2023) Rugged Smartphone

DOOGEE S41 Pro (2023) Rugged Smartphone, Android 12 Rugged Phone, 6300mAh, Max 7GB RAM, 64GB/1TB Extension ROM, 5.5″ HD+ Display, 13MP Camera, 4G Dual SIM IP68 Waterproof Phones, Face ID, NFC – Gree

DOOGEE New Product – S41 Pro (Upgraded) Rugged Smartphone Android 12

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DOOGEE S41 Pro – Mobile Phones Sim Free Unlocked

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI am quite tech savvy and after owning the major branded smart phones such as Samsungs and IPhones I thought I would see what this smart phone could and couldn’t do.
    Upon opening I was quite surprised at how well this mobile was presented, I do have to say it is most certainly up there along with the major branded ones.
    The mobile seems very good quality in the hand and very robust.
    I would say it would be a very good work mobile phone as it looks like it would take some beating for it to break but I wouldn’t like to try it, just in case.
    The camera quality on the mobile is ok, that being it is not in the same league as the main branded ones but it does indeed do the job and takes simple pictures / videos.
    In regards to processing speed, it is a tad slow for me personally and the response rate is not there straight away but if this is being used for work with simply texting and receiving / making calls then it’s ideal.
    The battery life is very good and acceptable, in fact I dare say in some cases it is better, as when you have a smart phone that simply delivers its functionality rather to all singing and dancing, well that tends to drain the battery more, but with this it’s solid and reliable, I can say that.
    I can receive my emails and have access to all my online accounts and the internet perfectly.
    Making calls are loud and clear and same for the other end, so the microphone and speaker function is excellent.
    After putting this smart phone through it’s paces I have come to the conclusion that it is fantastic for its cost and reliability.
    I can use this easily and it just works without any issues, the build quality the internal components, all work.
    It is definitely a brand to watch out for in the future as I reckon with some more hardware upgrades and small improvements, I reckon it will most definitely be up there in line with the likes of Samsung and others!
    Very happy and yes, I would very happy purchase this device again.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersComing from someone who has always opted for and recommend the big brands, this was a bit of a risk as I’ve never heard of it before. I got this for my dad because in his experience, every other phone he’d had has been too fragile, too slow or difficult to use.

    It has all the flagship features you’d expect in a newly released phone but it also comes with brilliant built-in features that encourages a long-lasting and easy-to-use experience. The phone he’d had before was an android and this has the same interface so was an easy transfer. It’s quick, clear and straightforward to set up. Took some time to transfer all the data from one phone to another but was smooth sailing from there.

    The biggest surprise about this phone was it’s strength – it’s very chunky and I’m sure I can throw it across a room with zero damage (it’s definitely had its fair share of being dropped but still looks brand new!). You can use it in extreme weathers or settings without worrying about it getting damaged. The charger port is covered, the screen comes protected and the phone case is built in and very tough. The charge is fantastic too! The price is reasonable, especially when compared to other phones on the market that do the exact same thing but priced 300-400+ more.

    My dad’s a hands-on person that needs a reliable phone and doesn’t care for aesthetically pleasing phones with sleek and shiny exteriors – just something that does what it says it does so this has been absolutely perfect. Would definitely recommend for more active/outdoorsy people or just those who prioritise the function of a phone.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Does everything a phone needs to do and more!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersYour reactions to this smartphone will very much depend on your exact requirements-what you need it to do and in what locations. To be clear the S96GT is not for those who go for fashionable looks or to carry around with great ease-this is a sturdy phone and it feels like it in the hand-over 310 grams to be precise. Nor does it look elegant-it has a chunky aluminium metal body with a moulded plastic outer casing designed to take knocks not win a beauty contest. Still, this does not matter so much as this is clearly a phone designed for those who go off into the wilds on longer trips whether that be hiking, filming or perhaps working in tough environments. Consequently you get some thoughtful features such as hidden USB ports to protect against water and a full 6.22 inch screen which is easy to read and find your way around.
    The Mediatek G95 processor using Android 12 is a good one dealing with daily tasks without slacking and the storage should be fine for most users with 8GB of RAM and 256 ROM. You also get wireless charging which will be a major boon to many potential buyers. The camera package uses Sony gear and offers very good results if the conditions are favourable with sharp outlines and decent colour repro and the night vision infra red sensors allow you to take some very acceptable night images if that’s something you need.
    However, there are some some negatives as well and one stands out above all others-this is not a 5G compatible device which may be a fatal flaw for many. The other issue that concerns me given that the phone is really aimed at the ‘adventure’ market normal use battery life is only 48/72 hours rather than a week as some rivals can offer. The other caveat concern playback of streamed videos and other content where the resolution of the images seems really lacks sharpness and intensity.
    I cannot comment on the value money angle as no price is currently advertised, but this phone has the build quality and some premium camera features which you usually find on more expensive models, so if priced competitively it is worth considering if you need a rugged phone and crucially you don’t need 5G.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a very nice mobile phone with loads of features some good some not so good when you compared to other brands in this marketplace and it can be a bit clunky if you are not used to the software, the case is made from metal with rubberised external sides to give a very strong tough protection along with an already fitted screen protector makes this a very good around rugged phone, disappointed that the phone does not have 5g given they are pitching against two well-known brands and some of the camera MB is a bit low & grainy other than that this is still worth 4 stars, see the below sellers description to show the full specification & features for clarity:-

    About this item
    8GB + 256GB, Helio G95 Super Game Chip The DOOGEE S96GT is powered by a MediaTek G95 octa-core processor with built-in super engine technology to reduce network latency in mobile games. Powered by the latest Android 12 system, users will be able to fully personalize their phones with custom. 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM (Supported up to 512GB) offers incredibly smooth, ample space, and seamless performance for heavy 3D game, video or multitasking applications.
    48MP AI Main Camera + 32MP Front Camera + 4K UHD The front camera of S96GT is one of DOOGEE’s mobile phones with the highest pixel so far. 48MP rear camera + 32MP front camera, clear imaging and delicate image quality, meeting various photo needs. DOOGEE S96GT rugged smartphone supports 4K UHD mode and built-in 3D HDR technology, you can record the beauty in life anytime, anywhere.
    20MP Night Vision Infrared Camera DOOGEE S96 Pro mobile phone is equipped with super sensitive sensors, 4 infrared lights and 4 LED Light. Night vision motion camera built in 20MP HD captures every touching moment of wild animals with high quality images during daytime and excellent clear image even at night. Compared to s96 pro, it has clearer imaging and longer night vision distance.
    6150mAh Battery & 15W Wireless Charging DOOGEE S96GT dual sim smartphone comes with a 6150mAh battery which keeps the phone working for 2 days without charging under normal use. Supports 15W wireless charging, giving you more charging options.
    IP68 Waterproof& Dustproof& Drop-proof The proportion of the metal body on the back is more than 50%, and the position of the camera is protected by metal materials. No need to worry about any scratching and accidental drops. The S96GT is IP68/IP68K rated for maximum water and dust resistance, and its MIL-STD-810H certification protects against extreme temperatures and drops of up to 1.5 meters.
    4G Dual SIM Card & NFC & 2 Years Warranty DOOGEE S96GT rugged phone has 3 card slots, supports 2 nano SIM cards and 1 TF card. The built -in NFC function allows you to enjoy faster and more safe payment methods, supports mobile phone Google Wallet. We offer 2-year warranty service, you can buy with confidence.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Rugged Smartphone

  5. dsbs42 says:

     United Kingdom

    The phone came very nicely packed in a box. The box not only contains the phone but also some accessories such as a wrist rope, anti explosion film, charger and charging cable. Everything you need to start using phone straightway.

    I usually first order screen protector and a case for my new phones before using them but this phone doesn’t even need a phone case because it’s always designed like this.

    So the phone is quite big and heavy , especially due to the body design it looks big. The phone is very tough and strongly made, which is ideally for someone who uses a phone outside or mainly for work such as builders, etc because its waterproof, dust proof, shock proof etc. It won’t break even if you drop it.

    The phone is easy to set up and easy to use just like other android phones. It has all the functions and app store to add the apps of your choice.

    The camera quality is also good, 12mp. Takes nice photos and videos.

    The best thing is that it has dual sim option. Soo ideally one sim for work and another personal number.

    I don’t need a phone for work currently so use this phone for my toddler to watch youtube . Great for kids because no need to worry about dropping and spilling water and the screen size is quite big too.

    overall great phone and definitely recommend it.

    4.0 out of 5 stars strong non breakable phone

  6. JulianLangford says:

     United Kingdom

    This phone is a bit of a beast but I really like it. It is heavy but feels really well made. I think it will be a great phone for anyone working outdoors or who needs a phone designed to take a beating.

    The phone is easy enough to work and has a button on the right to turn it on and off. There is a customisable button on the left which I have set 1 click to Google help, and double click for wallet which is useful.

    To screen shot you have to press the bottom volume down button and power on at the same time which I find a bit clunky.

    I am disappointed with the main cameras, they are ok in good lighting conditions but aren’t great in low light. After coming from am iPhone that is the major let down (however it is cheaper than than one of those).
    It also has an IR sensitive monochrome camera which is low resolution but will provide an image even in pitch black conditions.

    Overall I am happy with the phone. The sound quality is good, the speaker is decent but the main thing for me is that the battery is amazing. At the end of the day I still have around 50% battery which is incredible when I have been playing music and using other apps.

    The wedge shape of the phone makes it more difficult to hold in a conventional in-car mobile phone holder. Having wireless charging is useful as the charge port is hidden away under a rubber stopper at the bottom so it can be waterproof. You have to find the right spot to charge it though with it being so large.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great Rugged phone with amazing battery life

  7. CFGMaricru says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a very tough phone, ideal for anyone that does manual work and or needs to use a phone while working outdoors or just clumsy.
    It’s specification for the price is really very good.
    4gb ram, 64gb storage, 12 mega pixel camera, android 12 out the box.
    It also has dual SIM you have your personal number and a work number on the same phone.
    The 5180mAh battery will last some people well over a week but even heavy users will get all day everyday from this phone.
    It is not a pretty elegant phone and it is not meant be, it is designed for rough and tough user, everyone has dropped there phone and prayed, with this one no praying necessary.
    Excellent phone for the price point.

    5.0 out of 5 stars You won't break this one.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI tend to be accident-prone, So most of my previous phones have been dropped and sometimes lost or smashed. This is what attracted me to this rugged smartphone, As it is the toughest tank of android phones. So far it has been dropped several times and there has been no signs of screen cracks, Thanks to the already installed tempered glass cover. The sides are very robust with the diagonal shape and rubber edging to further strengthen it.

    Compared to my regular android phone, It has all the bells and whistles i would expect from an up-to-date android phone, And i noticed it had minimal apps with little to no spyware already installed. This is a relief, As it annoyingly usually takes me hours to remove all the unnecessary apps from other phones i have owned in the past.

    This does have some downsides, Such as no 5G connectivity, But it does pick up a good 4G signal, Which allows me to browse on my phone as per normal, But i tend to find 5G signal in most areas quite sketchy at best, So this really does not affect my outlook on this phone.

    The camera is decent, Not the best, But has a lot of features such as pro photo mode and endless video options to mess around and finish off pictures with. The best part is the battery life, As it can last triple the time of a normal phone on standby, And when in use, Still holds a decent amount of juice.

    This definitely stands out from the crowd as a hard wearing and easy to use phone with all the features i want.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Accident proof with decent battery and plenty of photo and video options