Greenjob LC422 Ink Cartridges Replacement for Brother LC-422

Greenjob LC422 Ink Cartridges Replacement for Brother LC-422 LC-422XL LC-422XLVAL Ink Cartridges Multipack Compatible with Brother MFC-J5340DW MFC-J5345DW MFC-J5740DW MFC-J6540DW MFC-J6940DW (4-Pack)

Greenjob LC422 Ink Cartridges Replacement for Brother LC-422 LC-422XL LC-422XLVAL Ink Cartridges Multipack Compatible with Brother MFC-J5340DW MFC-J5345DW MFC-J5740DW MFC-J6540DW MFC-J6940DW (4-Pack)

LC422XL Ink CartridgesLC422XL Ink CartridgesLC422XL Ink Cartridges

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  1. TomasBeaurepair says:

     United Kingdom

    They worked perfectly and I didn’t have any problems with compatibility. The print quality was really good and the cartridges printed with no issues what so ever after installing them in my Brother printer.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As someone who prints regularly, finding reliable, good-value ink cartridges is essential. This set has been a pleasant surprise. The installation was straightforward and hassle-free, and I was printing again in no time. The print quality is perfectly acceptable for everyday use, with clear text and vibrant colours. While I haven’t reached the maximum page yield yet, I’ve been using these cartridges for a good while now without any issues. They’re not the absolute cheapest option on the market, but the quality and longevity make them worth the extra cost.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this LC422 in cartridges for my home MFC-J5340DW. I really like to buy 4 pack full replacement when I need cartridge, because they have the best price deal ever. These cartridges fit my printer really well and the quality of the image was alright.
    I do a lot of printing, and when it comes to choose between better quality or lower price, the last one always wins. Therefore these cartridges are just perfect solution for my needs

  4. XiomaraZOQ says:

     United Kingdom

    eceived these replacement ink cartridges for my Brother MFC printer, and they work like a charm! The 4-pack offers a variety of colors, and they’re super affordable too. easy to install

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    In my quest for a viable, cost-effective ink solution, I discovered these compatible cartridges. The vividness of prints has been nothing short of a revelation. Documents and images emerge with clarity and brightness that rival, if not surpass, what I’ve come to expect from more costly alternatives. Their longevity is another commendable feature, showing no signs of waning even after extensive use. Installation was a breeze, integrating seamlessly with my printer without any compatibility issues. This experience has significantly altered my perspective on third-party inks, demonstrating that quality and reliability can come without the premium price tag.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As a small business owner, managing operational costs is always a priority, especially when it comes to office supplies like printer ink. I decided to try the Greenjob LC422 ink cartridges as a replacement for the original Brother LC-422 cartridges, hoping they would provide a cost-effective yet high-quality printing solution. Here’s my experience after using them in my office environment.

    Compatibility and Installation:
    The Greenjob LC422 cartridges are compatible with several Brother MFC printer models, including MFC-J5340DW, MFC-J5345DW, MFC-J5740DW, MFC-J6540DW, and MFC-J6940DW. Installation was straightforward; the cartridges fit perfectly into the printer without any issues, just like the OEM cartridges. This seamless compatibility is crucial for avoiding workflow interruptions in a busy office setting.

    Print Quality and Efficiency:
    Each pack includes one black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridge, mirroring the setup required by compatible Brother printers. The print quality immediately impressed me. The black ink was rich and consistent, ideal for document printing which is a daily task in my office. The colors were vibrant and accurate, making them suitable for printing presentations and graphics that are visually appealing.

    Page Yield:
    Greenjob advertises 550 pages per cartridge at 5% coverage, which is on par with the original Brother cartridges. In practice, the yield was slightly lower than expected, but still excellent for the price point. It’s important to note that page yield can vary based on the content of printed pages and other factors like printer model and print settings.

    The primary advantage of choosing Greenjob LC422 cartridges is the cost savings. They offer a significant reduction in price compared to original Brother cartridges without compromising on quality or reliability. For small businesses like mine, this cost-effectiveness is a major selling point, allowing us to allocate budget to other essential areas.

    Environmental Considerations:
    Greenjob uses environmentally friendly packaging, which aligns with our office’s commitment to sustainability. The company also ensures that each batch of cartridges is tested before shipping, which helps in minimizing defective units and further reducing waste.

  7. Stephan6332 says:

     United Kingdom

    The Adventure Begins

    The Greenjob LC422 cartridges promised compatibility with my Brother printer, and they weren’t fibbing. Installation was as smooth as my little one’s bottom, no leaks or tantrums in sight. The printer accepted them like an old friend, and we were off to a flying start.

    Print Quality: Almost Original

    The true test of any ink cartridge is the print quality. These cartridges produce prints that are sharp and vibrant. My work documents looked professional, and the occasional photo print for the grandparents came out pretty darn impressive. Of course, if we’re nitpicking, it’s not quite the same as the Brother originals, but it’s so close that only a real connoisseur (or an ink snob) would notice the difference.

    Ink Longevity: A Marathon Runner

    One of my biggest gripes with third-party cartridges has always been how quickly they run out. However, the Greenjob LC422s seem to have more stamina than me on a treadmill, which isn’t saying much, but you get the picture. They’ve lasted significantly longer than I expected, making them excellent value for money, especially when you consider the cost savings over the branded options.


    Compatible as an old shoe: Fits perfectly with compatible Brother printers without any fuss.
    Quality on a budget: The print quality gives the originals a run for their money, making it hard to justify spending more.
    Long-lasting: These cartridges seem to have taken a sip from the fountain of youth; they just keep going.


    Not quite Brotherly love: While the quality is impressive, purists might notice a slight difference from the originals.
    First date jitters: It’s always a gamble with third-party cartridges, but fortunately, this blind date turned out well.

    In the grand scheme of things, the Greenjob LC422 Ink Cartridges are like a reliable friend who turns up at your party with a crate of beer and a willingness to help clean up afterwards. They do the job well, save you some quid, and ask for little in return. If you’re looking to cut down on printing costs without sacrificing too much on quality, these cartridges might just be your cup of tea. Just don’t expect the moon and the stars, and you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I recently purchased the Ink Cartridges Replacement for Brother LC-422XL for my Brother printer, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. These cartridges are a perfect fit for my printer model and have been performing exceptionally well.

    One of the standout features of these ink cartridges is their compatibility with a range of Brother printer models, including the MFC-J5340DW, MFC-J5345DW, MFC-J5740DW, MFC-J6540DW, and MFC-J6940DW. This versatility ensures that they are suitable for a wide range of users, making them a convenient option for many.

    In terms of performance, I’ve found that these cartridges deliver results comparable to genuine Brother ink. The print quality is excellent, with vibrant colors and sharp text. I’ve used them for both text documents and color prints, and the results have been consistently impressive.

    Another aspect worth mentioning is the ease of installation. The cartridges fit seamlessly into my printer without any issues, and I was able to start printing right away without any hassle.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Ink Cartridges Replacement for Brother LC-422XL to anyone in need of reliable and cost-effective ink cartridges for their Brother printer. With their excellent performance, compatibility, and ease of use, they are a fantastic alternative to genuine Brother ink cartridges.

  9. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

     United Kingdom

    Swapping out my usual cartridges for these was a move driven by necessity. The outcome? Surprisingly seamless integration with my printer, minus the premium cost. The prints? They maintain clarity and vibrance, challenging my expectations for compatibility and quality from non-original sources. It’s been a consistent performer, tackling various printing needs without a hitch.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a bargain set of inkjet cartridges to fit certain Brother inkjet printers (MFC-J5340DW MFC-J5345DW MFC-J5740DW MFC-J6540DW MFC-J6940DW). Basically it is about saving a lot of money compared with the official Brother inkjet cartridges, where this LC-422 set costs less. It’s up to you whether you save money and take a chance or pay the full price for official ones. As far as I can see the output is just the same with this set compared with the official set.

  11. SheldonTrouton says:


    Ich habe diese LC422 Tintenpatronen, im Rahmen des Vine-Produkttesterprogramms kostenlos erhalten, um meine Eindrcke dazu zu schildern.
    Die Tintenpatronen erreichten mich in einem kleinen Karton, darin die 4 einzeln eingeschweiten Kartuschen. Testobjekt war mein Brother MFC-J5740DW.
    Die Patronen lassen sich problemlos einsetzen und wurden auch genauso problemlos erkannt. Das Druckbild ist auch nicht, zumindest nicht signifikant, schlechter.
    Jetzt muss die Zeit zeigen, ob dieser Zustand anhlt.
    Was mich strt ist, dass ich keine Angaben gefunden habe, ob es sich in den Patronen um Dye- oder Pigmenttinte handelt, ebenso kann das Glck sehr schnell durch ein Update des Druckers gestrt werden, dass dann die Patronen fr die Verwendung sperrt. Was mir in der Vergangenheit auch oft den Spa vermiest hat, dass Fremdtinte, bisher bei lteren Druckern, Tintensystem/Druckkpfe verstopft hat.
    Warten wir es also ab…

  12. My Own Blog Review says:


    Dopo aver acquistato queste cartucce compatibili con la mia stampante Brother, devo dire che sono estremamente soddisfatto di questa scelta. Le cartucce si sono dimostrate una valida alternativa alle originali, offrendo prestazioni di stampa affidabili e una convenienza che non ho riscontrato altrove. L’installazione delle cartucce stata incredibilmente semplice. Si sono integrate perfettamente nella mia stampante Brother senza richiedere alcuna procedura complicata. Questa facilit d’installazione ha reso il processo veloce e privo di intoppi, permettendomi di riprendere la stampa in modo praticamente istantaneo. La resa di stampa di queste cartucce ha superato le mie aspettative. Il testo stampato risultato nitido e chiaro, mentre le immagini hanno mantenuto colori vibranti e fedeli all’originale. La qualit di stampa rimasta costante durante l’utilizzo delle cartucce, garantendo risultati professionali su ogni pagina. La compatibilit con la mia stampante Brother stata impeccabile. Le cartucce sono state riconosciute senza alcun problema, e ho potuto iniziare a stampare immediatamente. Questa compatibilit senza intoppi un punto cruciale per chi cerca alternative alle cartucce originali senza dover affrontare complicazioni tecniche. Il multipack, che include cartucce nero, ciano, magenta e giallo, stato particolarmente conveniente. Non solo ho ottenuto un prezzo pi vantaggioso rispetto all’acquisto singolo, ma ho anche avuto tutte le cartucce necessarie in un unico pacchetto. Questo ha semplificato il processo di sostituzione e mi ha garantito una riserva per ogni colore quando ne avevo bisogno. La capacit XL delle cartucce ha rappresentato un notevole vantaggio. Ho potuto stampare un numero maggiore di pagine rispetto alle cartucce standard, riducendo la frequenza dei cambi e contribuendo a una gestione pi efficiente dei costi di stampa. La presenza di chip intelligenti sulle cartucce ha semplificato il monitoraggio dei livelli d’inchiostro. Ho apprezzato la precisione delle informazioni fornite, che mi hanno permesso di sapere quando era il momento di sostituire le cartucce senza sorprese inaspettate. La convenienza di queste cartucce un aspetto che non posso trascurare. Offrono prestazioni di stampa di alta qualit a un prezzo pi accessibile rispetto alle cartucce originali Brother. Questo le rende una scelta eccellente per chiunque cerchi una soluzione di stampa conveniente senza compromettere la qualit. In conclusione, queste cartucce si sono rivelate un investimento davvero vantaggioso. La loro qualit di stampa, la compatibilit, la capacit XL e la convenienza le rendono un’opzione ideale per chiunque desideri risparmiare sui costi di stampa senza sacrificare la qualit. Le consiglio vivamente a chiunque cerchi cartucce d’inchiostro affidabili e convenienti per la propria stampante Brother.

  13. BarneyBannan says:


    He impreso varias fotos y la calidad es bastante buena. Sub la saturacin de los colores con photoshop e hice una fotocopia de nuevo y qued muchsimo mejor que el original.

    Colores muy buenos