HONOR X6a Mobile Phone Unlocked, 6.5-Inch 90Hz Fullview

HONOR X6a Mobile Phone Unlocked

HONOR X6a Mobile Phone Unlocked, 6.5-Inch 90Hz Fullview Display, 4GB+128GB, 5200 mAh Long-lasting Battery, 50MP Triple Camera, Android 13(2 Year Warranty), Cyan Lake

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1MagicOS 7.12Top Quality5

4 Responses

  1. RusselRoque says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price, this phone is excellent! The battery life is very good indeed and lasts a couple of days, no problem. I find the camera good too though I would not call myself a keen photographer… You need to purchase a case for protection and appearance – the phone is black – but these can be purchased very cheaply – I bought a hard red one which looks great.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersThe X6a is a pretty good budget choice if you’re looking for something based on Android 13, the display is fairly good quality with a 90Hz refresh rate, it has USB-C, fingerprint sensor, NFC and 22.5W fast charge which is sometimes missing in similarly priced phones.

    Performance wise it’s fine for moderate productivity, web browsing and lighter gaming, the 4GB of RAM is pretty good for the price, latency wise it’s good but not blazing fast, with the occasional stutter, but overall I’m quite happy with the performance, the camera quality is decent although like most it suffers somewhat in lower light conditions, the colour saturation is fairly neutral looking which some may not like but I personally prefer it.

    The UI is rather good and easy to use with a number of option for customization, the phone does come with some preinstalled bloatware but the vast majority can be removed or disabled, the internal storage is a generous size and you can expand it with a micro-sd card, battery life is very good with moderate usage easily giving you two days or more, the fast charging works as expected .

    One significant negative is you have a sacrifice the SD card if you want to use dual sim, another issue is that it can be quite difficult to locate your finger on the fingerprint sensor so use of a case is almost mandatory, which you’ll probably want anyway because the phone isn’t incredibly robust with the plastic on the rear being noticeably thin, like many phones the OTG support is rather unreliable with issues with higher power draw devices such as thermal cameras.

    Overall it’s worth serious consideration if you’re looking for a phone in this price range.

  3. michele says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 30 From Our UsersThis is my 3rd honor phone, I had an honor 6,an honor 7s and now this one, this is bigger than the previous 2 phones which is a bonus for me due to mobility issues which includes issues with my hands, so this phone can rest in my hand instead of me having to hold it, however with it being larger it also weighs quite a bit more than the 7s.
    As with most of the other reviews, the camera on this phone is a lot better than the 6 and 7s which is a nice feature to have.
    One major problem with my phone is the speaker, during a call the speaker stops working properly and you can barely hear the person you are talking to, however this does not happen during a phone call on loud speaker but does happen when on facetime, being quite deaf this does cause me a few problems. This problem could just be an issue with my phone though.
    For the price I am happy with the phone, I have purposely not downloaded many apps so the processing speed does not reduce, as my 7s was not broken, it was just really slow, I am able to use the 7s for the 3 games I play occasionally and the shopping apps I need, so allowed me not to have to download apps that could slow my phone down.
    I cannot go into technical details because I do not understand the technical side, what is important to me is that the phone works as I am severely disabled and housebound so having a reliable phone is not only important for me but also for my family to be able to contact me, the processing speed is good and I can take nice photos of my family. The apps that were already installed do not seem to slow the phone down and apps I would never use have been uninstalled which is an added bonus because I have had phones in the past where you have to have pre installed apps and could not remove them. I use my home Internet on the phone but living in the middle of the country the Internet can go down sometimes, so I will need to use my data that I can watch Netflix, prime and you tube, with the phone being bigger it makes watching the above really easy.
    If like me you want a no nonsense phone that is easy to use this is an ideal choice. I am sure there are many other things you can do with the phone as both my sons have said they could use the phone and still able to everything they do on there way more expensive phones, so to me this is a very good phone and not too expensive.

  4. AvisRutledge says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersBought as a spare , build quality appears to be solid and not flimsy as some cheap phones are. Charging is quick enough not super fast never timed but should be fine for most users and it has a proper charger a novelty these days. Software is a mixture of android and Honor but it’s easy to uninstall what is not needed, also it’s simple to setup as user preferes. With face recognition, fingerprint and pin it’s secure.
    If you’re a speed freak don’t buy it’s not exactly rapid slightly laggie but does all I need YouTube probably biggest strain on it (I don’t do gaming). It takes a reasonable photo again for me it’s an occasional snapshot. Sound is from a single speaker and not up to standard of Sony or Samsung but again usable. The screen is ok colours slightly washed out but again nothing drastic to complain about.
    For the price and if you’re not expecting a top of the range phone this is an ideal choice.