HUAWEI Watch 4 Pro Smart Watch – eSIM Watch with Cellular

HUAWEI Watch 4 Pro Smart Watch - eSIM Watch with Cellular Calling and Sapphire Glass - Fitness Tracker and Health Monitor with ECG and SPo2 Monitoring - Compatible with Android and iOs - 46MM Titanium

HUAWEI Watch 4 Pro Smart Watch – eSIM Watch with Cellular Calling and Sapphire Glass – Fitness Tracker and Health Monitor with ECG and SPo2 Monitoring – Compatible with Android and iOs – 46MM Titanium

  1. HUAWEI Watch 4

    A Universe on Your Wrist

    With durable aerospace-grade titanium case

  2. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Planet Lights Up on Your Wrist

    With the watch’s LTPO screen and fresh AOD watch faces, you can see key information at a glance.

  3. HUAWEI Watch 4 pro

    Put Your Best Face Forward

    Choose from more than 20,000 intuitive designs, feel free to mix and match.

  4. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Shows More of What You Want

    With ultra-narrow bezel and a 72+% sky-high screen-to-body ratio

  1. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Get a Handle on Your Health

    Health Glance tracks seven key indicators all at one time.

  2. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Manage Your Heart Health

    Get alerts when your heart rate strays high or low, or arrhythmia is detected

  3. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Respiratory check, Care for Your Every Breath

    comprehensive check designed to give at-risk users the peace of mind they deserve

  4. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Deep Sleep Every Night

    get accurate sleep and wake-up times, nap recognition

  5. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Health Trends and Reminders

    Stay informed of abnormal heart rate, and SpO2 readings as soon as they occur

1Health Glance2Heart Health3Respiratory Health4Sleep 5RemindersHUAWEI Health APPHUAWEI Watch 4

Rugged and Durable

The aerospace-grade titanium case fuses with the sapphire glass cover to give you ultimate protection, while water resistance supports free diving to a maximum depth of 30 m. 5 ATM and IP6X water and dust resistance protect your watch against liquid spills and damage while underwater.

  1. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Standard mode

    enjoy smooth interaction and use the Health Glance app, standalone calling, and phoneless navigation

  2. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Ultra-long Battery Life mode

    such as workout, health monitoring, and Bluetooth hands-free calling can be used easily

  3. HUAWEI Watch 4

    Fast Charging for Instant Power

    A 15-minute wireless fast charge gives enough power for a whole day.

  1. HUAWEI Watch 4

    The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android, for greater ease of use.

  2. HUAWEI Health
1Even More Compatible2HUAWEI Health APP

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Because FedEx messed up my order this thing took almost a month to arrive but when it finally did, boy was I not disappointed. This is the first smartwatch that feels really substantial to me. The case is made out of space class titanium and the way it’s brushed and polished is nothing short of amazing. It feels sturdier than a g-shock (I know right ?!) yet as classy as a dressy swiss watch. As for the health tracking and any other smartwatch features I don’t use them at all. To me this is only a watch and occasionally a music player but that’s it. Even if I don’t use any of those features I still think it’s worth every penny because of how gorgeous it is. The screen is insanely bright and the display so clear you could read text only a few pixels wide. The planet quest watch faces which I thought were gimmicky before receiving the watch are actually amazing, especially the Jupiter watch face paired with the dark Brown bracelet. Speaking of the bracelet, it’s supposed to be made out of genuine leather but it does not smell nor feel like leather. Surprisingly it looks amazing, feels great to the touch and also seems very durable. Huawei is not messing around with this one, this might be the single most beautiful looking watch case I’ve ever seen and I own lots of watches, they’ve knocked it out of the park! As for the battery life, my watch is constantly in ultra long battery life mode and it went from 87% to 84% in about half a day which I think is amazing considering how bright the display can get. If you were ever on the fence with this watch, you should definitely indulge yourself, this one is a masterpiece.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersBeautiful watch with superb build quality.
    But unfortunately is severely lacking in features in comparison with wear OS which is a real shame.
    Some annoying issues:
    Can’t view emails
    Can’t view photo messages
    No calendar
    Very limited selection of cards
    Clearing notifications on the watch doesn’t dismiss them on the phone.
    And several other little ones.
    The design and build quality kind of makes up for it;)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely beautiful watch