iZEEKER Solar Wildlife Camera 2.7K/1520P 36MP, Trail Camera

iZEEKER Solar Wildlife Camera 2.7K/1520P 36MP

iZEEKER Solar Wildlife Camera 2.7K/1520P 36MP, Trail Camera with 940nm No Glow Infrared LEDs, Wildlife Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof for Wildlife Watching Garden Security

iZEEKER Solar Wildlife Camera 1520P 30fps 36MP with No Glow Night Vision iG220

wildlife camerawildlife camera

Want a trail cam that has long battery life and doesn’t disturb animals at night?

If yes, our iG220 meets your needs.

The trail cam can be powered by the adjustable solar panel, AA batteries, or a combination of both. The dual power design extends battery life and saves your money on more batteries.

Awesome Daytime & Nighttime Wildlife Footage

Advanced No Glow Night Vision

wildlife camerawildlife camerawildlife camera


1. 4 backup AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries(NOT INCLUDED) are recommended to install.

2. Please use a normal-sized SD card up to 128GB. A Micro SD card is NOT recommended.

3. Please charge the camera before your first use.

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The camera represents good value… the solar panel recharging system works well… only negative with the product was that the battery is tight in one of the compartments…( I had to use some pliers to remove it….. a shame because apart from that I was really pleased with the product.

  2. GermanMinton says:

     United Kingdom

    We got this for to keep a check on hedgehogs that are visiting the garden. The quality of both videos and photos are good and the battery/solar is long lasting between charging. We found out 4 hedgehogs were visiting. One of the best video was of one sneaking up on a cat and chasing it.

  3. LetaMarymredai says:

     United Kingdom

    Works well, i haven’t used others, but this does exactly what i wanted. It switches on at night when it detected rats, filmed them, and switched off after. If it’s outside the solar panel kept the battery charged. I didn’t use the highest resolution since my SDCARD wasn’t that high spec, but i didn’t need it for what i was after (seeing where rats were going). It had an exterior door fall on outside on a windy day, it didn’t even scratch it, so it seems robust enough. I’ve never tried any others, so held off on 5 stars.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Had quite a few trail cams over the years, and this one compares well against those that cost a whole lot more. PIcture quality is good, but the big plus is the solar panel that charges the internal battery. Remembering to take a pocket full of batteries up the field used to be a real pain, but this one is a joy. Every tine I check battery, it’s still full. Thank you sunshine (and bear in mind, that in Wales, there’s not a lot of it at this time of year). I’m about two weeks in, so I can’t comment on the camera’s longevity yet, but so far, I’m really pleased with it. It’s enabled me to see what time the fox visits the hen run, the fact that the fox is scared of our cat (I don’t blame it), and that we have an owl visiting our front gate and catching voles. A great start.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI am so pleased that I opted for this solar power/rechargeable trail cam. I got the impression from the battery operated ones that the batteries only last a few nights.

    This one came fully charged, and although I do not have it in a sunny spot I have not yet had to recharge it.

    It was relatively simple to set up, and the night-time picture quality is great. I have only used it to track a hedgehog so have only set it for night-time recording. Once the hedgehog hibernates I might see who’s using my garden by day!!

    As well as a hedgehog I have a field mouse, a couple of neighbourhood cats who try to get the field mouse, and for a short period I had two small rats making use of the hedgehog house. It was good to be alerted to these – I bought some spearmint to plant in the area (rats apparently don’t like the smell) and put the hedgehog food more out in the open. This, together with the cats, seem to have scared the rats back next door as there has been no sign of them over the last week.

    A great investment. I’ve already been using it for a month and expect it to last for many more.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A stand out feature of this camera is the built in rechargable Lithium battery via Solar. It also has front facing screen to adjust position and another neat feature is the programme buttons light up so you can set it up at night.
    The only down side is it’s fixed focus so pictures can be blurred for moving objects but the videos make up for this. Quality of pictures comparable with more expensive cameras and the night vision is nice and brigh

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersPiece of cake to set up and quick as well.
    Image quality is really good, far better than what I expected.
    Charge time for the built in battery was about 2 hours give it take.
    Popped in fully charged rechargeable batteries for back up but displayed low battery warning? Maybe back up batteries should be lithium ones instead of normal???
    Have to see how the solar panel gets on over the next week.
    Initial thoughts though. Really impressed with this so far. Great image quality and audio and so easy to set up you don’t need the instructions.
    Well worth 47.99
    If it want for the battery issue I’d have give it five stars.

    Edit: So after a month, had no issues at all and ran it solely from the first charge when I got it. Not sure if the solar panel works tbh? As the battery level has been dropping slowly over the past month. That said though, even if it doesn’t? you still get a month from the internal battery so not complaining. You don’t even need back up batteries really.

    Decent bit of kit, very pleased with it.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We keep house rabbits who sometimes roam in a runaround in our garden. Living in a suburban environment, the last thing we want is a dastardly fox breaking in for a free meal. So: Nature camera.

    After a few nights of testing the best position, we’ve caught our suspect red handed and bushy tailed!

    Having never had a nature camera I was quite surprised by how robust this feels. Its lever release cover reassuringly clunks together for a tight weatherproof seal revealing an inside like an 80s mobile phone merged with a security device.

    Setup after a primary charge is fairly simple – install an SD card (not included) and dial in your settings. After that, strap it to something (there’s plenty of length on the belt provided for a sizeable tree trunk) and leave nature to do its thing.

    At 1 minute clip recording setting (which can be extended), from midnight through to midday, there’s been just 20% battery drain without installing optional battery backup. Things like laundry blowing and overhanging branches blowing in the wind mean your first few nights of testing might give you a few false positives, but once you’ve got your prime position sussed, you’re good to roll. The camera automatically switched from infrared to colour when there’s enough daylight.

    Our garden is about 5 metres across, and the infrared light has been bright enough to cast enough light to the fence behind. When we’ve caught footage of a fox, there’s been intense red eye, so some tinkering with lowering the settings is yet to be done.

    Few drawbacks: The camera spits out AVI video files encoded with M-JPEG codecs, so be sure to have a media player like VLC installed or you will have to play back footage on a screen the size of a stamp, or convert the files into something playable.

    The choice of codec means a minute of footage is 369MB each at 1080p (or medium setting) meaning on a modest 16GB SD card you’d get around 43 minutes. I also used a pro grade SD card (up to 170MB read speed) so can’t attest slower writing speed cards that are cheaper will work on highest settings.

    The interface isn’t super friendly, particularly on such a low resolution screen, so it was hit and miss testing and finding most of the footage was of myself picking up and putting down the camera to see if it was rolling! Once you’re used to these quirks, it’s a fun piece of equipment for spotting nature.

    Just remember to put up a sign when you’re recording to let others know it will trigger and capture sound, should you not wish to get unsuspecting family on film, or capture confidential conversations. Thankfully foxes can’t read signs, so we’re off to reinforce our boundary blocking around the edges of the garden to keep future intruders out.