Lenovo L32p-30 32 Inch PC Monitor | 4K UHD, 2160p, 60Hz

Lenovo L32p-30 32 Inch PC Monitor | 4K UHD

Lenovo L32p-30 32 Inch PC Monitor | 4K UHD, 2160p, 60Hz, 6ms, HDMI, USB, USB-C

Monitor L32p-30



Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 20.67 x 71.42 x 52.3 cm; 4 Kilograms
Brand: Lenovo
Model: 66C9UAC1UK
Colour: Raven Black
Manufacture: Lenovo
Dimensions: 20.67 x 71.42 x 52.3 cm; 4 Kilograms

8 Responses

  1. Christa73W says:

     United Kingdom

    The Lenovo website says that they come with dp cables however they actually come with hdmi, however the monitors are beautiful, great size and image quality with a very thin bezel meaning dual monitor setups look really clea

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For work and image editing I’m finding the L32p a great tool. The size means I’ve been able to consolidate to just one screen without noticing the loss of visual real-estate. I can still have multiple applications open, but there’s less neck strain glancing from one application to another which is what I found when I had 2 screens.

    The abundance of USB ports makes the L32p a great hub for connecting other devices, and the internal speakers are of an acceptable quality (not great, but OK).

    Overall, good value for money.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I love this monitor, I use it for my home office set up and it just works, no issues at all. Just make sure you use the correct hdmi cable to get the best refresh rate possible. The one that comes in the box is perfect, I was using the cable from my previous monitor and it wasn’t compatible with the 60hz at 4K

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this during the Amazon sale so very good price. It’s linked to my new Mac Mini Pro. Deciding feature for buying it was that it could be used as a hub. Have it connected via USB C. Great picture quality. Looks good and like the extra size over my previous iMac 27″ screen.
    Downsides are the on screen adjust, emts – very unwieldy. And I struggled to get enough power through the USB ports for my peripherals – have to think carefully what will work with it.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersUsing with a 14″ MacBook Pro. Single cable to the laptop carrying power and signal. Various other USB devices connected to the hub built in to the screen. Picture quality at 4K and scaled resolutions is excellent, particularly for the money.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Very good value 4K monito

  6. [email protected] Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersSo crystally clear. Good to my eyes. I have found many other monitors that I have used really strain my eyes, but this is definately better. Good design with most adjustment controls, brightness etc are in the front of the monitor.
    The screen is a bit heavier and thicker than the other branded monitors. But it does not bother me, as I am not moving home a lot. Excellent colours and crystal clear. I think it is the best monitor that I have ever owned.
    It sound quality is not that good. But acceptable to me, or I can put on my headphone, if I want better quality sound.

  7. Hannah Goldfield and Amelia Lester says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI use this with a MacBook Pro M2, other screens were not crystal clear for spreadsheets, this is brilliant.
    I was able to get rid of my docking station as I can now connect all my peripherals to the screen and have one usb c to my Mac which also charges my Mac. There was very little else I could find at this price point. Even my 18 year old printer works fine through it.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersI’ve been using 2 23″ HD screens for the last 10 years for work. That’s been OK but I found a bit of eye strain because of the low pixel density and size of the screens. There’s also the space that the 2 monitors took up and the power consumption, which I assume is more than this 4k 32″.
    My only concern was that the 32″ wasn’t going to be big enough. I was looking at the 42″, but now I’m using the 32″ I think it’s big enough for me. The size is up to you, I think I might have got away with a smaller screen but I would have wanted 2 of them. That would probably have cost more and I’m not sure my average work laptop would have had the grunt to run 2 4ks. I think it can do 5k tops so that’s another consideration for you if this is for work.
    I’ve usually got 10 apps open and work in 4 at a time. I find that I use this screen in full mode but when I need to focus on 1 app but when I need 2 side by side I can easy resize the windows and have the overlap or tile them and still be able to see what’s going on.
    I tested YouTube on here and it’s perfectly watchable. I would have thought you’d want more hz if you’re a gamer but you don’t need me to tell you that.
    TLDR the screens pixel density is the main advantage of this 4k IPS