MOLSHINE Universal Leather Faraday Car Key Case, Car RFID

MOLSHINE Universal Leather Faraday Car Key Case

MOLSHINE Universal Leather Faraday Car Key Case, Car RFID Signal Blocking Key Fob Protector, Stylish Anti-Theft Car Key Pouch, Anti-Hacking Case Blocker, Jammer Signal Blocke-(Black)

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Leather Faraday Car Key Case

Universal car key holder fits most car keys.

It can be matched well with both men and women and looks very fashionable and handsome.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    If anyone needs a key fob holder that keeps the car remote dry, dust-free, as well as bump-free (free from accidental button presses) this holder work great! I have tried several other holders but I have a tendency to accidentally press the buttons on my car remote which ends up wearing down the battery (plus I never know if I accidentally pressed the door unlock button or remote start button). It could possibly be squished if pressed or hit hard enough but it does protect against accidental presses, protects against getting wet or dusty.

    The only thing I wished it had was a little chain for the car remote, it is deep enough that makes pulling the remote out a bit difficult (I added a tiny chain and hooked to the clasp ring, the chain gets in the way of getting the zipper closed all the way ).

    It seems to be made of real leather, with an inner (cardboard?) “liner”.