Natures Aid Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg, Cold Pressed

Natures Aid Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg

Natures Aid Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg, Cold Pressed, Omega-6 GLA, 180 Softgel Capsules

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Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), is extracted from the seeds of Oneothera biennis, a plant which was introduced into Europe in the seventeenth-century and rapidly became known as ‘King’s Cure All’, for its perceived medicinal properties.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are fats which the human body needs to maintain good health.

They can be divided into two categories: Omega-3 EFA’s and Omega-6 EFA’s (such as the GLA provided in Evening Primrose Oil).

EFA’s need to be supplied in the diet – or by supplementation – as the body cannot manufacture them.

Natures Aid E.P.O capsules contain pure, cold-pressed evening primrose oil.

Cold-pressing preserves all the delicate, beneficial compounds of the oil.

Natures Aid E.P.O capsules are GM free and non-irradiated.

All Natures Aid products are manufactured to the industry recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard which gives us complete control over the quality and effectiveness of our products and provides our customers with the highest quality products.

In our commitment to quality, we also go one step beyond and manufacture each of our products to Pharmaceutical standards.

Brand: natures aid
Origin: United Kingdom