NEWZEROL Head Strap Compatible for Quest 3 Accessories,Head

NEWZEROL Head Strap Compatible for Quest 3 Accessories

NEWZEROL Head Strap Compatible for Quest 3 Accessories,Head Strap Enhanced Support with Head Cushion, Replaces Elite Strap Pack Comfort – White

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    An absolute must have item !!.
    As title but scheduled to arrive waaay quicker.
    Once you adjust it to your head shape ya good to go.
    Fitment is exactly as described and swapped in a matter of seconds. The ad says it blocks out ambient light and for best part it does but, humans have noses lol.
    The level of comfort is off the chart, relieving the pressure you get from the stock strap.
    Love this so much that I’m glad a made the change.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Took a gamble as no other reviews on this at time of purchase. As someone who bought at least 5 straps on the quest 2 trying to find an acceptable comfort level. This is the first strap I’ve bought for quest 3 and I won’t be looking for another.

    Theres no ‘feedback’ on the charging like some battery packs do.
    It’s very comfy and easy to put in.
    The quest 2 elite strap gave me a bad headache in the back of my skull. Being a similar design I was worried this would do the same but it certainly does not.
    Battery on quest 3 will still go down while this is plugged in but considerably slower.
    I managed to complete an entire campaign of demeo with this plugged in and still had 60% battery left (that’s about 2-3 hours). So I’d wager this thing will extend your gaming upto around 5-6 hours at full charge.

    The tightening mechanism does feel a bit flimsy.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersThere are not yet many reviews for these third party accessories, so in case you’re worried that this doesn’t work properly or was rushed to market, you can relax. It is a great product and INFINITELY better than the stock strap for the Meta Quest 3. I’ve only had it one day but played online for 3 to 4 hours and the headset was still more than half charged. Comfort was good, for an Elite-style strap. Set up was very quick and easy. It’s all well put together, with a handy charging indicator, and don’t worry the RGB lights don’t stay on during play and run your battery down.

    Comfort is good, maybe 8/10. The Meta stock strap is 1/10 for me, really a disgrace for a fairly costly headset. A “halo” design like BoboVR is better IMHO and I’d rate a good halo strap at 9/10. This is more comfortable than the standard Elite strap because this has great padding, both on the rear piece and the top. You may have to position the back higher than you expect to stop it rubbing against your ears but bottom line you can live in this thing for several hours without discomfort. The worst thing when using this is having to put up with the default fabric facial interface, because this design pushes the facial interface into your cheeks and it would be much nicer with a PU leather style cover – so once I replace the facial interface comfort will definitely improve.

    It seems like the headset battery slowly discharges during use, so the Quest 3 is not being charged by the strap battery as quickly as it’s being discharged through use, and I suspect the official Elite battery strap would behave the same way. So don’t expect the headset to still be fully charged once the strap battery is depleted. That’s fine. The included battery has obviously got decent capacity given my initial test, which is the main thing – you can play for more hours than you’d ever need to. The BoboVR batteries are, I think, smaller capacity so although the Bobo design is hot-swappable, you’re much more likely to actually need to swap the batteries out during a long session, but with this you won’t need that feature. Charging the strap battery also charges the headset, with no extra cable required, just charge the strap and let it charge the headset. Handy!

    The only unknown is long term reliability. The rear tightening mechanism seems a little flimsy and the spring or whatever may not last that long, we’ll see. The pressure it will be put under long term is substantial. Amazon has good support so if the mechanism does fail within the first year, you won’t be out of pocket.

    I took a punt on this and am keeping it. In the absence of many alternatives it’s a sound choice, and even if it cost the same as the official Elite battery strap I’d rather have this for the comfort. The only reason to get the Elite version would be if you want to use the official charging dock.

    IMHO the only real choice is between this and the soon to be released BoboVR M3. I suspect BoboVR will win on comfort but this would actually win on convenience as you don’t need hot swappable batteries if the battery is big enough to begin with. Hope this helps.