Outside Tap Cover for Winter, 2Pcs 25x18cm Tap Cosy Cover

Outside Tap Cover for Winter

Outside Tap Cover for Winter, 2Pcs 25x18cm Tap Cosy Cover Thickened Outdoor Tap Cover with Reflective Strip, Jacket Insulated Protector from Freezing Waterproof

Material Outer 210D oxford waterproof coating, prevent the frost from penetrating your outside tap.
Material Middle Thicker Insulation cotton, isolate the outside temperature effectively.
Material Inner Waterproof Coating prevent from getting wet.
3 Layers Protection Ensure 100% Waterproof & Better Insulation. Perfect for rainy or snowy days
Dimensions 18cm W x 25cm H with 2 Pack
Package Included 2 × Outside Tap Covers
Precautions: 1. Due to manual measurement, the product size may have an error of 1-2mm;
Precautions: 2. Due to light and environment, the product may have color difference;

Weight: 82 g
Size: 25×18 CM – 2 PACK
Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 4 cm; 82 Grams
Model: OTD-OFC-1
Part: OTD-OFC-1
Colour: Black
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: OUTTDID
Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 4 cm; 82 Grams
Size: 25×18 CM – 2 PACK

18 Responses

  1. IvanCoffin says:

     United Kingdom

    I have typically used the rigid polystyrene cover for taps, but they always break as they are not made to accommodate anything other than a small tap.

    These covers were easy to fit over the taps with the end connectors still in place, being fastened by Velcro, which will be fine in the locations my taps are in, for windy areas, they may need some additional fixing.

    So far the temperature hasn’t dropped considerably, but the cold nights we have had these covers have worked well.

  2. MiaJacquez says:

     United Kingdom

    Two covers for two taps were supplied, or at least that is what the descriptions said. However, these are large (51 cm) covers, too big for the common domestic garden tap. Perhaps the smaller (25 cm) covers would be more suitable.

    Rather, these 51 cm tap covers are suitable for a commercial or industrial installation, a stand pipe, hydrant or similar. The quality is excellent, far better than needed for domestic use. In my working life, I’d be quite happy to spec/install these items in an industrial setting.

    I’m less convinced the velcro fastenings would do the job which could do with some extra ties to survive the occasional knock and gust of wind.

    Overall, a decent product.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was really pleased to receive 2No outside tap freezing protectors.

    This is a job I have kept meaning to do, I have two outside taps which in previous years have become frozen – thankfully not badly enough to cause damage.

    These protectors fit easily over the tap and are held in place with velcro.

    They will be of sufficient protection to keep my taps warm enough not to freeze.

    I recommend this product!

  4. Jessica Peace Love Books says:

     United Kingdom

    I got these and was surprised to see how long the sleeves were, much too long for a standard ‘on wall’ external tap that you generally find in the UK. However I know someone who has a farm in the UK and they have pipes that reach up from underground and they often freeze in winter. So we installed them on these longer pipes with taps on top. They fit well and look like they will work. Its not been freezing since install so hard to say if they absolutely work and a review must be submitted before its likely. So I recommend looking closely at the shape and select the correct size. There are better options if you have a through wall pipe with a tap on the external wall.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These outdoors tall tap covers arrived in a clear plastic bag. There are two covers inside the bag and each measures approximately 50cm tall by 21cm wide. They are made from a black plastic material with a reflective yellow stripe at the top so it can be seen at night. At the bottom are two straps, one with hooks and the other with fabric, so you can wrap these around your tap or pipe and they stick together. The cover is insulated and quite thick to prevent the frost and cold getting to the tap / pipe underneath. These are good quality covers that will protect your water taps from freezing up in the winter. Make sure you select the correct size as the covers I have are for tall pipes with a tap on the top, and they come in different heights and widths. Recommended for protecting your water taps in winter.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Tall outside tap and pipe covers, insulated to protect against frost and ice

  6. LoydYhcwxgmila says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a simple, but well-made, tap cover. The insulation is thick. It’s secured by velcro. I got the wrong size for my tap which is a typical UK tap sticking out of the wall. The 51x21cm ones I got are huge. But that’s my fault, not this product’s. It can still be made to work as shown in my pictures. I just folded it in half and the velcro still secures it.

    Not much more to say other than a) Like many, I suspect, I don’t need two so would prefer to be able to buy one and b) other similar covers (not tried) seem better value.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Well made tap insulator - check the size you need - value a ?

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These OUTTDID outside tap covers are really well made, they came in a pair so I have one spare but these seem like they will last and I probably won’t need the other one for quite a few years. The reflective strip is handy too so you can see where the tap is a night. The Velcro straps are substantial which is great as we are getting quite a few storms at the moment with very fast gusts of wind, so I have peace of mind these will not fly away.

    The cold weather is coming, or at least it has been according to the MET office, for the last 2 months, so at least I am prepared for when the “beast from the east” finally arrives. These will keep my outside tap protected form the elements with no trouble.

  8. FallonHinton says:

     United Kingdom

    Large sleeve that can be adapted to different sizes of external taps. The sleeve has a wide opening that easily fits the tap with extra space to slide without trouble.

    The size is just as described by the seller and is very thick providing a good sense of insulation.

    It comes with a reflective stripe at the top so it can be seen at night, which is specially helpful when the tap is found in the middle of the garden.

    The bottom part comes with velcro strips so you can secure the cap on the tube. So far it has held in place without trouble and covers the entire tap and tube as expected.

    The materials appear to be of good quality and so far I haven’t seen any issues with this product.

  9. MyronMorford says:

     United Kingdom

    I found this a little bit confusing at first in terms of how to apply it to my outdoor tap.
    It doesn’t come with any instructions. But, after a bit of trial and error I have applied it and it is working great.
    The issue I encountered was that there is 63cm of padded sleeve with the velcro strips near the opening. My tap only protrudes ~10cm from the wall so it was looking a bit ridiculous at first. I’ve now managed to gather up the excess sleeving and get it all wrapped by the velcro strips after a bit of fuss.
    It would be easier if the strips were separate from the sleeve, or at least attached at the mid-point rather than near the opening, but anyway, job done!

    The sleeve’s insulation is excellent; as I was applying this to my tap I put my arm inside to open it out to it’s fullest extent and temperature difference inside was incredible, they’ve obviously used high quality materials with this item.

    4 stars not 5 due to the messing I had to do because the velcro strips were too close to the opening of the sleeve – If you have a tap on a post protruding from the ground then this is a 5star item definitely.
    If buying for a tap attached to the wall of your house (unless the tap protrudes by 50cm or more?), expect a little bit of fuss in gathering up the excess material and getting it wound up securely.

  10. Bethany says:

     United Kingdom

    This review is for the Outside Tap Cover for Winter, 2Pcs 51x21cm Tap Cosy Cover Thickened Outdoor Tap Cover with Reflective Strip, Insulated Hose Bib Protector Cover from Freezing Waterproof (51×21 CM – 2 PACK)

    11.99 (was 17.99) at the time of review.

    Mine were sent for review and I didn’t have a choice about the size as I would have gone for the 25 x 18cm pack size instead.

    The reviewed covers are huge and the pictures show it being used in a standalone pipe — mine is the more typical, short pipe that is secured to the wall, so I had to bend the cover back around itself rather than have the excess dangling about in the wind.

    I pushed the cover over the tap, having removed the hose, then simply held the hose against the tap then pushed the excess of the cover around the tap again, tie it in place with the Velcro strapping.

    I don’t know about the advantage of the luminous strip, but perhaps on a free standing tap it might help, but it’s no advantage on my setup.

    On inspection, the inner insulation material was sticking out of the stitching and into the bag a little bit, but otherwise it seems pretty watertight.

    My only issue then is with the pack size as most people only have one outside tap, but I guess that means the per item price is kept lower?

    On balance then, 5 stars and it easier to use than a plastic bag, some insulation materials and a zip tie. Check the size you need before ordering though as I am sure the 25 x 18cm size would have suited me better.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use and simpler than any DIY attempt I have made in the pas

  11. Joerg Colberg says:

     United Kingdom

    On receiving these outside tap covers, I realised they were bigger than I thought. I have an outside tap that extends from my wall and is quite small. However, as the Amazon listing shows, these cosy covers can be folded so can suit both taps like mine and also the standing types that extend up from the ground.
    The covers are simply insulated and waterproof material with 2 velcro straps that curl round the base to tighten up around the tap, keeping it reasonably warm and no longer prone to snow, Ice and frost. Sort of like a Tea cosy for taps!!
    Having made the mistake years ago of not protecting an outside tap and having it seize up as a result, I can see the benefit of something like this. Burst pipes can also result, which leads to expensive replacement. These Tap covers can prevent all of this, and are so simple to use.
    I only needed one, so I have given the spare to a grateful neighbour !!

  12. Nicole McDermott says:

     United Kingdom

    I recently received the Outside Tap Cover for Winter and it’s substantial to say the least!
    You get two, 63x33cm Tap Cosy Covers and they are really well-designed, with a thickened material that provides excellent insulation.
    They are very large for a standard UK outdoor tap but that’s okay, as you can scrunch it up and wrap the Velcro strap around it a couple of times.

    The added reflective strip is good and would be a benefit at night if needed.

    The insulation inside is thick and does a great job protecting the tap from freezing temperatures and prevents any potential damage.
    The waterproof material adds an extra layer of reliability and seems actually be waterproof.
    The inside has felt dry each time I have checked overnight when we have had rain.

    Overall I would say it’s a fantastic investment to safeguard your outdoor taps during the winter months. I can almost guarantee it will cover any UK outdoor tap and I highly recommend it.

  13. Adrian Marlow says:

     United Kingdom

    First these covers should insulate well, and the velcro ribbons should hold it securely.

    At first we were surprised at the size. (Yes it’s in the description but somehow we didn’t expect it to be this big.) We thought that it wouldn’t suit our outside tap which barely sticks out of the wall and that it would only suit taps with a vertical length of pipe that also needs covering. But our tap does have a small horizontal pipe length next to it. Unfortunately it’s not possible to get behind it with the bag, but we can encompass the lot with the bag.

    It does look a bit wrong with the large bag sticking way out from the wall but we may find another way.

    The covers came vacuum packed. They also have a fluorescent strip on them.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Simple and functional

  14. RodneyFxaw says:

     United Kingdom

    Such a useful item! My taps outside would freeze in really cold weather conditions. Now, with this insulated tap cover, I won’t have this problem anymore. Really glad I bought it.

  15. TawannaIsom says:

     United Kingdom

    This a basic product that slips over the tap connection of your tap that is exposed to the outside elements.
    The ‘cover’ is well stitched together with insulated, waterproofed material that has a velcro strap incorporated into the narrow end of the cover, to tighten around any tap connection.
    The makers have also smartly stitched a luminous reflective strip that makes it easily stand out in areas that are dark. This should prevent you from ‘bumping into it’ if in close proximity to it in reduced light scenarios.
    The velcro strap is of good quality and the ‘adhesion’ hooks are of good enough quality to allow the strap to me opened and closed a lot of times, before the velcro becomes weak.
    Even if the velcro fails, the outer waterproof cover can be secured simply with other means, such as rubber bands or string.
    The fact that there are two covers in the pack make this product good value.
    Happy to recommend.

  16. ThelmaGarza says:

     United Kingdom

    Ordered these for winter as I need my taps not to freeze up as I often rinse my dog after a walk. These are super easy to fit and quick to get on and off. We haven’t had a hard frost as yet since I’ve started using them but the quality of the product and the materials leave me feeling that they will confident work.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I received four bags. The main material is a synthetic nylon type, with a waterproof coating. I did splash some water over it when cleaning my front door, and the waterproofing was apparent.

    Each bag is black and has a reflective strip, which is useful if your outside tap protrudes significantly from the wall. The size of each bag is bigger than I expected – most taps I’ve come across have been of a similar size, but at least you can be assured the bag will fit any size tap.

    The thickness of the bag is good and well padded. I suppose the extra space around the tap will trap air and contribute to the insulation. The Velcro at the top of the bag wraps nicely around the base of the tap – if however you have pipework exposed, I would also get hold of some lagging to cover that as the bag might not be sufficient.

    The bags are well constructed and although it’s early days, they look as though they’ll last a few seasons.

    They are 17.99 for a pack of four, which, considering how much it might cost to replace a burst pipe, is probably a good investment.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great insulation for winte

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersWe used to have one of those foam tap covers with an elastic toggle to pull tight and get a secure fit that accidentally got thrown away. It was replaced by a zip-lock bag covering some old socks over the tap that worked, but wasn’t pretty and which went a bit soggy in the rain.

    These tap covers (you get 2 in a pack) are luxury by comparison with the aforementioned and the size I tried (the smallest) is plenty big enough for your average outside tap. It feels well made and the material is apparently waterproof. There’s a reflective strip that we don’t really need, but its doing no harm. The velcro fixing works okay, but I probably would have preferred some form of a drawstring and toggle the securing mechanism as I think that that could have resulted in a tighter fixing.

    Today was not perhaps the best day to test them out as although it is October it has been 25 degrees here today! I expect though that these tap covers will come into their own when winter temperatures arrive, and although we only have one outside tap having two will mean that we can swap them over if one becomes a bit manky. Arguably it is overkill to have what amounts to a ski-type mitt for your taps, but if you live in colder climes than east anglia then it might be what you need (shouldn’t speak too soon in case we get a hard winter here now).

    I will of course update the review if there are any issues once the overnight temperatures get below freezing and these are really tested.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good protection for outside taps if maybe a bit OTT