Steering Wheel Lock, Steering Lock, ibforcty Car Steering

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering Wheel Lock, Steering Lock, ibforcty Car Steering Wheel Locks with 3Keys, Steering Wheel to Seat Belt Lock, High Visibility Car Lock Anti-Theft Device

3 colorsSturdy Lock ConstructionSoft Nylon CoverEasy to InstallUniversal For Most Cars

Universal For Most Cars

Locking only requires connecting the steering wheel and seat belt socket, which is very simple to use. Compatible with most vehicles on the market.

Weight: 550 g
Dimensions: 33 x 11.6 x 7.7 cm; 550 Grams
Colour: Yellow
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: ibforcty
Dimensions: 33 x 11.6 x 7.7 cm; 550 Grams

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For 13 this is a great theft deterrent, which will offer a good level of physical security and a great visual deterrent.

    I would recommend going for the bright red sleeved version, as you want it to be noticed easily, and then the rest is simple.

    Just loop through the steering wheel and then plug into the seatbelt clip – and you are done.

    I’ve got two of these and can confirm the keys are unique.

  2. lH4xI5eO6k says:

     United Kingdom

    Very quick and simple to fit visible deterrent.
    It’s not the strongest lock in the world but as a way of deterring opportunist thieves it looks great.
    Relatively easy to store away compared with more rigid locks.
    It could also be used for such things as travel safes, luggage bags or similar to discourage impulse thefts although that might leave the item in view.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This fits both my Toyota C-hr and my VW T6 Transporter, without having to re-adjust the seat in either. Fitting is easy, just loop it around the steering wheel and push the locking mechanism into the seatbelt clasp. Unlocking is just as easy, using the key. The lock looks fairly robust, but like most mechanical locks I feel it could be easily defeated by the determined criminal. This said, it provides a nice visual and physical deterrent, which is hopefully enough to make an opportunist move on.
    When not in use, the flexible nature of the lock makes it easy to stow away in s glove box or door pocket. The lock was provided with three keys.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good deterrent, easy to fit.

  4. Piera Jolly says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a decent thick wire rope that goes through your steering wheel and affixes to the seatbelt holder.

    You need to feed the wire through the steering wheel and loop around itself, then plug into the seat belt holder. It’s got the length to fit on my Kuga with no trouble, and in fact the tighter the better. Too loose and the wheel could still turn a bit.

    The wire is tough enough fore casual theft prevention, but wouldn’t stop really big bolt cutters or portable angle grinder – although not many would I suppose. The weakest part is the shroud that goes around the seatbelt holder if anything.

    You get three keys, and these allow a button to be pressed that depresses the seatbelt release underneath to allow you to remove it.

    Not highly visible, especially from a distance, unlike larger steering wheel locks. You need to look inside to see it, and this version I had isn’t that bright, either.