ULTRAIDEAS Ladies' Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy

ULTRAIDEAS Ladies' Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined House Shoes w/Indoor

ULTRAIDEAS Ladies' Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined House Shoes w/Indoor, Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole

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Fuzzy Moc SLipper

  • Why we like our job?

    Everyone’s day is long and hard. We hope that the comfy house slippers of ULTRAIDEAS can make tired people feel the warmth of home. This is what our brand insists on.

    What makes our product unique?

    The newly developed natural high-density insole can perfectly adapt to your feet. It is more comfortable and soft to wear than traditional slippers.

    Whether our goods are of high quality?

    Since our products launched in early 2017, ULTRAIDEAS has worked tirelessly to improve quality and sizing over the years. We truly appreciate the feedback that have made these improvements possible.

  • 9 Responses

    1. CortezRimmer says:

       United Kingdom

      Just got the slippers so has not tried them out for long but so far love the colours and very comfortable. Very strong base to prevent slipping, size wise slightly tight but probably they are new and will take time to become loose

      5.0 out of 5 stars Very comfortable and well made slippers

    2. CoralWatling says:

       United Kingdom

      My daughter bought these slippers for herself so that if she needed to go outside quickly the sole would be sturdy. I loved them so much I also ordered them. Great hard wearing slipper. Lovely and soft and comfy. Great if you have wide feet too.

    3. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      These are good, practical slippers, with a decent sole if you have to pop outside. They are comfortable and
      attractive. I deducted one star as they don’t feel luxuriantly comfortable! Maybe it’s not possible to have a good sole and structure and also soft lushness!

    4. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      Great slippers, really comfy memory foam inners and a hard sole so you can pop put to the garage or dustbin without changing your shoes.
      Machine washable and last for ages.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Fourth pair of these, I LOVE them!

    5. MillieDeen says:

       United Kingdom

      I’m normally a size 6, went for the 6 1/2 and they fit perfectly. They are well made, good quality and have a nice thick sole. I’m expecting them to last some time.

    6. TeresaKOWwpped says:

       United Kingdom

      I’m a size 7 and these fit very well, though a bit on the wide side, but plenty of room for when I wear socks. Soles have a good grip in the house, which is what you need as an elderly person. I don’t wear slippers outside (always put shoes on even when popping something in the bin) so I have no idea how good the sole is outdoors. I live in a bungalow so have no stairs to climb, but don’t think that I would feel safe going up and down stairs wearing these with the slippers not having a full back……a younger person though may be fine wearing these on stairs. Nice and warm to wear especially given that it is a chilly -2C outside today. As for their longevity, I’ve no idea as yet, but will update my review once I know.

    7. Todd McDonagh says:

       United Kingdom

      As described above these slippers are so easy to pop your feet into when a change from day to evening is needed. Due to the ease of slipping your feet into, I keep them by the bedside and if I have to get out of bed, what could be more simple? Having a little bit of weight attached to them, means that you don’t fall out of them and they are firm to the tread. Make sure to get the right size as this is important when relying on them to keep your feet warm and cosy.

    8. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      These ate my 2nd pair of these bad boys. Unfortunately my first pair became victim to our dog Eric who clearly didn’t like them as.muxh as i did. They’re sturdy, super comfy, and the lining is lively and soft (not too sweaty) the size is true and ok they don’t look stunning but do any slipper. They have a good weight to them too the soles are grea

    9. Anonymous says:

       United Kingdom

      I’m very pleased with these slippers. I am a size 5 – so ordered the 5/6 – which initially felt a tad snug, but as the lining is being squidged down with use, the fitting is becoming perfect. These are incredibly warm, sturdy and pleasing to the eye.