WOLFANG GA460 Action Camera 6K 24MP, 40M Waterproof

WOLFANG GA460 Action Camera 6K 24MP

WOLFANG GA460 Action Camera 6K 24MP, 40M Waterproof Underwater Camera for Snorkeling, 10 x Zoom 160° Wide Angle WiFi Dual Screen Vlog Camera with External Microphone, 2x 1350mAh Batteries, Charge

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Enjoy Becoming A Legend

You are responsible for bravery and fearlessness, WOLFANG is responsible for recording your story.

Dimensions: 45 x 63 x 33 millimetres
Model: GA460
Part: GA460
Colour: GA460
Batteries Included: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Dimensions: 45 x 63 x 33 millimetres

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Pas de mode d’emploi wolfang ga 460 mme sur le net en francais .
    Petit dfaut de ct .
    Fait une petite vido le son et inexistant et pour les reglage pas de mode d’emploi je suis du

  2. KatharinaKinsey says:

     United Kingdom

    Since posting my original review, Wolfang Customer Service contacted me, explaining that there is a zoom on the camera, but apologising for not stating that the EIS (image stabeliser) has to be switched off for the zoom to function. They kindly arranged for a replacement camera to be sent to me and that was received very quickly. I have since tried out the replacement camera and am able to provide an updated review…
    Wolfang GA460, software version V2.1.0.1-B
    Very positive. Camera well packed and comes with plenty of accessories and features, so for the fairly modest asking price, I can genuinely recommend.
    1. The camera feels solid and well built, quite heavy, but in a good way.
    2. Simple touchscreen operation.
    3. Zoom, yes there is one and easy to operate via the touchscreen. EIS has to be disabled to function, so bear that in mind. The zoom works for both video and photo, but only operates when in video mode, meaning you will need to switch to video+photo operation to benefit from zoom still images. Within the video+photo setting, there are several options for the rate at which a photo is taken during the recorded video clip, so still pretty good to find a setting that suits.
    4. Front screen, so ideal for selfies.
    5. External mic. I tried this and can confirm the recorded sound quality is much improved, compared to using the inbuilt mic. It connects via the USB C port, so the downside is the cover for that has to be open during use. That in turn limits it’s use, but heh it’s much better than not having the option.
    5. Waterproof without housing. The camera comes with an additional housing for using in deeper water, but if like me, you find using those a real faff, then being able to use the camera in shallower water without a housing is a real benefit. I confess that I haven’t tried out this feature, so fingers crossed when I do!
    6. Remote control, the same bulk standard version you see with many action cams, but does it’s job OK.
    7. Two x 1350mAh batteries complete with twin charger. Only time will tell on how long they last but I doubt the quoted 60 minutes duration for 4K recording is achievable. Nonetheless, you get 2 reasonable capacity batteries to keep you going.
    8. Records in MP4 from 720P to 6K although I’m unable to comment on whether any upscaling is used. For me, I use 1080P which I found to be more than adequate.
    For photos, it’s JPG format, 3 to 24 Mega pixels so a good range to suit most requirements.
    9. Lots of setting adjustments within the menus are available if you want to tinker, or alternatively, use the standard settings.
    10. WiFi connection and YUTU PRO app. I found wireless connection and file transfer to be very straightforward and unlike the generally poor reviews on Google Play Store, the app performed without problem.
    1. There’s no 1/4″ thread in the camera body meaning you have to use an additional housing (not the waterproof one, but another one, both of which are supplied) to connect to anything, such as your bike, using the accessories provided. I found the housing tricky to use and for me anyway, really wanting there to be a built in thread to use.
    2. A picky one, but it appears that the time/date stamp is either on or off. No toggle, to just include the date, without the time.
    1. Micro SD card. Must be high speed, U3, 32GB to 128GB.

    I hope my updated review helps you may an informed choice and thank you for reading.

    MY ORIGINAL REVIEW which is now superseded…
    Overall, I think this is probably a decent camera. However, if like me, you bought it for the advertised 8 x zoom, then sorry to disappoint, this appears to be missing. Strangely, the specifications in the instruction manual make no reference to any zoom feature, although one of the pictures does show a ‘zoom’ button on the touch screen. Despite, trying extensively in the settings screen to find that zoom button on the actual camera, it completely eluded me and in the end, I concluded there wasn’t one.
    I returned the item and a refund was quickly provided, so my thanks to Amazon for making the returns process very straightforward and uncomplicated

    5.0 out of 5 stars A good value Action Cam with ZOOM

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My first action cam.. the latest offering from wolfang..

    Will do the job for my needs.. Though its no go-pro…

    Must be said like previous models the 4k60 is upscaled… This model has the 6k30 (upscaled) too which does work okay but 4k30 seems to provide best results…

    And whilst these cameras are advertised at 24mp i believe this camera uses a 12mp sony sensor…

    Quality is acceptable for most personal / social media needs.. Grain/noise is introduced into the image in low light situations. For best results use outside on a well lit day 🙂

  4. VeraSingleton says:


    Ho comprato poco fa il modello GA300 con il Prime Day e mi sono trovato benissimo, cercavo qualcosa di pi performante, che fosse impermeabile senza custodia (che non sopporto) e che avesse display anche frontale per vedere quello che riprendo quando montata sulla pettorina (in bici o in moto). Il nuovo modello GA460 mi ha incuriosito, pagata 129 in promozione, mi fa stupito.
    Costruzione solida, impermeabile senza custodia, pi pesante della precedente fa trasparire subito la solidit. Due batterie al litio con base di ricarica (cos le carico entrambi insieme), stabilizzazione performante anche correndo a piedi, foto accettabili (per quelle uso lo smartphone). Qualit a 4k 60fps molto buona, insomma molto soddisfatto, rapporto qualit prezzo imbattibile.
    PS viene fornita una cornice per poterla montare su tutti i supporti che ha anche la slitta per i flash esterni, molto utile per riprese con poca luce.

    Ottima action cam ad un prezzo onesto

  5. RNYJillian says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI was in the market for a reasonably priced action camera for an upcoming holiday – the chances are it would get limited use as I mainly shoot on my mirrorless camera and phone.
    As it is a poolside holiday, an action camera is an obvious choice.

    Without spending 2-3 times the amount, i decided to go for the Wolfang GA 460 as it looked like my old DJI Osmo Action 1, which i sadly parted with a while back.

    So far I am very impressed.
    The stabilization is amazing for a budget camera – it is just like Rock Steady on the Osmo.
    There is a very slight lag on the screen as it smooths out the movement, but that is a good thing – shows its working!
    The trade off is that battery life gets hit, but they give you two batteries and there is USB charging so its no massive issue.
    Image quality at 4K is excellent – I haven’t tried the 6K which may be interpolated, or the 1080p settings as I only shoot in 4K and output to 1080p anyway.
    The menu system is years ahead of any other budget action camera; it has again an Osmo-esque feel to it, with an overlaid menu over the real-time image.
    The touch screen is very responsive and the menu system keeps up well with touches.

    If you are used to other budget cameras, you will find that this feels a lot more advanced.
    I tried Auto everything for shooting but actually preferred setting my own ISO and shutter speed, but you can do either.

    You get all the accessories you will initially need, including a charger base for two batteries, a plastic cage and a diving case.
    The GA460 is waterproof without a case, enabling you to enjoy normal swimming activities without the additional case.
    One improvement I might suggest for the next model is to make the plastic cage a little more tactile – and perhaps the camera too.
    More of a matt finish may help as my cold hands found it just a little slippy, but that just might be me.

    Its extremely well built for the price and feels very substantial in the hand.
    One more point – the customer service offered by Wolfang is excellent – I had a couple of questions and they were answered very quickly.

    To get this level of performance from a budget cam is amazing – keep it up Wolfang!

    5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant budget action camera

  6. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersEstaba buscando una cmara de apoyo para mi equipo de Insta360 X3, no necesitaba una calidad de imagen brutal, pero si estaba buscando una buena calidad de imagen. Esta cmara ha conseguido lo que buscaba imgenes a 4k decentes.

    He estado probando diferentes formas de trabajo y la verdad que se defiende bastante bien en todas, 6k,4k, 1080.

    Me ha gustado tambin que te vienen accesorios incluidos, soporte para el manillar, un par de pegatinas para colocar otros accesorios, carcasa sumergible, mando a distancia, micrfono USB C, distintos soportes .

    Al tacto es una cmara que se siente bien, algo plasticosa, pero si tiene buenos acabados, en la parte de la lente, tiene un protector, que en caso de recibir un golpe imagino que es fcilmente sustituible y as no hay que cambiar toda la cmara, tan solo ese protector.

    Aspectos a mejorar: El manual de instrucciones es muy bsico, no explican todas las funciones de la cmara, es ms una gua rpida que manual de instrucciones, es cierto que si has usado otras cmaras, lo entiendes todo ms o menos rpido, pero hay opciones que no estn nada claras.

    Cámara relación calidad coste buena.

  7. My Subscription Addiction says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI own a Wolfang GA420, Which is a great action camera in its own right for the price point, the GA460 has upped the game.

    The touchscreen has been improved, you can now scroll between menus and options easier.
    The removal of the camera tripod mount could be an issue for some, however the outer shell that is provided has a mount on the base, it is well constructed but does make the unit quite bulky, but in turn does protect the camera well.

    I have run video samples at the highest quality and frame rate against the GA420, the 6k 30fps is upscaled but does manage quite well, replicating good colours and movement, however I would suggest 4k 60/30fps for better playback and true reflection of recording.

    The stability control works very well and produces smooth footage, the picture quality is very good and true to life.

    The included battery pack is handy to have, there are two batteries and a plethora of accessories for every occasion/activity.

    If you are looking at a well priced, high specification action camera, without spending too much, look no further.

    Well done Wolfang, a very happy buyer.

    5.0 out of 5 stars GA460 a great alternative