Cunsieun External DVD CD Drive, USB 3.0 & Type C CD/Dvd +

Cunsieun External DVD CD Drive

Cunsieun External DVD CD Drive, USB 3.0 & Type C CD/Dvd +/- RW burner, Portable DVD CD Burner Reader +/-RW ROM for Laptop/Desktops MacBook Apple OS /Win11/10/8/7

External DVD CD DriveExternal DVD CD DriveExternal DVD CD DriveLow-Noise External CD BurnerSome Details of This DVD Burner External

Some things to note about this USB 3.0 external CD DVD drive

1.The dvd drive should be connected with USB port on laptop rather than connect with USB HUB. In addition, please connect the item with USB port behind of computer host if you use a desktop.

2.Ensure CDs is placed well and not scratched. The raised fixing post in the middle of the CD drive tray has three spring buckles. You need to gently press the CD disc into the spring buckles to secure the disc.

3.Make sure your computer’s CD/DVD driver is intact before using an external optical drive. The computer operating system comes with a CD/DVD driver. If the program is damaged or removed, the CD/DVD driver needs to be updated or reinstalled.

4.Once you plug this external dvd player for laptop into your computer, it will bring up your downloaded Media Player, select it, and from that point forward whatever disc you put in will automatically open through it. You download a Media Player program onto your computer if don’t already have one before you hook it up.

5.Remember to set the DVD Region to United States on the player – Windows :This PC– dvd drive- Properties – Hardware Tab – Properties button – Choose Region (US is 1) -Apply. Mac:Menu-System Preference-Language & Region – Region – Select Country – Apply Remember you can only reset the country 5 times.

6.Mac OS computers do not display the device icon before placing a disc into disc tray & drive reads successfully the disc. For Mac OS, use the mac command to eject disc. If eject button/computer command not working, stick emergency hole to force eject a disc.

7.Computers often do not natively support DVD movie playing, so a third-party media player (such as VLC) must be downloaded and installed to watch DVDs using this CD/DVD player. You can download and install a playing/burning software you like. You can also refer to the following software:

No fee playing software: Any Media Player, Any DVD

No fee burning software for Windows OS: InfraRecorder, Ones, Express Disc Burner

No fee burning software for mac OS: Burn for mac

No fee burning software for Linux OS/Unix OS: K3b (KDE Burn Baby Burn)

8.Because the video formats of most computers and mobile phones are not compatible with DVD, you need third-party software to convert the file format to a format that can be displayed on the disc, otherwise, even if you burn the file to a disc, it will not work.

Weight: 330 g
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1.8 cm; 330 g
Brand: Cunsieun
Colour: Black
Manufacture: ALANA EAGLE LTD
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1.8 cm; 330 g