Intex 58836EU Mesh Lounge, 70 x 94 cm

Intex 58836EU Mesh Lounge

Intex 58836EU Mesh Lounge, 70 x 94 cm

Water hammock.

Floating in the swimming pool? With the 178 x 94 cm large mesh lounge you can lie half immersed in the water, your head on the integrated cushion. 2 air chambers and a high-quality plastic net provide comfortable relaxation.

Mesh Lounge water hammock by Intex The Intex water hammock is perfect for sunbathing on the water. Thanks to the mesh bottom, you can lie in the water and stay fresh even on the hottest days. The Intex water hammock with a comfortable head section and fabric-covered outer ring is a good choice for both children and adults this summer. Note: the colors may vary.

Inflation Instructions

1. Find a clean area free of stones or other sharp objects.

2. Operating pressure of the product version: 0.03 bar.

3. Adults should slowly inflate each chamber in numbered order (if marked) with a foot or manual air pump. Make sure the device is firm but not difficult to grip. CAUTION: To avoid tearing, do not over inflate, use a high pressure air compressor, or exceed recommended operating pressure. Fill with cold air only. The product must be inflated up to the area around the armrests (ie under the cup holders, if necessary also compare this pressure with the large main chamber.

4. Securely close and lower all inflation valves.

5. Make sure Ensure that adequate air pressure is maintained inside the product during use. Check the pressure frequently, especially on very hot, sunny days as the air inside the product will expand (vent some air if necessary) by following the instructions in the manual Use the method described to check the air pressure.


– Regularly check seams and valves for cracks.

– Clean the device with a garden hose after each use and air dry it thoroughly before storage .

– If this product is used in an indoor pool, make sure there is enough headroom.


1. Make sure that the device is thoroughly clean first and is dry, see section Maintenance.

2. Open all air valves and vent the device completely.

3. If necessary, remove all accessories.

4. Fold the device loosely and avoid sharp creases, corners and creases that can damage the device. Replace all of the inflation valve caps.

5. Store in a dry place and indoors.

Weight: 0.64 Kilograms
Size: 178 x 94 cm
Dimensions: 178 x 20.5 x 94 cm; 476.6 g
Brand: Intex
Model: 58836EU
Colour: Color May Vary
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Intex Industries( Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Age: Adult
Department: Unisex
Dimensions: 178 x 20.5 x 94 cm; 476.6 g
Quantity: 1
Size: 178 x 94 cm