NOPE! Smoke Flea Bombs For The Home (x4) | Low Odour |

NOPE! Smoke Flea Bombs For The Home (x4) | Low Odour | Non-Staining | Non-Sparking Wick | 120㎥ Covers 4 Rooms

NOPE! Smoke Flea Bombs For The Home (x4) | Low Odour | Non-Staining | Non-Sparking Wick | 120㎥ Covers 4 Rooms

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NOPE! Flea Bombs for the home are approved by the Health and Safety Executive and a swift and easy to use pest solution. Use multiple NOPE! Smoke Bombs in each room of the home for increased efficacy.

These versatile smoke bombs surpass traditional bed bug sprays and other pest control sprays to offer broad-spectrum control as a moth killer, fly killer, carpet beetle killer, bed bug killer, cockroach killer, silverfish killer and general insect killer. Insecticidal smoke generators deliver professional-grade pest control results for amateur use on most common UK crawling and flying insects. Smoke penetrates the whole room at once for an effective bed bug treatment.

Pest control sprays can be useful, but they’re just not enough in cases of serious infestation. Smaller and harder to catch pests like fleas and flies are difficult to target with spray aerosols. Smoke bombs are the best flea treatment for the house. They aren’t messy to use — simply wait for the container to fully cool then throw away the empty container in general refuse waste.

Ideal for domestic homes as well as industrial areas. NOPE! Smoke Bombs are your go-to for bedrooms, lofts, sheds, greenhouses, and even sensitive environments like food handling areas and storage areas, veterinary offices, and pet shops.

Prepare your space for maximum efficacy by cleaning and vacuuming the floor before NOPE! Smoke Bomb bed bugs treatment and flea treatment.

Vacuum cleaning the floor removes dead fleas, flea dirt, dead flea eggs and pupae, and encourages adult fleas to hatch and opens up carpet fibre for deeper pest control penetration. Flea bombs kill fleas and eggs, but vacuum cleaning ensures that all elements of the flea lifecycle are removed.

Secure and seal rooms tightly, cover all food items and remove pets and plants to ensure safe application.

Position the smoke bomb on a non-flammable surface, activate as directed, and distribute evenly if using multiple units. Consult a veterinarian for comprehensive pet flea management and cleanse all surfaces post-treatment.

Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK, NOPE! Smoke Bombs were designed and manufactured in the UK for distribution worldwide. They are an important step in any domestic pest management strategy. Always follow the detailed instructions and safety datasheet provided.

Weight: 14 g
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm; 14 g
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Safeguard Europe Ltd
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm; 14 g
Quantity: 1