bokman Portable EV Charger UK 3 Pin, 8M | 6/8/10/13A | 3.3kW

bokman Portable EV Charger UK 3 Pin

bokman Portable EV Charger UK 3 Pin, 8M | 6/8/10/13A | 3.3kW | IP67 Waterproof, Type 2 Charging Cable 3 Pin with LED Indicators & Carry Bag & Microfiber Towel

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Why can’t my charger be charged?

Step 1: Please follow the red light flashes frequency to determine the specific error.

Step 2: Check the connection between each accessory.

Step 3: Follow the troubleshooting of user manual to settle the problem.

Is it normal that my charger gets hot?

If the temperature is too high, the charger switches to a lower current mode automatically to ensure the safety of the charging process. It’s suggested that using a lower current to charge at the normal situation in order to ensure safety.

Why does the display of voltage and current fluctuates up and down?

Because the alternating current is unstable at home, voltage and power fluctuations are normal within 10 %. There is no effect on charging.

Charging Indicator does not illuminate?

Check the circuit breaker and other circuit loads. Try another wall outlet.