MagEnergy Mens Copper Bracelets, 99.9% Pure Copper Magnetic

MagEnergy Mens Copper Bracelets

MagEnergy Mens Copper Bracelets, 99.9% Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet with 6 Powerful Magnets, Copper Cuff Bangle with Jewelry Gift Box

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Our brand story is rooted in the exploration and study of natural energies. Inspired by the magnetic fields found in nature and the healing properties of copper, our team combined the two to create a unique copper magnetic bracelet. Our goal is to combine this ancient wisdom with modern jewelry design to bring you a new jewelry experience.

  • How Did We Get Our Start?

    Our founder is a patient with arthritis. He loves to do sports, such as golf, but he and his friends always suffer from severe pain in their wrists. So he has discovered an all-natural, non-invasive solution to relieve pain, which is more effective than pills-magnetic therapy. Therefore, it was born and developed more magnetic therapy jewelry.

    Why Do We Love What We Do?

    We share health and love with you in the form of products, design better products, and provide satisfactory service to let our customers have a unique style of jewelry.

  • Brand: MagEnergy
    Origin: China