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Switch Controller

Switch Controller,Bluetooth Switch Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch/Lite/OLED/PC Window,PC Gaming Controller with Programmable Buttons,Wake up,Gyro Axis,Turbo,Dual Vibration,Screenshot,White


Cehensy wireless controller for Nintendo Switch with Perfect Compatibility. Compatible with Switch/Switch OLED/Switch Lite,Android Phones,Android Tablet,Android Smart TV,Android TV Box,iPhone,iPad,Macs,IOS,Windows PC computer. Specially designed to be held comfortably for extended periods of play.

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1Turbo Function2Adjustable Vibration36-Axis Motion Control4Programable Buttons7038英文高级A+ 7图7038英文高级A+ 8图

Play with your family and friends, challenge more excitement, improve your gaming skills, and have a realistic and unforgettable Switch gaming experience! Can be easily used even in long-term gaming sessions, ideal for family fun and parties. Sturdy and flexible.

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Price £21.89£21.89£21.89£11.62
Hardware Platform Switch/Lite/OLED/PC Switch/Lite/OLED/PC Switch/OLED/PC PlayStation 5
Connectivity Tech Bluetooth Bluetooth USB USB
Connector Type Wireless/Wired Wireless/Wired Wired Wired
Power Source Rechargeable Battery/Type-C Rechargeable Battery/Type-C Type-C Type-C
LED Indicator