Anker USB Webcam for PC, PowerConf C300 Smart Full HD 1080p Webcam, Noise-Cancelling, AI-Powered Framing & Autofocus, Adjustable FoV, HDR, 60 FPS, Low-Light Correction, Zoom Certified

媒体Ai-PoweredStand Out in True ColorPowered by AI5

Clip, Plug, and Play

There’s no need to waste time finding the right drivers. Just clip the camera to your laptop or display, plug it in, and start streaming—all in just 3 seconds.

Protect Your Privacy

Prevent prying eyes from peeping on you when you least expect it. Snap the privacy cover into place and slide over the lens after wrapping up your meeting.

Multiple Ways to Mount

With 4 angles of adjustment, you can place PowerConf C300 webcam for PC almost anywhere you want. You can even mount it to a tripod for complete control over your camera setup.

Resolution 2K 1080p 2K — — —
Light Auto and manual control for brightness level and color temperature — — — — —
Audio Technology VoiceRadar-Voice Enhancement, AI Noise Cancellation, Echo cancellation Voice Enhancement and Noise Cancellation Directional Voice Pick-Up (90°,180°) and Noise Canceling Voice Enhancement and Noise Cancellation Voice Enhancement and Noise Cancellation VoiceRadar – Always Focus on the Voice Source
Focus Type AI-powered Auto Focus AI-powered Auto Focus Auto Focus — — —
Smart Function AI Image, AI Frame,AI noise Cancellation AI Image, AI Frame AI noise Cancellation — — —
Adjustable Field of View(FoV) 65°,78°,95° 78°, 90°,115° 65°,78°,95° — — —
Privacy Cover Privacy Cover with Light bar In package Built in — — —
Mic 4 Mics Array with AGC/AEC/ANC Dual Mic Dual Mic 4 Mics Array with AGC/AEC/ANC 6 Mics Array with AGC/AEC/ANC 4 Mics Array with AGC/AEC/ANC
Recommended For Personal Workspace Personal Workspace and Small Meeting Room Personal Workspace Personal Workspace and Huddle Room Personal Workspace and Small Meeting Room Personal Workspace, Medium and Large Meeting Room
Video Codec H264. MJPEG YUV H264. MJPEG MJPEG YUV — — —

Model Number: A3361

Key Features

Zoom Certified: Evaluated and approved by the latest professional standards of Zoom for picture quality, color, and clarity.

1080p Camera: Upgrade your grainy laptop camera and look like a true professional with PowerConf C300’s full HD 1080p/60fps camera–a webcam for PC.

Dual Microphones: The two microphones work together alongside Active Noise Cancellation so callers can only hear your voice, as opposed to distracting background noise.

Adjustable Field of View: Go from up close and personal to fitting everyone in frame all without messing around with settings thanks to the webcam’s automatically adjustable field of view.

Face Tracking: PowerConf C300 puts you front and center of every meeting. The innovative AI chip recognizes your face and auto tracks your movement via the pan and tilt webcam camera.

Auto Low-Light Correction: Look crisp and clear while on-call, even in heavily backlit or low-light conditions.

Privacy Cover: Snap the included privacy cover onto the camera and slide it over the lens to prevent prying eyes from peeking in on your personal life.

Download the Software: With the AnkerWork software, you can choose from 4 meeting modes to tailor PowerConf C300 to your exact needs. It’s a webcam for pc with which you can customize your own settings.


  • We strongly recommend you download the latest firmware update by following the instruction on the package to make full use of PowerConf C300’s AI features.
  • The AnkerWork software supports only Windows 7/8/10/11 and Mac OS 10.14 and above.
  • Anker PowerConf C300 can only be used with Windows 7/8/10/11 or Mac OS 10.13 and above.

Weight: 4.5 Ounces
Dimensions: 9.9 x 3 x 3 centimetres
Brand: Anker
Model: A3361011
Part: A3361011
Colour: Black
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 9.9 x 3 x 3 centimetres

145 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Works first timehi resolution..Great..

    Now refund the full amount for such a lovely review

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Arrived well packaged with all necessary bits and manuals.
    Easy to install hardware and software.
    Beautifully clear picture and good facilities too adjust colour, brightness etc in the downloadable app.
    Very clear, strong sound.
    Despite some negative review comments, I found the lens cover easy to fit and perfectly functionally adequate.
    Very pleased with the purchase.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    This Webcam is great value with excellent picture and better than average field of view – most are just 78 degrees. Really looking forward to using the software and maximising its options.

  4. GudrunOuellette says:

     United Kingdom

    his camera is easy to set up with lots of options. it goves me a clear image unlike some of my colleagues, there is an option to change angles as well as lighting effects, the mike is very clear, a great all rounder for video conferencing or chat s to the family

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great camera well designed clip to go over the monitor. Really simple without overloaded bloatware softare… Cough cough Razer take note… I’ve ditched the Kiyo and am now super happy with my Anker.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Using on MacBook and Mac mini with Monterey. If you don’t want to show a single hair out of place don’t use HD. Works in low light eg screen light, bit grainy the

  7. bestleanmusclesupplementwix says:

     United Kingdom

    Image is of decent quality. The dedicated software appears to lack some critical controls, such as manual positioning of the image.

  8. AkilahRoyal says:

     United Kingdom

    Bright sunshine, lowlight or a spotlight over your head, good camera quality.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very happy with my purchase, good video quality and audio.

  10. FawnBostick says:

     United Kingdom

    Great camera, but as others have said very wide angle. The application that comes with it is great, and means you can a narrower angle. Evern with the narrowed anagled, people have commented how dharp and clear the image is on calls. However, I can install the application on my work laptop, so I’m left with a very wide angle. Sound is also great.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This camera is so good that I bought a second one when my wife needed one for use with Microsoft Teams. HDR mode is particularly good at producing a good contrast in back-lit situations. All in all, highly recommended.

  12. Rebecca Grove says:

     United Kingdom

    Decent lense, offers wide angle, quality is great setup and install is nice and easy. Simple software to help manage the camera features. Would recommend.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for home office and it works great. Great image quality.

    Built in mic is superb, very clear pickup. Noise cancellation tech is amazing, I can use the computer’s speakers and the other person doesn’t get any feedback or echo. It even cancels out background noise to a fair extent.

    Software allows you to crop your image in three zoom levels and then all apps picking up the camera feed use that setting. Other settings allow great control over brightness and sharpness, FPS rate, etc. You can even adjust for frame offset, if for instance the camera isn’t (and can’t be) centred on your eye line, then you can crop to “move” where the centre of the image is located.

    Would have been nice to have a built in privacy shutter. Seems a bit off having to stick one on.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the best webcam that I have ever had.
    The optics and light adjustments are great.
    Would not hesitate to recommend it.

  15. HoseaWilley says:

     United Kingdom

    I never really looked into WebCams until recently, it has become something that is useful for communication while online gaming with family and friends. I do have a high-performance gaming PC and like to make sure my choice in peripherals is up to scratch and not sub-par.

    My first choice when looking at WebCams was, naturally some might say, the Logitech C920 series. My eldest son has one of these and my youngest son has the newer version. There is no doubt that these are good WebCams but I did a bit of research and narrowed it down to either one of these Logitech or this Anker Powerconf C300, The latter having really good reviews online. I chose the Anker and can safely say that I do not regret my choice. Looking at comparison videos on YouTube between the Logitech and the Anker shows it considerably more capable than any of the current Logitech offerings in all lighting conditions. Crisp detailing, clear sound capture and vivid colours (if not completely natural looking). Excellent effort from Anker.

    So, yes I highly recommend this Anker Powerconf C300.

  16. NadinePalmer says:

     United Kingdom

    Works great, looks much better than my old 20 web cam. It’s nice to be able to tweak the settings and the face tracking works well.

  17. Victoria Barker says:

     United Kingdom

    The quality of this camera is consistent with what I’ve come to expect from Anker (who I lean on heavily for a number of products).

    The multiple choice of viewing angles is a lovely feature (allowing wider shots than you’d expect), as is the auto-focusing where it’ll frame one or several people perfectly. I don’t use the microphone because I have a separate one, so can’t comment on the quality of the audio element, but as far as webcams go it’s excellent.

    The optional camera cover is a nice touch too; despite it having a light to indicate when the camera is on, my paranoia is soothed by the ability to slide a physical cover over the camera when not in use. An excellent option for those working from home.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was toying with getting another Logitech cam, as the one I have is a few years old now.

    I did some research and kept coming across this Anker C300 in various review places.

    Download the software from Anker and install, then plug the camera in and check for firmware updates, update the camera and it all just works beautifully.

    Fabulous camera, the picture quality is outstanding, and my main room is fairly low light and honestly, seeing the video output from the camera, you would never know, in addition, the sound/mic quality is fantastic, no issues being heard, and I tested the sound/video with a test run first and as I say, the sound was as clear as when using my laptop.

    This camera is an absolute steal for the current price, it has some really very useful features, such as being able to switch between 30fps and 60fps, being able to change the view angle depending on what you need, and the autofocus which basically does auto follow and zoom and all this at a similar price for alternative cameras from other vendors that lack some of the features the C300 has.

    I am very happy with the camera and I would absolutely recommend it, at the least make sure you have it on your short list.

  19. LouiseQuintanil says:

     United Kingdom

    Good performance with adjustable field of view. Works well in a small conference format.

  20. IsraelMontgomer says:

     United Kingdom

    Simple to plug in and it sorts itself out and works 2mins later good picture quality and a good audio too

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this for video calls while working from home. I like to use 2 full sized monitors which leaves little room on my desk for me to have my laptop open to use the inbuilt webcam, so I keep this closed and out of the way.
    For some bizarre reason, my employer have disabled the use of Logitech webcams, which would have been my usual choice, so I went with Anker (after being disappointed by trying a couple of the cheap ~30 webcams available on Amazon) as they’re a reputable brand.

    I work right next to a big window which lets in a lot of light. The cheaper webcams I tried from Amazon struggled to deal with the light from my monitors even when I had the curtain closed to limit the amount of light from my window. I had to turn off one of my monitors and bring up a dark background on my remaining monitor so it wasn’t putting out too much light. The Anker webcam deals well with the bright light that comes in from the window at the side of my desk and from my monitors, and also works well in a low light setting.

    The picture quality of the webcam is great, as is the quality of the inbuilt microphone, which can be used even for voice-only calls.

    I was reluctant to spend this amount on a webcam for work, but I’m really glad I have now as it’s exceeded my expectations and made my life a lot easier (as I no longer have to retrieve my laptop from its hiding place when I realise everybody else has switched on their video for a call).

    Highly recommend.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I spent a great deal of effort trying to find the right camera for my taste and went through quite a few different ones.

    My requirements were:
    Good lighting
    Good picture quality
    Ability to tweak settings in a dedicated App

    I bought this after increasing my budget and honestly I was expecting it to be a similar poor experience as others in the past.

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was a much better experience. The feature set described, is pretty accurate and most importantly the App to tweak settings works really well, giving me the ability to adjust the viewing angle, colour and picture quality. I honestly can’t find fault with it.

    All in all I would highly recommend this Camera, it is a close competitor to the Razer Kiyo Pro.

  23. SaraMatchbox Kitchen says:

     United Kingdom

    This has worked much better than Logitech on Macbook running MACOS Monterey. The picture is great and a range of programmable auto-adjust options are available. Autoframe function may work well in larger meetings, but slightly annoying behaviour with just two people in the frame.

  24. Anonymous says:


    I was pleased about the quality of the camera at that price.

  25. Anonymous says:


    Great overall camera for department meetings due to wide angle lens. Excellent ratio price/quality.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It does what it should and is a rock solid build – very happy with i

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It is a great mid range camera that is plug and play. It delivers great video quality.

  28. JosephiRounds says:


    Habe mich aufgrund der Nutzung auf mac und Windows fr die Ankerworks entschieden. Sie funktioniert mit beiden Systemen mit der aktuellen Software problemlos. Als 0815 Nutzer, der nur Facetime und MS-Teams damit macht, erfllt das Teil vollends meine Erwartungen. Fr Sonderschnulli und Infaulenzeranwendungen kann ich keine Bewertung machen, dort sind sicher einige Zusatzfunktionen wichtig, die ich nicht nutze.

  29. DarioKNUlh says:

     United Kingdom

    Just remember is doesn’t have speakers, combine with a speaker/microphone unit from Anker for instance the S330

  30. davidrcurry says:


    avec l’application recommand, on peut configurer notre camra et c’est gnial. Le mode grand angle de 115 degr nous permet d’tre facilement 4 sur zoom autour d’une table. Le micro est vraiment 360 degr. Il y a la reconnaissance faciale que fait en sorte que la camra va cadr automatiquement sur les visages restant advenant le cas que quelqu’un quitte l’cran. J’en ai acheter quelques une et c’est vraiment ma prfr.

  31. KaseyBellingsha says:


    I would have rated it 5 stars but was disappointed there were no color controls to compensate for less than ideal ambient light.

  32. EuniceLionel says:


    Das Produkt ist eine gute Alternative zu Kameras anderer Namenhaften Hersteller.

  33. Mary Farrell says:


    The product is really good. I could set up instantly and works very well. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended.

  34. Brigida0683 says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this camera to replace a well known brand. I thought that my old camera would be hard to beat, but this Anker cam is excellent and streets ahead. It isn’t cheap, but this is well worth bypassing the lower ranges.

  35. Anonymous says:


    Spitzenprodukt, das sich vollautomatisch installiert und mit allen gngigen Apps einwandfrei arbeitet. Die Kamera App ermglicht zudem individuelle Einstellungen.

  36. Anonymous says:


    Immer der richtige Bildausschnitt, auch wenn man sich vor dem Schreibtisch mal bewegt hat. Sehr schneller Autofokus, klasse Bildqualitt, gute Mikrofone.

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I payed the discount price for the so well worth it just for that. Still not as good as a DSLR Camera that give the best clarity in tones etc. Drones have the same size Camera lens as these Web cams even your phone now has a better clarity so why can’t they make the perfect Web Cam yet with today’s technology. But like I said judging from the rest its up there with the big boys if not better in most cases. Just wish the colour tones could be that little bit better whilst using the original program settings.

  38. ERSIslavmllnv says:


    Better than all other ones I’ve seen in this pricerange. The app is great, the AI works and the picture looks decent. It’s actually much better than Logitech… sorry

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Got it on sale for 65, quality is great (make sure you plug it into a blue USB port), software is good enough (lets you switch modes and FPS, doesn’t need to do anything else), AI tracking and focus are great.

    Wouldn’t pay 100 but very happy for 65

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    60fps makes a big difference to video call quality. Like that there is control of image focus and scale. Biggest barrier to a lot of video quality when doing video calls seem to be the bandwidth restriction placed by Zoom, Teams etc. Typical good balance of value and quality expected on an Anker product and I’ll continue to buy their products because of this.

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I did alot of research and struggled to choose but when Anker had an offer I decided to go with Anker…. a great decision… it is amazing.. even in my work laptop which restricts using the Anker settings the quality is amazing, clear, bright and great microphone. As always Anker doesn’t let you down. This is an amazing professional camera.

  42. FawnW05iwu says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent webcam – easy to install, sits well on my monito etc. etc. etc.

    Main point the picture quality it fantastic, very sharp even at lower light, I also like the ability to change refresh rate and viewing angle (or it can be set to auto) – really useful for video conference calls.

    The microphone is really good too.

  43. Amanda Ellis says:

     United Kingdom

    I have used a Logitech 910 for many years, but needed a 2nd camera for use with OBS. Came across the Anker C300 in a review and bought one. I am using this for both amateur TV purposes (DATV) as well as general communications (Skype, Zoom, Teams etc.). Easy to configure with the supplied configuration tool, AnkerWork, and excellent in low light conditions. Have since bought a 2nd C300. Also comes with a standard camera mounting screw, so that it could be fitted to a tripod, or other camera bracket.

  44. Jetta17Dkyubthj says:


    Die Kamera hat mich in allen Belagen berzeugt. Einfache Installation und sofort hat sie super funktionoert. Meine Webinare sind Bildtechnisch einfach super geworden. Ich freue mich jedesmal wieder, wenn ich sie benutze. Danke

  45. Anonymous says:


    Nothing to complain. This made my Teams meetings and calls very easy to jump in with my PC.