Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent – Quick Fix Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with Ground Stake – Set of 2

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PestBye – Experts in Pest Control

With over 15 years experience in pest control, the UK based PestBye team has worked hard to develop a product that’s very effective. We listen to customer feedback and combine our experience with our ability to source quality components in order to develop what we think are the best products on the market.

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Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 10 cm; 5 Grams
Model: 1
Part: PB0032X2
Manufacture: Primrose
Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 10 cm; 5 Grams

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210 Responses

  1. KERF says:

     United Kingdom

    Review based on delivery/setup only. Not had time to evaluate motion detection/battery life. Ordered units Sunday lunchtime, arrived lunchtime Monday – before requisite batteries (4/unit), ordered separately, which arrived Wednesday. Cannot fault Primrose. Instructions for installing batteries included but not for setting dials! Need to check website for that. Suggest fixing ground spike to unit before installing batteries. Mention made of red light showing activation – light is actually blue! Try to find appropriate screw driver to fix battery cover plate. Once located in ground, activation can be confirmed by walking past at different distances/angles, noting when blue light flashes.

  2. HeathREYpgsx says:

     United Kingdom

    It at face value works , detects movement, been out in the wet. Trouble is the cats keep doing their busy right in the line of devices detection zone, so its fundamental reason to be there to deter cats does not work. 10/10 for all the non essential funtions, but useless for purpose advertised. Not sure i will be able to comment on battery life, as i can think of many other things to use them on, that work!!! Before they run out.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    After getting sick of picking up cat poo off my front lawn pretty much every day I resorted to buying these ultrasonic cat scarers.
    I actually caught the white cat in the video doing its business red handed a couple of weeks ago ony grass
    Almost 2 weeks on and no poo.
    Yes, it’s early days but they do work.
    The cats don’t exactly run off but they certainly don’t crap on my lawn and just walk away. Even the white one.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Works great for a few months now, makes sure you have it on the right dial strength
    I have waited to review this for a few months, works really well I have 2 on either side of my front door. Used to have foxes pooing in the front of my house and they stopped when I got these 2 deterrents. Had battery go once and had a fox poo next day.
    Also I can see motion from the ring doorbell at night, showing foxes run past and not sit around like they used to. Make sure you put it at the right place on the dial see instructions and google i

  5. EmeliaLowerson says:

     United Kingdom

    After a miss-delivery, got this product the following day. First attempt couldn’t find my address. Wales is a bi-lingual country and delivery drivers navigate by google maps which is English only, so some drivers might need to familiarize themselves. Had no problem with prior deliveries.

    As for the product, it was an easy assemble. Important to note when inserting the batteries, a rubber gaskit is supplied with the product that needs to be used before screwing the hatch closed. This prevents rain getting in and the corrosion some other reviewers have commented upon. Once assembled, and setting the frequency and sensitivity dials to half-way, I placed these cat scarers at strategic positions.
    Within an hour, I could hear the scamper of paws and startled meow as a regular pooper legged it out of my garden. An inspection the following morning I observe no poops on the lawn nor on the borders, which previously was a daily nightmare. What I also observed is the cats have now started to poop in their new home territory, the neighbors garden, the one who owns the cat hareem.

    They work!

    I cannot comment on the battery life yet, but have used rechargeable AA batteries, and the product lights up when activated, so easy to see when they need a recharge.

    They do work.

  6. CierraBlalock says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased the two pack of these sensors after trying citronella pellets, which did nothing to stop four feral farm cats from leaving the most disgusting ‘deposits’ on my lawn and flowerbeds. They seem quite robust although the battery compartment screws are tiny and I struggled to get them all the way in. As I was concerned about water ingress, I covered the back of the units with several layers of brown parcel tape, which has worked well. Since installing them about five weeks ago, I haven’t had a single mess. It remains to be seen if the cats get used to the sensors, but so far I am very pleased. I have set the dial to 6, the top range suggested for cats. I can’t hear anything but my 22 year old son certainly can!

  7. Phil Nickinson says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought the motion detectors to stop the cats using my front lawn as a toilet! They seem to be working well. You have to assemble them but this is simple – attach the spike for inserting into the ground and put some AA batteries in place (not supplied) along with the rubber seal to make them waterproof. Put the back on with the screws provided (they are small and a little fiddly). Since positioning them and setting the frequency No cats have spoilt my lawn. Can’t say how long the batteries will last but can detect when they’re working as there’s a blue light that shows when movement is detected.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Life was a misery as cats played and chilled on my hot tub cover all the time. The cover was being ruined and I had to wash it daily and that involved washing it twice and buffing it. I was afraid they would start digging their claws in and completely ruin it. Bought these and we saw paw prints get less and less. They were jumping on but getting off really quick. I’m very pleased and having a relaxing dip really is that now. Definitely recommend

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These scarers have been a miracle in my garden. I was always clearing up cat mess and after a few days of operating the cat scarer there are no cats in the garden and no mess at all. I could hardly believe it when I dug the garden and no dirt turned up overnight. I can thoroughly recommend this product to do what it says.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These scarers have been a miracle in my garden. I was always clearing up cat mess and after a few days of operating the cat scarer there are no cats in the garden and no mess at all. I could hardly believe it when I dug the garden and no dirt turned up overnight. I can thoroughly recommend this product to do what it says.

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