Sphero Mini Activity Kit: App-Controlled Robotic Ball and 55 Piece STEM Learning Construction Set, Play, Learn, Code, Ages 5 and up

. . .
Programmable with the Sphero Edu App
Code 3 Different Ways
Available in Education Multi-Packs
Compatible with the Sphero Play App
Bluetooth Smart Connection
Extremely Durable
Programmable LED Matrix

Dimensions: 5.72 x 5.72 x 13.97 cm; 439.98 Grams
Model: M001RW2
Colour: Activity Kit (Clear)
Colour: Activity Kit (Clear)

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122 Responses

  1. Angie Wynne says:


    Wunderbares Spielzeug fr unsere beiden 3jhrigen Stubenkater. Macht Spass, auch dem Herrchen, der mit der Handysteuerung durchs Haus tobt.

  2. Amanda Ellis says:


    Muy divertido. Funciona muy bien, bastante sensible y de mucho alcance.
    Es mas chico de lo que parece en las fotos y videos (pero si es de las medidas que dice, es cuestin de percepcin visual)
    Lo uso con Huawei Mate 20 Light y con la Force Band de Sphero

  3. Jaqueline93R says:

     United Kingdom

    Adults & kids can spend time together playing with this. Hours & hours of guaranteed fun!!

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a gift for an 8 year old. Very happy with i

  5. Anonymous says:


    La sfera molto divertente ,comprata per giocarci con la mia cagnolina,non cos difficile guidarla si ogni tanto perde la calibrazione negli urti ma molto facile rifarla tramite il pulsante sotto il joistick e poi la sfera si spegne tramite l’applicazione in impostazioni avanzate..per ok

  6. RosellaVillalob says:


    Got this for my son for Christmas and promptly spent the next several days dodging it as it executed multiple patterns (programmed by my son) around my living room. Since then the metaphorical shine has worn off of it somewhat, but he keeps coming back to it and overall I feel he more than got my money’s worth out of it in the first couple of days.

    On a side note, I haven’t the foggiest what the “thickness” feature I was rating refers to, but I certainly have no complaints about it (never having thought about it in the first place), so what the heck, five stars there.

  7. Steven Petite says:

     United Kingdom

    Good ball. I liked it very much. my daughter seemed not to like it as much as I.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Volevo un robot o una RC. Alla fine ho preso Sphero. Sono soddisfatto? 50/50.
    Cerco di fare la recensione che avrei voluto leggere prima di acquistare (cosa che avrei fatto comunque, con il senno di poi).
    Sphero divertente? Si.
    Per quanto mi divertir: dipende. Se lo compri per programmarlo potresti divertirti un po’. Se lo compri per guidarlo, dopo un paio d’ore ha gi perso la magia.
    Personalmente l’ho preso per entrambe le cose e sono rimasto un po’ contrariato dal lato coding. Volevo usarlo con Swift ma ho scoperto poi che non era possibile perch Sphero non ha pi rilasciato aggiornamento al programma dedicato su Swift Playground. Questo significa che si pu programmare solo in Javascript. Bello il fatto che si pu fare anche da pc e con quest’ultimo si pu anche comandare la pallina con la tastiera.
    Mi piaciuta molto la possibilit di vedere i dati dei sensori di Sphero in tempo reale [usandola da Sphero Edu e avviando un programma]. Peccato non sia possibile visualizzarli anche nella modalit di guida normale.
    La pallina si controlla abbastanza bene con un po’ di pratica e guidarla divertente.
    Ho comprato Sphero perch immaginavo di poterlo sfruttare in qualche modo ingegnoso ma le funzioni hardware della pallina sono un po’ limitate e la forza della pallina stessa anche.
    Ho pensato anche di comprare una delle versioni pi costose ma le funzioni che avrebbero aggiunto non erano imperdibili.
    Trovo che Sphero sia una bella idea ma che questo tipo di intrattenimento sia ancora troppo di nicchia. Vector stata un’idea alternativa a Sphero ma a quanto pare un progetto che non ricever pi updates.
    Consiglierei Sphero se quei 60 non pesano, oppure per imparare Javascript o per imparare fisica (i sensori sono molto utili per fare test di moto).

  9. JurgenLaplante says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this months ago for my boy to interest him in programming sequence. It is a great learning toy for children. However, the thin casing doesn’t seem to be robust to handle hard knocks and be opened up easily. Not a lot of options on accessories – an ‘external studded rubber casing’ would be a nice one to have like its bigger ‘Sphero’ brother.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My son got this a few months ago and loves it. Cracking piece of kit and pretty sturdy, though would not do any significant drops like stairs etc unless they are carpeted. Easy to use and the colour features are great in the evening. Still comes out from time to time now which is praise in itself compared to many of his other toys

  11. Anonymous says:


    Trs Bon rapport qualit prix . Trs volutif. Pour petits et grands. Nombreuses activits possibles .
    Codage en blocs ( nickel pour un enfant de 8ans) ou en mode texte. Pour plus petit mode dessin.
    Il y a des modules d’apprentissage intressants pour apprendre programmer.
    Petit bmol le robot reste parfois coinc dans les rainures du carrelage ou glisse dessus ce qui le rend les dplacements moins prcis.
    Il a t adopt par toute la famille de 5 45 ans et sert mme interroger les tables d’addition et multiplication garce un petit programme .

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I love it and it does what it says it has a gyroscope accelerometer Bluetooth 45 min battery app enabled download app on app store or Google play you can drive or code it and use it as a game controlle

    Everything about i

  13. Anonymous says:


    el producto es excelente…lastima que no esta hecho para todos los gustos…tienen que tener un gusto por la tecnologa y usar mucha imaginacin y deseos de crear, ya que si no se tiene eso es difcil que te atrape el concepto de este “juguete”. en trminos generales es un robot tipo esfera que controlas por medio de tablet o celular, casi casi como un auto de radio control.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    men it’s so funn a small robot mack you so happy I’m glad I will recommend it’s so cool and smart so if you want to have fun it’s robot in the connect righ

  15. StephanBatson says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s a lovely small gift for my son,that he can control with app.Easy to use and he loves it. He got it the small robot in little price. We are enjoying great fun everyday.

  16. Andy Tompsett says:


    This is good fun for the kids and with the more advanced of the two apps, the possibilities are endless with the ability to learn to code etc. The easier app is really easy to use even for younger (kindergarten) kids.

  17. chicklitchloe says:

     United Kingdom

    Have seen larger version in action (it’s very impressive and fun to programme/play with) so hoping this set will appeal to tech minded tween – it’s an expensive gamble!

  18. CatalinDemoss says:


    Die Katze ist begeistert und mein Enkel mit 6 Jahren liebt den Roboterball ebenfalls. Fr ihn kein Problem mit dem Smartphone zu steue

  19. PenelopFKP says:


    This Sphero mini ball is a lot of fun. Almost endless options for activities. The activity kit makes this so much more fun, with activity cards and props to use.

    My 9yo daughter loves it. I would suggest this toy for tech minded kids from 8yo and up.

    The robotic ball is well made, the app is simple to use. I suggest purchasing the Sphero carry case along with this. Stores everything nicely.

    Highly recommend the Sphero mini and activity kit.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great fun when it works. Sometimes has difficulties pairing though.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My son (8) is besotted with the ball. I’m not surprised – it’s so many things rolled into one. Whether you or your child will feel the same is a bit of an unknown, but I can’t see why not! It does everything it says and a bit more. I didn’t really consider it would be able to go everywhere an RC car can’t! It’s a ball, so every direction is possible – no three point turns here 😉

    The app itself is very well built – runs excellently and the UI is a joy to use.

    The control you can have over the ball is incredible.

    Finally, it’s nice to see a product that’s actually made well. It’s a quality item.

    In hindsight I probably wouldn’t have gone for the full pack – just the ball is more than enough.

    Overall, a very happy customer, and well done to the designers.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Lo he tenido que comprar para una asignatura de robtica de un mster en TIC , su funcionalidad es sencilla, su programacin es fcil, incluso se puede jugar con ella desplazando el dedo por la pantalla del mvil o moviendo la pelota con la mano, tal y como indican los juegos.

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